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:Exile Vilify (Portal 2):

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Aug 26, 2011 | 8:15 PM EDT
  • Frontpaged August 27, 2011
  • Daily 5th Place August 27, 2011
  • Weekly 3rd Place August 31, 2011

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Author Comments

(( Thank you, Newgrounds, for the Daily 5th, front page and very encouraging reviews! :D ))

(( A weekly third? I am deeply honored. Thank you everyone. :D ))

This is a music video I created for Valve's Music Video competition that ended more than a month ago.

Needless to say, I didn't turn it on in time. But oh well.
I finished it a couple weeks after the competition was over.
The due date was July 15th. I finished it August 6th. ._.

I had it uploaded to youtube weeks before today but have been wondering whether I should upload it to Newgrounds or not. Well, I decided to do so.

Using a combination of Stop-Motion Animation, Live-Action footage and After Effects, this music video was possible. (Special thanks again to my mother for creating the costume for my puppet.)

Hope you guys enjoy this video as much as I have enjoyed making it.

(PS: Thank you for Valve for holding to allow me to be inspired to create this video. Continue to make awesome games guys! (Like they're ever gonna read this...))

- Hae-Joon Lee

(If you want to see a higher quality version of it visit my youtube: ceofdoomness)


- Animated, Edited, Directed by: Hae-Joon Lee
- Puppet Costume Fabrication: Min-Ok Song (Mom)
- Song: "Exile, Vilify" by The National
- Based on "Lab Rat" by Valve
- Live action "Chell" footage and stills from: "Outside Aperture" by Eisen Feuer"
- Background textures and details from "Portal" and "Portal 2" by Valve
- "Chell" portrait by 2dforever
- "GLaDOS" concept art by Valve

Special Thanks to:

- My Parents
- Valve and the Portal Team
- "Loquacious K" for initial inspiration
- All my friends and family for their continued support :)
- Weighted Companion Cube!
- Adobe



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Too Awesome

The video was very well done, not to mention the music itself. As much as it's worth, I think it's very awesome that someone gave a little attention to Rat Man considering that many people don't even know of his existence in the story itself. Awesome-ass-job! =)

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Rated 5 / 5 stars


i have never seen something so beautiful in my life that was of Portal 2. thank you so much for posting this. i am sorry to hear you missed the date for the entry but i bet you would have won if you did. again great fucking job!

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Exactly how I pictured it.

From reading the story of the Rat Man and hearing the song "Exile, Vilify" by The National in Portal 2, this was exactly what appeared in my mind. The song seems to perfectly capture the Rat Man's feelings. You did a great job in portraying that not only in a music video format, but in a unique way combining claymation along with various areas throughout the games. I usually never give this out but sir, you get a 5/5 and a 10/10. Thank you for this excellent submission.

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

very well done but...

Its lacking actual portal elements. and not the characters but the actual portal gun and gameplay of any way. all you did was spit back out a side story that didnt reallly have much to do with anything. seeing more of this and maybe the scientist playing a much bigger role than he did and maybe using a portal gun or a fight with gladys at some point might have earned you a ten

faceofdoomness responds:

This video wasn't created for you.
If you want to see Rat Man fighting GLaDOS with a Portal Gun, you create it yourself.

If you paid even an ounce of attention to all of the details Valve put into Portal and its sequel, you'd realize, this video is in fact made entirely of gameplay screen shots that I painstakingly cut out digitally and put together into 3D environments through After Effects.

As for the story, it's based off of a web comic that can be found in the Official Portal website that shows exactly how Chell got put into the cryo-chambers and survived thanks to Rat Man. It may not seem like much but the role that "Rat Man" plays in the Portal universe is pretty dang big.

Please take into consideration the effort and the amount of thought I put into this video project before you start spouting off how it would've been better for YOU if I put in those unnecessary elements that would've dragged the whole video down.


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars

Good music, but crappy claymation...

I don't really get what you were trying to accomplish here. Sure, the music is great, but this was basically a guy running through a bunch of hallways and pushing a button.

I think you are reading waaayyyy too much into the game. It was supposed to be a funny and challenging game... Yet you basically made a claymation fanfic of it.

The 3 is for the music, but this isn't really anything great. Try watching it with your speakers turned off, and you will see what I mean.

faceofdoomness responds:

There's a reason why it's a music video.

I created this music video with the visuals in mind, meaning the music is supposed to be accompanied by the video. Not all music videos are like this but I had a specific story in mind which was based off of a web comic called "Lab Rat" released by VALVe themselves that covers the "Rat Man" part of the story in Portal. (You'll be able to find it in Portal's official site.)

Yes, the story is simple. No, it's not funny and or challenging. But for you to call it crappy shows you didn't even try to get into the atmosphere of the story and the mood the music sets up. (And you clearly do not know the amount of work that was invested in the creation of this or any animation.)

I really hope you give this video a try again after you think about it. Or heck, play through Portal and Portal 2 again because there are lots of hidden things that adds to the depth of the story and the atmosphere of the game. Or read through that webcomic and then give this video a try.

If you do, and still feel the same, well I gave it a try to make you think in a different way. If you don't do anything that I suggested you do, it's your loss because Portal is more than just a game where you solve puzzles and hearing GLaDOs, Wheatley and Cave Johnson talk. (Though that is a huge part of the appeal) There's an underlying current of backstory that Valve intentionally put there for Fans to discover and think about.