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Sep 19, 2011 | 8:59 PM EDT
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Author Comments

Controls: Left and Right keys to navigate through chapters and Spacebar to pause the animation.

Yo! Glad to be seeing you guys again.

In a first note, sorry to everyone for posting this a few days prior to Madness Day, work has been hell-ish busy and I've grown paranoid with this project. (After all, the final version wasn't uploaded by me). So, I hope this isn't much of a problem!

Allright, introductions aside, here's Xionic Madness 4's part two, as promised, it was released in a short time after part one. Sadly, it's going to be a 3-parts conclusion, as many factors (such as time, size and flash's performance) made it impossible for me to finish it in two.

I want to thank everyone who supported with this project and helped me make it happen! Specially a friend who goes by the name Carlos, gracias wey!

Music track note: The song when the soldiers appear is called "Prepare for battle" by Xarnor, but I cannot include it in the list as it was deleted, he said it was ok if I credited him here, though.

Well, I think that's all. Thanks for reading and watching! I hope you enjoy the show!



Rated 3 / 5 stars

Not bad at all! However...

Let's review this real quick then!


Killer Instinct Select Theme at the menu - pure gold.

Music - meh, the themes are pretty repetitive after a certain point, I understand the need for high pace action music, but you could have picked other genres to serve that purpose just as well.

Sounds - pretty stock, nothing I haven't heard before, but very decent effects.


Voice Acting : Sadly, the voice actors ability to convery relevant emotion to the situation is lacking. The only good voice actor you have is voicing Karry, and even her inflections are sometimes not fitting.


Visuals - definitely the strongest point of this flash, stunning effects, fluent animation, eye candy, BUT if I have to nitpick there don't seem to be a lot of details in the enviroment.


Plot - well, Xionic Madness has been less than interesting plot-wise, overly relying on Deus Ex Machina in almost all of its parts. Not to mention the inconsistencies such as the seemingly infinite amount of energy the main heroes can exert, and their overpoweredness in comparison to everything else. I for one am not attracted to the main characters, or even the soldiers (who I thought I would), but I really personally want Karry to win, simply because she's by far the most likable character in the series.

The Bio\Weapons section does add a bit of background, but honestly not very interesting in my opinion, after having read it the last time as well.


Overall - 6/10

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Xionico responds:

Thanks for the well-thought review :0! Let me write something accordingly.

Music: Well, yeah I needed a lot of fast-paced pieces, and tried to make that all of them escalates, but it seems they didn't success, damn. I've never been one for putting a single music track in loop for the entire thing.

Sounds: Stock D:? This may be the part where I disagree the most, as I'm always looking for new sounds everywhere.

Voice Acting: Well, as always, voices will always be a very subjective matter, personally, I liked them very much, but I know that some people won't and others will just hate them.

Visual: Yay :D and yeah, there may be too much stuff going on in the bacjkground.

Plot: Oh boy, this sucker brought the review down to six D; And I'm not sure about the Deus Ex Machina, I agree that, for the sake of entertaiment, I have to give them new weapon and features in each chapter (I'm sure people wouldn't like it if they just retained the same weapons of past chapters). They are overpowered, yeah, but that was my answer to the general "Madness Effect" where a seemingly normal guy kills everyone without a sweat, I just made it more evident why they were able to.

And ever since Xionic Madness 3, all of them have been showing signs of fatigue (well, Kary since this one). Kary isn't an exception, as stated in the Bio's, the Mask is actually a last ditch effort (I had to put that in there, among a lot of stuff since there's a lot of talk going on as it is). The story is coming to an end, and all of them are already showing signs of that.

Well, who knows what will happen :D? I just assure you of one thing. I've never been one of the "good guys win, cliché" kind of guy. Hell, there isn't even a good guy in this story, they are all murderers.

Thanks for the review!


Rated 5 / 5 stars


I thought you said it will be uploaded on Madness day, which is 3 days later that this was uploaded. By the way I will become 13 in 24'th. Can't wait for it and I can't wait for part 3. And Enid's figure was like Kary's. Are they clones or something? And The robot keeps getting more suspicious 2 b askad(at least I thought so at the beginning) Now i think it was another creation of him. I thought Kary was built as a replacement for Askad's daughter or something like that. Are you reading my dreams and thoughts?

DeltalianDude out


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Like I say on My last review...

you change the madness


Rated 5 / 5 stars


man ran outa words to describe how good this is guess ill fall back on the good ol ones. been watching sence 1 and cant wait for the next one.

Xionico responds:

Thanks :D!


Rated 5 / 5 stars


Damn, made me cry. And Xionico, if you can't make a game by yourself, try asking JAZZA, Mindchamber, BoMToons (Programming) and a couple other people! If XM4P3 comes out on Madness Day and my Marvel Hero Battle Dice figurines come in the mail on that day, It's gonna be FOKKIN' EPIC!! So, if Omega and Xero don't die in XM4P3, can you make a second series? I would REALLY like to see those two fight again with new enemies. GOD, I would friggin kill to get a second season. And if possible, put Deadpool from MARVEL comics inside! Just for a couple of scenes or so. After all, Deadpool's a crazy comedian with jokes and all, you should REALLY read his comics. Anyway, good luck on making XM4P3!!! (Lest you're just waiting to release it on Madness Day.....which means you're finished.....OMFGZBBQMANICANTWAIT.)

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Xionico responds:

Thanks! I may get one or two tutorials to begin learning about more complex Action Script ;o so who knows what happens in the future.

And no, XM4-3 should be released before the year ends, but it won't be for Madness Day, sadly D:

Thanks for the review! I hope the figurine comes out :D!