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[S] Cascade.

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Oct 25, 2011 | 7:50 PM EDT

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From Homestuck, on my webcomic,

Obviously makes more sense if you are caught up on the whole story, but hope you enjoy anyway!

edit: Thanks to those who've watched it and left comments. The small file size is just the loader, the rest of the movie is about 50 MB, hosted elsewhere on NG. Tom is graciously helping me host this file for my site, and since it's already on here, I thought it would be cool to drop it in the portal.

If you're watching this and already read Homestuck, thanks for following. If you're new to it, hope you like it and will consider checking out the story. There are many animations of this sort, making much more sense in context.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Just finished a three-day archive crawl

I saw your problem sleuth a while ago, but I started in the middle and didn't really catch on.

Now, Im up to date with your homestuck, and you have sucked three days out of my life. all of the days. there's shit to get done, and i'm here puzzling through temporal shenanigans.

Lousy stupid Goddam masterpiece.

waiting for 11/11/11! oh, and your hero hoodies!

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

It's amazing but

I'm a MSPA reader from a long ass time ago, and this flash, well, it's amazing, but not perfect. Besides the shitty and inconsistent anime drawings that are all over the video, all that tweening that could easily belong to a low budget Canadian cartoon bothered me. Especially during the nearly 3 minutes of seeing Jade moving planets and that jazz.

But hey, you can ignore that, because the rest of the video is pretty fucking cool. Seeing more action related to the kids who are the real stars of this show, and Mr. Hussie really knows how to surprise you doing the unimaginable.

You'll never know what happens next on Homestuck!


Rated 5 / 5 stars


Of course, since I am a dedicated Homestuck fan, it is nearly default for me to enter a 10, but that, obviously, isn't the only reason. Now, it really disturbs me when I see a review giving it a <7 is just rated as useless by my kin of fandom just because it didn't praise or worship it. So, as a message to all Homestuck fans: don't rate a review badly because it is 'unorthodox'. Reviews like Deadwriter's were all true and making some very valid points. They may not refer to every human being in current existence, but nothing ever does. Please read their reviews as thoroughly as you watch[ed] the animation, and try to make a good impression. We don't need a bad repute echoing here as well as Tumblr, which once again is not due to every Homestucker, but I do persist as well as digress. tl;dr, don't be conceited nor biased, fellows. It is nay well.

Now, to move onto the animation and criticisms and whatnot. The music was overt and very outstanding, and its flamboyant changes in tone and tempo - especially the marvelous crescendos & dynamics - were exquisite. And I shalln't forget to stress how easy the [amazing] phantom notes were to hear!

The story points that developed in this animation were wondrous, and the whole prospect of Dave and Rose not destroying but rather CREATING the green sun was most definitely an interesting as well as perplexing one. Hopefully, Lord English, who is now to be released after the simultaneous destruction of both binary universes took place, will mix it up a little, but not a bunch. Another massive of string of plot points is the last thing my brain needs, and hopefully Act VI will be, for the most part, straightforward and a bit more linear now that all necessary plot points have been pretty much taken care of.

As the thane of arbitration and mind, this was a most pleasing animation. And guys, don't worry about the whole 'slideshow' style as Deadwriter pointed out - it isn't really supposed to be fluid. The primary purpose of this is to usher in the conclusion, which will then usher in the epilogue, which will then usher in a new adventure, which is a Double Ushering Reacharound, and shall result in the immediate assimilation of all infidels. So, if you took the painstaking time to read this entire body of hogwash and tomfoolery pertaining to unmitigated antics of a wide variety of audiences, please read Homestuck if you haven't already - and, if possible, bare with Act I and II. For most, they're kind of boring, but trust me - it gets more action oriented later on!


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Rated 3 / 5 stars

Not what I was expecting

All of my friends are crazy about Homestuck, and it's all they ever talk about. I tried out the comic so I could participate in our friendly afternoon chat sessions, but I just can't get into the story. I feel that Homestuck is for extreme fans who started reading when it first started, and have stuck with it all these years. It's not entirely a bad web comic, it's just hard to really get into it if you are just starting out. However, I admire its success and popularity. Surely its author knows what he's doing, and he's doing it well.

Now, regarding this animation, I was a little disappointed. My friends told me that Homestuck's art style improves in recent animations and pages, but from what I've seen, it feels very mixed. I know multiple artists participated in this animation, but only after I checked the credits page on the Homestuck website.

To put it shortly, I was expecting a movie with actual movement with a consistent art style. It would be easy to say that "that's just Homestuck's style" and that "I wouldn't understand, for I am not a fan." Well, waiting for a big file to load is not fun, especially for those with a slow Internet connection. When I heard about how "Homestuck's new movie crashed Newgrounds cause it's so awesome!", I got really excited about this movie. It's just a shame that it was mostly a slide show of inconsistent art styles tuned to really nice music.

I am not a fan of Homestuck, and will probably never catch up enough to call myself one. My words are based on an outsider's perspective trying to fit in, but was pushed away by the intense fans and overly-hyped movie releases.

I do, however look forward to future projects by this author. I'll just have to remember to stay updated and not get left behind.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Amazing, as expected

Another Homestuck fan popping in to tell you that your work (and the work of the contributing artists and musicans) on this flash was excellent, Hussie. You have once again proven yourself a very talented writer and artist.

Regarding music, as one of the other reviewers asked, it can be listened to and purchased from a link on the What Pumpkin store. Do a google search for "What Pumpkin" and follow the links from there; this particular song is "Cascade" from "Homestuck Vol. 8".

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