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Oct 15, 2011 | 5:50 PM EDT

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Finally, our game is out of beta stage!

Okay, this game was actually started pretty early this year (or maybe very late last year). It started with the idea of the game "Nyan Cat in Outer Space" and the movie where Mario ate a mushroom and had rainbow flashing eyes (with the Nyan Cat music playing).

This version is actually quite harder than the beta. For example, 1up mushrooms disappear once you get 50000 points, and water bottles disappear once you get 25000.

My personal best is 38579. Submit yours!

EDIT: Guys, thanks for the reviews!
Just so you know, the music is on the main menu, and I'll get to adding the SFX.
So far I've added Boo to the characters, and it will replace the water bottle if you have 25000 points or more. The sprites are bigger now, so there are only 4 at a time. Hopefully this helps :)
I'll let you know when it's updated, so don't worry ;)



Rated 3 / 5 stars October 16, 2011


If things were clearer this might be a fun game but i have no clue what any of the things i pickup do and the only indicator of anything happening is this annyoing hud that takes up half the play screen. MAKE THE HUD SMALLER.

on a plus note it is a cute little game. Agree with needing larger objects and music

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Rated 2 / 5 stars October 15, 2011


The Good:
Graphics: better than anything I can do (which isn't saying much)
Gameplay is smooth and simple. Simple game and for the most part done well enough.

The bad:
I'll admit I'm not a fan of Nyan Cat, but I wouldn't say as I hate it.

I played the game only twice, and both times it gave me the message you have 'undefined' munchies. I know why its saying undefined instead of a number and thus it is an error on your part. Apart from this obvious bug it ran well.

Sound wasn't present. Users expect at least some sound effects, music is somewhat optional. I hope the post won't get deleted for me pointing you to There you can find all kinds of royalty-free sound effects. No excuse not to use them (and learn how to implement sound effects in a flash game).

The Vote: 4/10 ; 2/5
While not a piece of crap, it's not doing anything unique it does show some ability by you. Game just needs a little more polish for it to be something to be really proud of.

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars October 15, 2011

A few things.

1) You need music.
2) You need larger objects
3) You need music.

That is all. Congrats on making a functional game, though.

The controls feel stiff, though.


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars October 15, 2011

Too crappy to be true

1) The items tend to blur, making telling apart normal Mushrooms from Poison Mushrooms too difficult.

2) Mushies? Don't you mean "points?" I have no damn idea how flying in space gives you mushrooms and how a normal Mushroom gets you 100.

3) The graphics. They look like shit.

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Rated 1.5 / 5 stars October 15, 2011

Score not kept...

just thought I'd make you aware

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Janj responds:

If you're talking about saving your score, it's kept, but you have to refresh the game. I don't know what's the problem there, because I followed the tuts, but I can try to fix it.