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Binding of Isaac DEMO

rated 4.48 / 5 stars
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Action - Other

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Oct 8, 2011 | 5:31 PM EDT

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Basement 10 Points kill the first boss
Master of Sins 25 Points find and kill a miniboss
Money well spent 25 Points buy somethign in the shop
Cave 50 Points Kill the second boss
Secret room 50 Points find it

Author Comments

Attention!: This is a DEMO!, it features 2 of the 8 levels in The Binding of ISaac.
The full game features loads more content, 11 endings 3+ unlockable characters and a ton more items. if you like the demo buy the game on Steam, its only 5 bucks!.


About the game:

When Isaac's mother starts hearing the voice of God demanding a sacrifice be made to prove her faith, Isaac escapes into the basement facing droves of deranged enemies, lost brothers and sisters, his fears, and eventually his mother.

The Binding of Isaac is a randomly generated action RPG shooter with heavy Rogue-like elements. Following Isaac on his journey players will find bizarre treasures that change Isaac's form giving him super human abilities and enabling him to fight off droves of mysterious creatures, discover secrets and fight his way to safety.



Rated 5 / 5 stars


I already have all the trophies


Rated 5 / 5 stars

It's got that Newgrounds feel

The full game feels as close to what newgrounds in a box would be like if such a thing could be managed.

I wasn't going write a review (because I'm lazy like that) but then saw the review by mrhertz. It appears that he bought the game, but it sounds like he hasn't enjoyed it very much and sounds discouraging. Allow me to make a few adjustments to his list.

1- you can shoot straight, but shots will angle if you move. You can use this around rocks as a guerrilla tactic.

2- enemies either are earth bound or can fly over pits and rocks. there are upgrades that will let you fly too!

3- you can escape almost any room unharmed if you know the enemies attack patterns and have good reflexes.

4- Items are random, but only a few pills hurt you. You may not like the items you find, but it's up to you to use it well.

5- different enemies have a different sized hitbox, and you can find upgrades for speed, power, and range plus an upgrade that makes Issac much smaller.

6- I don't really get this point. Don't most games that are a challenge have enemies with a lot of advantages over the player? isn't that what a challenging, non-puzzle game is?

7- The game was made to be a quick playthrough and there are a ton of upgrades. I think check points and difficulty levels would take away from the experience a little.

8- mrhertz's point number 8 is true, but that's neither a good nor bad point of the game.

Luck luck luck. Luck is only half the deal. The other two halves are persistance and skill. That makes three halves, which means if you don't have one, use the other two!!

I really enjoy the quirky challenge that is The Binding of Issac. I have beaten the game once, but have yet to finish the unlocked levels, but have enjoyed each failed run.

Now, I wouldn't recommend spending a large amount of time continuously trying to beat it. It should be treated like a fine wine, a glass or two at a time when the mood is nice. if you try to chug it, you won't be able to enjoy the unique flavor of gameplay.

Perhaps The Binding of Issac is the wrong drink for you. This game does seem to be more of an acquired taste, but please don't give up on it so easily! It could be that later you find it is a taste you enjoy!

P.S. Sorry if I sound too aggressive. It's just something I developed from having verbally competitive siblings.

P.P.S. I turn 21 next month! Can you tell with all the alcohol references? (I only counted one, but whatever)

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Nice game

Nothernlion has played this game and he finish the whole thing di..

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Good stuff

Twisted game. I played probably 20 times to see some of the upgrades.

The coolest upgrades I found were The Pact and The Cat in the demon's room.

And I thought it was hilarious that after finding the Urination upgrade the next room I enter, I meet Lust for the first time. Peeing on Lust? Too easy.

Mother's Lipstick and Mother's Underwear was funny too.


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

mixed feelings here

while the game seems nice... graphics and sound, animations, ideas, concept of story, its a HELL challenging at first.

But later you discover you´ll have to be perfect.... i mean, not perfect in the magic sense of advertisement, but really perfect to avoid all enemies in a world where they got much more advantages than you, which leads to a TON of frustration.

im the kinda gamer that came from the 1st console ever, and im used to difficulties on a game, but isaac seems to demand a great deal of luck from the player.

you cant get to the end powerless, thats for sure, but also you cant fight for powerful items, because they´re all random.

so what do you need to make a good playthrough? remember that:

1 - enemies can do straight shots, while yours will be angled, affected by your moves.

2 - enemies can move through a vast area, madly, while you´re completely restricted to walls and pits.

3 - enemies can come in packs in heavily cornered rooms, where its almost impossible for you to escape without a harm.

4 - items are random, and they can harm you without a note. so its possible to have a magical playthough, or a hellride. its not on you, depends on luck.

5 - enemies hit box seem to be smaller than yours, and the way they move + the angled slow and short repetitive shots of yours tend to give them more advantage.

6 - the game is hard not because of the challenge, but because it was made so the enemies have tons of advantages over you.

7 - there are no check points or difficulty level.

8 - theres no progression on unlocking items. they will come random all the time, and you wont make your game less difficult over the time you unlock them.

If you can get past all that, and if you consider yourself blessed with some sort of lucky charm in life, youll be ok.

Otherwise play it till you can get it. As for me i played it a lot, unlocked somethings, but i never even could see the last stage, no matter how i try. The game always put me in difficult rooms, powerless. I only got that shooting fly once, in my whole experience.

Sad but im becoming frustrated. Not because i cant finish the game, but because the game heavily demands LUCK, which is something i cant fight for.

Games like I WANNA BE THE GUY are extremely hard, but they ask only for ability, not luck, and by this point i see a problem on Isaac´s design.

So how long till you decide to play another game? Isaac is nice, but depends on something you cant get, buy or earn (luck). Most people i see never finished the game either.

Its up to you to decide if its worth your time. There are other challenging indie games, so take your pick.

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