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Oct 25, 2011 | 7:10 PM EDT
  • Daily 3rd Place October 26, 2011

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Update: I think a lot of you are too quick to judge this game without finishing it. If you still hate it after you've seen the ending, then feel free to leave a nasty review.

Do you think there is an animal heaven?

Soundtrack by Fancy Mike & NoFateNet.
Game by Austin Breed.
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Rated 5 / 5 stars October 27, 2011


Why are you all crying over shitty dead animals? People died in WW2,Why aren't you crying for them? Are you saying that the people who died in WW2 were useless but animals are more important. If that's the case,Go yiff with animals. (Dedicated to all furfags out there.)

Great game btw,I love the gore and blood in it,I love that kind of games. And the story is good. Love the music too. The Grey Wolf boss is easy though. Love how it got harder everytime. The final boss was awesome.

Great game,I never write such a detailed review before.


Rated 3 / 5 stars October 27, 2011

Can you please tell me why you made this

game? Why would you want to kill animals?


Rated 5 / 5 stars October 27, 2011

This is the kind of messed up stuff I live for

You know, the gameplay was mediocre at best. And the logic. Blocking wolf bites with your bare arms? Okay!

But the dialogue was just GREAT. I liked how the weird kid's face seemed to get more demonic at night. Honestly, his frame of mind reminds me of the way my friend would talk whenever he wanted to get a rise out of people.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars October 27, 2011

you gotta think a bit

From the start, considered just labeling this brutality porn.

But really, when you start branching out the different possibilities you see that there's a hell lot more to this game.
Try loosing a bit, and you realize that this game is more about the decisions than the punching of the animals.

Blonde kid goes insane, you take the choice to accompany him.
Are you brutal to avoid loosing, or willing to loose to do the right thing?

Gameplay isn't the main point here as much as the message being conveyed

Also, punching grizzly bears... I grew a beard

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Rated 5 / 5 stars October 27, 2011


This is EXACTLY what I was looking for when I read those PETA freaks were suing sea world for breaking the 13th amendment.

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