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Super Agni Kai: WIP 01

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Sep 6, 2011 | 11:53 PM EDT

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Author Comments

this is fanart. cross referenced flow of consciousness thing thhat contains:
AVATAR [non blue kind],
and more stuff in mashup form.


constantly editing. MUCH LARGER VIEW on [im ashamed] youtube: Pc
[remove space]

music: tch?v=QXoXMjUGHMg
starcraft version by retuh: tch?v=3ogxyrDcEqc

IMPORTANT: Added List of Cross References [thanks to wojoe66 for the term]
it also functions as a guide as to wtf u are watching.

*edit: what are the chances of a dhalsim soundboard being posted a few slots below me.


its a work in progresss. so its rough and full of gaps. and quite disjointed.
made with mspaint.


SCENE List and CrossRefs...

[intro]: that warning at the beginning of arcade games like SF

[intro]: firelord ozai during sozin's comet. the texts reads "you dont deserve to live in my world" as well as "you are WEAK" is written in the flames that hes bending to fly, while simultaneously using his BREATH of fire. he says these words [very close to verbatim] to aang in the series finale.

[scene 1] pokemon trainer brock advises toph to earthbend. ground dasher is a reference to a spell in tales of symphonia.

[scene 2] story wise, there is a distinct break. the scenes are not linked in a traditionally sensical storyboard matter. dhalsim is seen performing yoga flame as a defensive tech. [yoga flame is a sort of firebreathing].
what he is countering is not made known initially.
but it is quickly shown that he is attempting to deflect Zuko's flamethrower. [BREATH of deflection]
"n***a sez denied" is a reference to mvc2's yipes in MAHVEL BAYBEE:

[remove spaces in links]

its mahvel baybeeee! 1: ZA
mahvel baybee 2: dw 9U
fuck da knicks!

[scene 3] transition to aanf vs nike air. aang is an airbender. get it? har har. again, this transition makes no sense in a traditional storyboard matter. visually though, the aang image and preceding visuals are derived from each other. also. n***as and kix. nikes though, not quite REEBOK CLASSICS [marvel vs capcom 3 she hulk reference]

[scene 4] another disjointed transition. the words "breath [popped up previously in breath of fire and deflection], "spirit [from latin "breath, thank you wikipedia], "s gun [spirit gun], and "snake [flash to provide some semblance of flow.
the relation to snake and s gun is shown when yusuke's spirit gun performs a "snaking effect".
if you look closely, the text that shows during the s gun animatic read " snake? SNAKE? SNAAAAAKE", an obvious metalgear reference. snake is shown as being ! surprised cuz hes about to EAT SOME BEAMZ.

[scene 5] again, no story flow here. abstract transition. from a snake to a bat. visually speaking, the images present in the transition are visually similar. a batman rorscack test of sorts is shown, ending with a demonic skull that looks a bit like venom. akuma, or gouki from SF, derives his name from the term "demon.[or somethin like that].

[end scene] a panning image of a stylized akuma is seen, from dark to light. illustrating a movement towards "heaven" [the symbol on his back]. quite mysterious considering his name, appearance, and the defining character of gouki. hes like a bad dude.
hes so bad, that his power.
is over 9k.
the ending image [VEGETA] is meant to provide a taste of whats to come, and what u can expect.




Rated 5 / 5 stars


Cross references are off the hook

solboxR responds:

the term "cross reference" is actually quite good in describing my submission. but apparently the aggregate think your review is useless and my upload is sh*t. haha.

thanks though, glad one person can feel it.
gotta givem something they can feel
something real.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

I'm not sure what I just watched

But I liked how it flowed and the music fit well

People find this review helpful!
solboxR responds:

this review is actually helpful. lets me know i need work in communicating my ideas.

its clear that people get lost in it's [bad] pacing and flow to the point where they CANT find it interesting. thanks for the input.