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Sep 14, 2011 | 5:51 PM EDT
  • Weekly Users' Choice September 21, 2011
  • Daily Feature September 15, 2011

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Explore 7 5 Points Explore 7 floors
Om Nom 5 Points Feed your pet 5 food items
The King of Slime 5 Points Defeat King Slime
Warp 7 5 Points Discover 7 warps
Agent Defender 10 Points Beat Zombie Defense on Hard
Armory Master 10 Points Upgrade equipment 20 times
Be Like Paper 10 Points Defeat Rock
Bop on the Head 10 Points Defeat Bop
Explore 15 10 Points Explore 15 floors
Fighting Love 10 Points Spend 30 points on the Fighter Tech Tree
Heal Please 10 Points Spend 30 points on the Healer Tech Tree
Hunter 10 Points Collect 20 types of monsters in the Bestiary
Level 10 10 Points Have one character reach level 10
Level 25 10 Points Have one character reach level 25
Level 5 10 Points Have one character reach level 5
Mage Mastery 10 Points Spend 30 points on the Mage Tech Tree
Rare 10 Points Defeat one of the three rare monsters in the game
Rich Person 10 Points Acquire a total of 50,000 Gold
Rock and Rawr 10 Points Defeat Rock Twice
Rogue Squadron 10 Points Spend 30 points on the Rogue Tech Tree
Stuffed! 10 Points Feed your pet 30 food items
Warp 15 10 Points Discover 15 warps
Well I Didn't Vote For You 10 Points Defeat 5 Kings in the Wanted List
What, No Gravy? 10 Points Defeat Bop Twice
Beastmaster 25 Points Complete the Bestiary
Expert Defense 25 Points Beat Zombie Defense on Expert
Explore 30 25 Points Explore 30 floors
Kingslayer 25 Points Defeat all the Kings in the Wanted List
Level 50 25 Points Have one character reach level 50
Missing Cat 25 Points Complete the MISSING quest line
Slayers Dargon 25 Points Defeat Dargon
Stolen Hearts 25 Points Complete the STOLEN quest line
Warp 30 25 Points Discover all warps
Ultimate Slayers Dargon 50 Points Defeat Ultimate Dargon
Nyan Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Author Comments

Also check out our facebook page: rystalStoryGame

Edit: Mobile version can be found here: /portal/view/581294

Crystal Story is a turn based rpg that uses a random dungeon generator. You control four characters and configure what skill sets they learn along the way. You can earn equipment upgrades that will help you traverse through Evil Cave by destroying monsters or playing minigames.

Whoa thanks for the reviews! I love you guys! :D

Edit: I have been hearing a lot about save files recently. You can backup your save files here:
C:\Users\(username)\AppDa ta\Roaming\Macromedia\Fla sh Player\#SharedObjects\(so me number)\uploads.ungrounde\579000\579445_rpg.s wf
The file names should be rdgDataSlot(number)

Clearing cookies and/or cache will delete saves.

Also check out: (Awesome Art!)

Expert Defense :P tch?v=S5hwSQ58LUc

Game has been updated:
v1.1.1 (9-30-11)
Features added:
- added a mute button on the title screen

v1.1.0 (9-28-11)
Features added:
- Gamble shop (Players can now buy random equipment using gold)

Bugs Fixed:
- Fixed a crash when opening the menu while engaging a monster
- Fixed characters being able to cast skills while silenced
- Gold recieved from wanted monsters should now be rewarded properly
- Fixed a bug where mp can be greater than max mp
- Character stats should now update when changing equipment

Balance Changes:
- Slightly increased the price of armor upgrades



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars September 22, 2011


It's a bog-standard RPG with no surprises. If you like bonking an endless stream of random encounters (and I do) you'll have fun, but the jokes fall flat and the plot is meh.

The art aesthetic is neat, with a sort of hand-drawn look, but there are some odd things about the animations (why does Ruben only put his hoodie on to cast spells, then immediately tie it around his waist again? Is he obsessive-compulsive?) Music's good if repetitive, enemies are good if repetitive... nothing BAD about the game, just... repetitiveness. And Bejeweled.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars August 16, 2012

I didn't really fancy it, the bosses respawned after you killed them once, and you never really scaled with damage and did less than the mobs.

Also, maybe show turn based something? so we know when enemy will attacks o we can heal our teammates and maybe a combo?

