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[S] Cascade.

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Oct 25, 2011 | 7:50 PM EDT

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Author Comments

From Homestuck, on my webcomic,

Obviously makes more sense if you are caught up on the whole story, but hope you enjoy anyway!

edit: Thanks to those who've watched it and left comments. The small file size is just the loader, the rest of the movie is about 50 MB, hosted elsewhere on NG. Tom is graciously helping me host this file for my site, and since it's already on here, I thought it would be cool to drop it in the portal.

If you're watching this and already read Homestuck, thanks for following. If you're new to it, hope you like it and will consider checking out the story. There are many animations of this sort, making much more sense in context.



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Interesting, but insane.

Just curious, does this actually make sense even if you have read the comic? Nonetheless, it had a lot of cool imagery.

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Rated 3 / 5 stars

Not what I was expecting

All of my friends are crazy about Homestuck, and it's all they ever talk about. I tried out the comic so I could participate in our friendly afternoon chat sessions, but I just can't get into the story. I feel that Homestuck is for extreme fans who started reading when it first started, and have stuck with it all these years. It's not entirely a bad web comic, it's just hard to really get into it if you are just starting out. However, I admire its success and popularity. Surely its author knows what he's doing, and he's doing it well.

Now, regarding this animation, I was a little disappointed. My friends told me that Homestuck's art style improves in recent animations and pages, but from what I've seen, it feels very mixed. I know multiple artists participated in this animation, but only after I checked the credits page on the Homestuck website.

To put it shortly, I was expecting a movie with actual movement with a consistent art style. It would be easy to say that "that's just Homestuck's style" and that "I wouldn't understand, for I am not a fan." Well, waiting for a big file to load is not fun, especially for those with a slow Internet connection. When I heard about how "Homestuck's new movie crashed Newgrounds cause it's so awesome!", I got really excited about this movie. It's just a shame that it was mostly a slide show of inconsistent art styles tuned to really nice music.

I am not a fan of Homestuck, and will probably never catch up enough to call myself one. My words are based on an outsider's perspective trying to fit in, but was pushed away by the intense fans and overly-hyped movie releases.

I do, however look forward to future projects by this author. I'll just have to remember to stay updated and not get left behind.

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Rated 3 / 5 stars

Good, but

Good, but I don't like how much time and effort he's putting into something that no one cares about.

Come on Hussie, you've had your fun. Now finish Bard Quest already.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Not bad

What is this, a new Yugioh show? Well I totally dig the art style.


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

...I've never heard of this....

What in the hell? I don't even....

Well, it seems like this has to do with some web comic I've never heard of until now. Judging from the absolute randomness of the animation I'm not so sure I want to find out.

To the author of this saying, "Obviously makes more sense if you are caught up on the whole story, but hope you enjoy anyway" is a bit of an understatement. You should have just said if you haven't read the webcomic don't even bother watching.It's your own fault. You told me to enjoy watching it but didn't even bother explaining jack to me so why should I bother to enjoy it or understanding it since you won't bother? Why even bother giving an honest review, since webcomic fanboys will completely drown this out.

Well, I can see this obviously took a lot of time to make so I'll give it an honest review.

This was a ridiculously long animation. I'm not sure what the heck was going on but it could obviously have been shortened or summarized. There were long stretches of nothing but flashing images. I'm going to be honest. I'm not going to like an animation just because it takes forever to watch. Remember less is more. I was literally bored stupid by then end. I can only watch streams of never ending colors for so long.

Next problem is the consistency. Again I don't know if the drastic changes in art style has something to with the webcomic but it's distracting. The Animation fails for the same reason. Everything kept moving and changing but just because you have everything moving doesn't mean I'm not going to see mistakes. The animation was shaky, inconsistent, and mostly excessive. You could easily have focused on making a few things bearable rather than the entire thing sloppy. Don't get me wrong it's still pretty good but the change in quality every 5 seconds was more annoying if it had all been subpar.

I give this whole contraption a 5, because it's all I could give it. The animations good enough for what you were trying to show....Oh wait I have no idea what that is. Well the music certainly fitted the pacing... Oh wait I have no idea what the plot needed pacing. Well its was colorful and was nice to look at for a while, except for the fact that it kept going on and on.

Bottom line. If you knew this wasn't going to make sense to the average viewer, just say so. I could have said nice art and turned it off halfway through, but I kept expecting something to happen for it to make some kind of lasting impression to me. The sad thing is the league of +10ers and fanboys hyped praises for this so when I go to watch it I'm expecting something. Something that would blow me away. Not something trite and intentionally convoluded.