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Smokin' Shucks!

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Sep 23, 2011 | 12:20 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Smoking Sucks and if I can make an animation about something, it should at least have itself a reason...
People took too far with this act and addiction and they must know for sure why should they avoid doing this! It is getting much expensive, you cannot afford anything, so do not cry if you are running out of money! Just quit this shizzlez down!

Quit smoking! People! Quit doing this!



Rated 0 / 5 stars


How would you like it if I wandered into your house and ordered you to stop animating?
You wouldn't like it, would you?

The animation was good, but the message....Not so much.

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Advertise-Play responds:

Kitten Krew, The other reviewer won't have to suffer them or me, if everyone quit smoking... I did you a big favor after making "Racist Shorts".

I can make a horrible 9/11 parody if you want, and be shot by the FBI for this... 7'th Star was on jail for his attempt for destroying new-grounds as far as I know for his child porn... I can do the same with anti-smoking projects, Suffer my cartoon!


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Oh god not again.

-Opinion on base. -0/10
People can smoke if they want to, I am a non-smoker and I honestly don't give 2 shits about someone smoking, people can smoke if they want to, don't FORCE people to stop smoking because that is just wrong.
Keep on working on your animation skills, they aren't that bad.
-Voices- 1/10
The voices were bad, the lines for the characters were just stupid, work on your writing too. =P

Advertise-Play responds:

Smoking: You keep asking why people cannot buy themselves many of the thing they wish for themselves, it is because of smoking.

Theft, Can be related to smoking.
Low efficiency at work, related to mass of smoking, a person who smoke, will require more smoking breaks that a non-smoker do not require
poverty, Is because of money that often spent on bad habits, a person is left without much food or fair clothing... Pay your rent, when you quit smoking, and you see the difference, you do not smoke, but handle these you see smoking... They could give money to charity is well... You don't like charity? Aren't you? For the good cause? Ain't... So don't smoke, you fill hospitals with extra patients that takes more beds, many need surgeries that may be expensive, it is on your count... You use these places as well, you have a family... You don't want extra abundance and if you worry about these who will need it when getting old, I can steal you car and sell it to a bad driver if you want, I have no problem with murder and rape as well if you justify people to smoke and die young instead of being at need at later age.

Smoking: Bad animation skills, you work better if you mind is clear out of drugs influences, I had to quit drugs to get these bad skills, because this could be the turd of the week if I kept taking them.

Smoking: Will make you sound very bad. If I sound that fucked up, imagine me on drugs or after 3 packs a day, at my age, I am 28... I would sound outstandingly pathetic, and you would shot yourself before finishing your review. You speak to a person who used drugs about year a go, for psychological issues he had... I am clean for about a year... And a year before, I couldn't even do what you look at now... Check my music page, and see differences from the more old music pieces of my'n to these I made on... 2008-2010... I feel it won't be the same as much...

You should be ashamed of yourself for you don't mind...
But it is actually seems that you do mind, because you voted so.
Don't you know that these who tell you quit usually were on something before? Is that no obvious to you?