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Rebuild 2

rated 4.53 / 5 stars
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Oct 13, 2011 | 5:42 AM EDT
  • Frontpaged October 20, 2011
  • Daily Feature October 14, 2011
  • Weekly 2nd Place October 19, 2011

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The Necropolis 5 Points Find and reclaim the big graveyard
Zed Slayer 5 Points Kill 100 zombies
The Bitter End 10 Points Lose the game
Victory at Last 10 Points Win the game on any difficulty
Completionist 25 Points Find all five endings (cumulative)
Mountain of Bodies 50 Points Kill 100,000 zombies (cumulative)
Impossible! 100 Points Win the game on Impossible difficulty

Author Comments

After much blood, sweat and tears, you can play this game on an iPad 2 now, with exclusive bonus content to boot. $2.99 in the <a href=" .com/us/app/rebuild/id478 523928?ls=1&mt=8m&partner Id=30&s=143455&siteID=YJr 1Q3EGDzk-HTD63wsG_VXnUfZW f0xYHg">iTunes App Store</a>.

The sequel to my first game Rebuild! There are new buildings, plotlines, characters, customizable survivors with skills and equipment, new & improved art and hidden endings to find.

I took a crapload of suggestions from Newgrounds and other sites to improve on every little part of the original game. It was a lot of work, but I feel like this game is the Rebuild that was meant to be. I hope you agree!



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Ending guide

heres how to get teh endings:
Kill last judgement gang - you need to fortify both sub entrances.
couple days later a girl escapes from last jdgement let her in or you cant get this ending.
later when prompted to ask riffs for help say yes.
go to police station and go to war. Good luck!

Constitution - reclaim city hall draft constitution easy.

Escape - reclaim heliport and then you shoudl have to find parts.
first randomly found second part you get from gustav, dont take the cure its just maple syrup.

research electricity(not necesary but easier to do this then.)

read helichopper manual and after a month repair and win.

Discover the Zombieism Cure

A few days following the completion of your primary research, a crazy scientist will appear. You need to let him in.
A week or so later he will ask for an assistant, give him what he wants.
After that he will require samples from the zombies. Provide them.
The zombies movements are completely predictable. Watch them and as they get close enough send someone on a mission in the block and they will get there the next turn.
It is possible to complete this ending even if you have claimed all the blocks before you get your sample.
Watch out though as after a month there will be an explosion in the laboratory.
Once you have investigated the explosion and translated the crazy scientists notes you can continue the research from any lab.
If he asks for the body of a dead dog provide it as it will speed up the explosion time.

Hop this helps!!!

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Rated 5 / 5 stars


okay, I -was- going to tack off a few points because you advertise dead frontier, which although it has it's good points, sacrificed the best game features in their transition to 3d. that pissed me right off that did. . . however that's not your fault.

Anyhow as for your game, it has it's moments of being better than the first, but there are some aspects that i liked better from the first, such as scouting missions actually having a danger level. It's more realistic. Sure if someone sneaks around they might not be seen, but still there's a chance there's something creeping up behind em. Removing the zombiesprites did cut back on a little of the lag like the first had, but i was still sad to see them go. The map's a wee bit smaller than the two towers 12 X 12, but there are more story elements, more realistic characters, and a few plot twists that overcompensate for the loss of those other features. The music this time was less like an infested simcity, and more like a walking dead episode, although there's no real sway either way there as both were pretty cool, i thought i'd mention it anyhow.

I noticed a lot of my survivors were northways.

The buttons on the initial start screen, and some of the others in game had text either much smaller than the button space, or much larger. I changed the quality a couple times to see if that helped and they vanished completely. I'd have liked to see some customizeable outfits for at the very least the starting character rather than simply pasting random faces on a suit and tie, but that's not really a major loss nor does it affect the gameplay, simply add more of a custom feel to the ready-made character.

I played it for hours just to see how much different it was, and i rather liked the skill training, as well as the equipable items (including that kitty i got from the merchant who tried to buy one of my female survivors before i stopped trading with him >:O. . .)


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Love this game, a winning combination simple graphics but great game-play and good atmosphere.
Something I'd suggest for an update/sequel would be other city types not just sizes, like a farming community that has more farming but less fortification able structures, and a cold snowy landscape or desert area where resources are less available but there are less/more zombies.
All in all it's a great game I can play many times over, hope to see more.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Jesus would lose

When playing on impossible

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Great Game

First off, fantastic game. Really nails that feel of trying to rebuild society. If I had one criticism it would be that the music could become grating after a while, but you can turn it off so that's not really a problem.

Things you might want to tool around with or keep in mind when making the next one... which you should.

Introduce a new resource. I'm going to call it valuables. It basically encompasses things that retain their value after the collapse of society. Gold, jewelery, maybe mechanical stuff, gasoline, just pool it in a general category.

Why would you use this? Well, set up a trading post or two and you can buy and seel food or hire people with it. Just saying.

New buildings and research. You've got to add more. After a while it becomes hard to find new ways to spice up the buildings. Also, put caps on the amount of food and valuables you can have at one time. Just allow warehouses to be useful as they are.

Still, new buildings might include anything from libraries to post-apocalyptic houses of pleasure. Also add special structures. Kind of like wonders of the post-apocalyptic world. A new Colosseum where men and women fight zombies for sport or feedom.

Next point. Government. I see it in three distinct categories:

Government: Democracy, Despotism, Monarchy. Each could have benefits and drawbacks. Despotism, people eat only half as much food but can only be 50% happy. Monarchy you build the wonders faster and get more for your valuables but some survivors may refuse to work on grounds of being nobles.

The next thing would be kind of a Policy. These would give bonuses on certain things and drawbacks too.

Matriarchy, have to have a female ruler, plus one for everything for every female in your survivor pool, but men can only reach skill level five.

Patriarchy: Opposite of matriarchy

Theocracy: You get plus one for every resource for every church controlled, but people might leave because of strict religious oppression.

Hedonism: Plus one for every bar (or other luxury place if ever included) but work takes longer.

The third element would be Doctrine. This would be the kind of society you set out to build.


People could mix and match these elements to create fairly unique societies.
Also you might want eventually have your people find other cities (The don't have to be on the map) and you can go to war or trade with them for people and supplies.

Also, I could see having smaller factions take up square in the map and trying to hold out against you. You could diplomacy or fight them into joining.

I think it's time to step up Rebuild's game. It's not enough to survive anymore people have got to be able to thrive and forge new civilizations for themselves whatever that may be. Still, awesome game.

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