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars September 17, 2011

Have some feedback

By now you've probably got a good idea of what everyone likes about the game, so here is some (hopefully) helpful criticism

1. Bosses are far too weak; At about level 11 orso I got tired of having to grind for levels and just skipped the vast majority of the levels, the bosses posed no threat whatsoever and the normal monsters were far more dangerous

2. Luck based combat; I've never liked having winning or losing a battle rely on luck, and in this game it plays a huge factor, being able to weak a boss early on can lead to an easy win, while failing to do so after a bunch of turns can lead to total defeat, with the exact same setup, if I wanted to gamble I'd play a casino game

3. Smoke grenade, get rid of it; Having combat starting with the enemy blinding everyone in your party, which affects both regular and special attacks and can only be cured one at a time until much higher levels (hell, you don't even get cure when those monsters first appear) and by the time you've cured your characters the enemy could potentially just cast smoke grenade again, so either make this move single target, lower the chance of blinding, increase resistance to blinding or let eyedrops affect more than one character

4. Cant cure status ailments?; Basically, when an enemy casts wind shear on your party (weak and magic attack down) there is no way to get rid of it, you can cancel it out with attack boost but you don't get that for your entire party by the time those wolves arrive

5. More exp; Basically, I quit because at about level 11 I couldn't stand grinding the damn monsters for exp, it took far too long for a single level up and I can't imagine getting a character to level 30 like this, exp rewards for combat scale far too poorly compared to exp required per level

6. Too much gold?; I was able to buy just about anything I ever wanted and my money just kept increasing, never once did I have to save money or anything, to the point where even having currency seems pointless, I could effortlessly afford anything

7. Mana regen; I disliked having to go back to town to rest every time my characters ran out of mana, some sort of "meditate" command or the like would be appreciated, the grinding was bad enough without constantly being interrupted, mage characters seemed incredibly weak because of this, and as such I never opted to use one

8. Out of date skills; At regular intervals in the game, some skills just become pointless (attack up when you have attack up all etc) and sit in your skill list being in the way, some way of managing your skill list would be appreciated, or maybe just make the skills upgrade into their better versions rather than coexist

9. Make equipment parameters easier to see; Currently equipping characters is a chore, there is no way to properly see the individual statistics of each piece of equipment and in between different types and levels it takes more effort than it should to outfit your characters with the best armor you have

10. Make turn order visible; I always found this one of the more important features in turn based/tactical combat, you can't exactly plan ahead if you have but a vague idea what character/enemy is going to move next (and on that note, I have difficulty seeing any advantage in using haste)

Hope some of this is useful at least >_>

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars September 17, 2011

Overated, but enjoyable

im not gonna lie i enjoyed this game, but the story was just to shallow for me to get into the game as a whole. turnbase rpg's to me are suppose to captivate me in the story and this game didnt have that...the combat system was average. Nothing good nothing bad. I loved the musical score and art direction, and yes the game is addicting and had me playing. I just wished the story wasnt shallow and lacking. This could of been a flash game masterpiece, but overall it was enjoyable.

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars September 18, 2011

Addiction in Flash Form

a very addicting game thats well made. i just finished the first 25 floors. i found myself 5 lvls under the bosses since crab king and it was fairly easy. just buff your party in the beginning of any boss fight with buffs that affect the entire party, make sure you know 'heal all' and its a breeze. its pretty fun, however it does have its flaws.

1) the skill system does not give much incentive to use more than one skill tree per character. i found myself sticking with one skill path for each character and never changing it for the entirety of the first 25 floors, which gave it a sense of monotony. maybe give out more skill points per lvl and from sidequests or decrease the amount of points needed between skills. also my inventory would not stop flashing no matter what i did until i spent unspent points.

2) when a buff and debuff are both active on a character, it does not cancel them out and i found that the debuff is even more potent than the buff, this meant having to dispel both the buff and debuff away to clean the slate rather than simply casting the buff to return to normal.

3)the blind debuff is EXTREMELY crippling early game and downright annoying mid to late game. in early game you cant use eyedrops fast enough before the enemy simply throws another smoke grenade. i found myself avoiding the gas mask guys on the map and focusing all my attention on them in battles. maybe if the hit rate after blind was something like 25-50% rather than 0% it would balance it better. it really breaks the game too when you silence and blind an enemy as you can then take your sweet time killing them.

4) the treasure chests hold no incentive to pick them up and they disappear if you run into enemies before you grab them. maybe make them spawn less often with better rewards.

5)the zombie defender minigame isnt very responsive when your clicking on the tiles. this punishs you big time in hard, and makes it impossible in expert.

6) the mp system makes early game more conservative with skills and mid to late game a spamfest without much need to conserve. i didnt find this too terribly troubling just quirky.

all in all a good game, just with lots and lots of balance issues

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