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Sep 19, 2011 | 8:59 PM EDT
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Controls: Left and Right keys to navigate through chapters and Spacebar to pause the animation.

Yo! Glad to be seeing you guys again.

In a first note, sorry to everyone for posting this a few days prior to Madness Day, work has been hell-ish busy and I've grown paranoid with this project. (After all, the final version wasn't uploaded by me). So, I hope this isn't much of a problem!

Allright, introductions aside, here's Xionic Madness 4's part two, as promised, it was released in a short time after part one. Sadly, it's going to be a 3-parts conclusion, as many factors (such as time, size and flash's performance) made it impossible for me to finish it in two.

I want to thank everyone who supported with this project and helped me make it happen! Specially a friend who goes by the name Carlos, gracias wey!

Music track note: The song when the soldiers appear is called "Prepare for battle" by Xarnor, but I cannot include it in the list as it was deleted, he said it was ok if I credited him here, though.

Well, I think that's all. Thanks for reading and watching! I hope you enjoy the show!



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Damn man

Definition of Epic right here. The full package..Story, nice voice acting, several characters with their own personalities, powers, traits w/e, very nicely done.

Cant wait for part 3


Rated 5 / 5 stars


You did a amazing job working on this. The bios for each character was quite helpful and thought provoking as well. Are you going show any of Askad, Omega's and/or Xero's previous life before they went through the procedure? And what of Askad's "daught" mmm


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Well done once more

I found this to be another great addition to this little series. Also cliff hangers are always good as proven here again. Why? They simply get you wanting to see the next piece happen and in the mean time keeps you wondering to what will happen next. Also is it me or does Kary-08's mask now slightly resemble Tricky the clown's mask minus the area that was destroyed to show the mouth? Storyline and everything is well done here again.

The songs used were great and I was already a good fan of SBB, HalyconFalconX, ArtificalFear, and TheJonnyDeath's musical talented works. I enjoy how they all fit in where they need to fit here as well. The voice acting once again is great. The person who played the unknown bot at end sounds a bit like me, nice. Looking forward to hearing more in the future in the way of what music you shall choose and what the voice actors shall be saying as well.

The animation was great and I noticed that when I hit the play button in the right click menu it went forward a scene rather than the usual pause which is cool since it acts as a scene select button in a way too which is good considering this is a nice and lengthy piece of work once again. I enjoyed the small things such as the dusty background that was always moving here actually. The masks, gore, and Kary-08 transforming to full power after taking off the mask were nice detailings as well. Kary-08's final form kind of reminds me of Dragon Ball Z super saiyans and some video game villains who kept on transforming as well. Her "Futile, futile efforts" line reminded me of Morpheus in his transformed state from Resident Evil: Dead Aim as well actually.

The storyline thickens once again as they take on the zombie hordes and eventually get Kary worn down again. However I guess she figures out that the glasses restrict her powers and after removing them can go to full power. She can bleed but I wonder what they will have to use to destroy the shield of hers though. They got close to attacking her before she moved away quickly. I guess she is more or less trying to play safe knowing that even with a shield it can be penetrated with effort. As I see the end I guess there is now a third one there to help destroy her. Kind of wonder though, why did she suddenly become a prick right before Xionic Madness 4 anyways?

The credits were great too. Laughed a bit at the StarBucks thing and then at the end where you said you were going to go to bed.

Overall, greatly done piece once more, looking forward to 4.3 now.

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Xionico responds:

Thanks :D! And yeah, I've always liked cliff hangers,as most of my works show.
Yeah, Kary's mask is a tribute to Tricky, her hair was originally going to become red (like Tricky's) but decided not to as it seemed very out of place.

Glad you liked the songs :D I had to select them from among 80+ files.

Mh o.o Not sure if that's working as I intended, but the right and left keys cycle through scenes and spacebar pauses themovie :D!

Haha, you reminded me that I made a mock-model of Kary with golden hair and pointed it upwards xD. The reason why she became a prick is stated in the Bio's (I couldn't afford to put it all in the animation, they talk too much for a madness animation as it is).

Yeah, God bless Starbucks and their "Meh, I don't care if that guy has been sitting there for 5 hours straight" attitude 8D.

Thanks for the review :D! 4.3 Shall be done soon(ish).


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Not bad at all! However...

Let's review this real quick then!


Killer Instinct Select Theme at the menu - pure gold.

Music - meh, the themes are pretty repetitive after a certain point, I understand the need for high pace action music, but you could have picked other genres to serve that purpose just as well.

Sounds - pretty stock, nothing I haven't heard before, but very decent effects.


Voice Acting : Sadly, the voice actors ability to convery relevant emotion to the situation is lacking. The only good voice actor you have is voicing Karry, and even her inflections are sometimes not fitting.


Visuals - definitely the strongest point of this flash, stunning effects, fluent animation, eye candy, BUT if I have to nitpick there don't seem to be a lot of details in the enviroment.


Plot - well, Xionic Madness has been less than interesting plot-wise, overly relying on Deus Ex Machina in almost all of its parts. Not to mention the inconsistencies such as the seemingly infinite amount of energy the main heroes can exert, and their overpoweredness in comparison to everything else. I for one am not attracted to the main characters, or even the soldiers (who I thought I would), but I really personally want Karry to win, simply because she's by far the most likable character in the series.

The Bio\Weapons section does add a bit of background, but honestly not very interesting in my opinion, after having read it the last time as well.


Overall - 6/10

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Xionico responds:

Thanks for the well-thought review :0! Let me write something accordingly.

Music: Well, yeah I needed a lot of fast-paced pieces, and tried to make that all of them escalates, but it seems they didn't success, damn. I've never been one for putting a single music track in loop for the entire thing.

Sounds: Stock D:? This may be the part where I disagree the most, as I'm always looking for new sounds everywhere.

Voice Acting: Well, as always, voices will always be a very subjective matter, personally, I liked them very much, but I know that some people won't and others will just hate them.

Visual: Yay :D and yeah, there may be too much stuff going on in the bacjkground.

Plot: Oh boy, this sucker brought the review down to six D; And I'm not sure about the Deus Ex Machina, I agree that, for the sake of entertaiment, I have to give them new weapon and features in each chapter (I'm sure people wouldn't like it if they just retained the same weapons of past chapters). They are overpowered, yeah, but that was my answer to the general "Madness Effect" where a seemingly normal guy kills everyone without a sweat, I just made it more evident why they were able to.

And ever since Xionic Madness 3, all of them have been showing signs of fatigue (well, Kary since this one). Kary isn't an exception, as stated in the Bio's, the Mask is actually a last ditch effort (I had to put that in there, among a lot of stuff since there's a lot of talk going on as it is). The story is coming to an end, and all of them are already showing signs of that.

Well, who knows what will happen :D? I just assure you of one thing. I've never been one of the "good guys win, cliché" kind of guy. Hell, there isn't even a good guy in this story, they are all murderers.

Thanks for the review!


Rated 5 / 5 stars


I thought you said it will be uploaded on Madness day, which is 3 days later that this was uploaded. By the way I will become 13 in 24'th. Can't wait for it and I can't wait for part 3. And Enid's figure was like Kary's. Are they clones or something? And The robot keeps getting more suspicious 2 b askad(at least I thought so at the beginning) Now i think it was another creation of him. I thought Kary was built as a replacement for Askad's daughter or something like that. Are you reading my dreams and thoughts?

DeltalianDude out