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Sep 7, 2011 | 4:29 PM EDT
  • Daily Feature September 8, 2011
  • Weekly 4th Place September 14, 2011

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A little RPG where you guide your own customiseable Vulpin through various different environments, fighting monsters in one-on-one combat. Earn AP (Ability Points) for defeating monsters and apply them to your stats individually, allowing your Vulpin to grow the way you see fit. You'll acquire various new skills and quirky pieces of equipment on your journey.

The controls are entirely mouse-based. You can mute the game with the musical note icon on the title screen, or by right-clicking and selecting 'Mute/Unmute'.

This is the first proper Flash Game I've finished that wasn't just a for-practise minigame type thing. I did all the programming and artwork/animation. Pseudolonewolf composed the music specially for this game!


Some people have reported the game not starting properly or restarting repeatedly - I have no idea what would cause this since I don't experience it myself and wouldn't know how to fix it, unless it's a problem with your browser or Flash Player.

Guide for this Game - http://www.sabressanctum.
com/games/guides/vulpinad venture.php

UPDATE v 1.01
- Lowest damage amount now 1 to fix endless battles.
- Can no longer discard equipped items.
- Items can't be picked up until after vulpin 'victory jump'. Hopefully will solve 'stuck menu' problem.



Rated 4 / 5 stars September 20, 2011

Beautiful Game

The Stages Were Beautiful And Although The Soundtrack Was Limited, It Was Enjoyable To Listen To.

There Are Quite A Few Secrets In This Game That I Simply Stumbled Upon. I Would Suggest Giving A Few Hints For The Achievements And Hidden Stages, Otherwise Most People Won't Get To See The Full Scale Of Your Game.

For The Sequel, I Hope To See More Character Customization And More Paths To Choose From.

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Rated 4 / 5 stars September 20, 2011

Missing medals.

There aren't any medals, that's 2 stars off my counter. But other than that, the game is good.


Rated 5 / 5 stars September 20, 2011

So cute!

Omg i love the game try make the second game like, Vulpin Adventure 2 ok?

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Rated 2.5 / 5 stars September 20, 2011

this game isnt great

i mean it isnt bad bud irs not that much fun. its really repetitive and you cant really even customize your character. u can change your color but thats it. if there was an evoulution cycle that was unique to the stats you choose it would be cool but its the same char the whole game. i wanted to beat the whole game but i just got so bored with it. i used one move for every level. for fire i used the same ice attack, for eath i used the same water attack, for water i used the same lightning attack etc. with a little improvement this game could really kick some ass. im looking forward to a sequel.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars September 20, 2011

Amusing, but needs a little TLC

First thing that bothered me, and also the thing that bothered me all the way to the end, was the Vulpin's limp. The poor little guy is slower than molasses when he's not moving to search something and it really makes me sad to send out this poor little guy to fight for me when he's limping with every step.
I did enjoy the parody of all the overdone RPG elements (the story, the description texts, the hint signs, etc), but I did have a few issues with it.
Your elemental weakness/strength circle was a bit off, in my opinion. I just didn't understand how air was supposed to beat earth or how earth beats water. I guess a distinction of whether earth was closer to grass or rock would have helped with that. Oh, and not giving us the elemental cycle until the third stage? Really?
Finally, some of the items were just a pain. Equipment items don't say which slot they go in, so it's hard to tell if you need a certain item or if it's just the same as what you already have (example: bubbles for a body slot, but flames are a tail slot?). Certain items never even showed up in the game for me (only knew they existed from your Nexus site item list) and others were just infuriatingly rare. The Light and Dark books, for example, took hours to get. Hours. Of just bashing dragons with a freaking flower. Not cool.
A few limits confused me throughout this game: the banapples heal much more than really necessary, which is fine, but is there really any point to the golden banapple? Since your max health at end game is 100, why is "all health" any better than the 90 health from the purple ones? Also, the limits on inventory space and mana were way too low. Five mana does not last long at all with the good spells requiring 2-4 mana per cast, and keeping mana restoring items is almost impossible when you only have 5 free slots to use (really? equipment can't have it's own space outside your backpack or whatever?) and that has to last you through the entire stage, which can take quite some time at your Vulpin's limping pace. Oh, and good luck finding a starberry in any of those item caches: most are empty, almost all the others have banapples, and the remainder have shards, which are actually quite useless after a while, since the best weapons and armor are monster drop only and you hardly need to buy any healing items with the constant supply of banapples hidden in torches/chests/mushrooms/crystals/etc .
So, long rant short: next time, fix the limp, separate the backpack from the equipped gear, give the vulpin a higher mana cap, and maybe tweak the names on the elemental cycle. Oh, and fix the drop rate for needed items (gear only available through drops, starberries, spell books) so we don't have to treasure hunt for hours after beating the boss.
Looking forward to a sequel.

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