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Oct 22, 2011 | 10:29 AM EDT

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Edit: Okay I've entered a soundtrack and it's so much better now.

I'm afraid what people's reaction will be to this. I did this like 2 years ago.
This character is going to be a future character in my Avania series. I did this for school. I also wanted to leave a message to the world to stop bullying. I was bullied severely in school. People kicked me and threw stones at me and the teacher did nothing about it. >.< Bullying impacted me greatly, now I'm extremely shy and have a hard time getting close to people.
Anyway. I'll summarize the story. (It doesn't follow his role in the avania story exactly)
This character is an orphan. He was born with different color eyes, horns, and powers than anyone else. Because he's different he is treated horribly by other kids his age. He asks to play with them but is denied. Later, he finds an injured bird. He finds vines around and ties them t he horns to make a nest. He found his horns could be useful instead of hurting people. At the end he finally makes a friend with the injured bird.



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hey there! me again!!

i was bored waiting for the next episode of avania to come out so i went on your page to see what else you made!! i loved the message you made here!! i understand how you feel!! i was bullied all the time in school because i was the smartest and nicest guy in school!! i just hope that more people get this message and stop bullying for good! overall you did good!! good job!!

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Deer50 responds:

thanks ;)


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Bullying is crap

I did bullied becose I have been bullied younger. That is the thing I am most ashame of. I gave you and 8 partially because of the message. However, as it begin, it seem very similar to the popular anime Elfen Lied (child bullied because of horn that possess strange power...) so pay attention to do not make an exact copy because if it happen I'll give you a 0 next time.

Deer50 responds:

Actually I wasn't thinking elfen lied.o.O I don't even think the horns in elfen lied look like horns xD (they look more like ears)
I was mosty thinking about my past when I made this.
To go into full detail. He's bullied more of the color of his eyes than his horns. His horns are just another thing the kids can bully him about. But it's more his eyes because in their belief the devil has black eyes. SO they think he's the devil
He has elemental powers not invisble arms that kill people. :p


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It's sad. Great movie
My score 10/10 and 4/5

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Deer50 responds:

thanks :)


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Liked everything overall.

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Deer50 responds:

thanks :)