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Aug 25, 2011 | 2:40 PM EDT
  • Daily Feature August 26, 2011

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This game is memory heavy.
Old computer might have problems with it.
Build units and evolve your base to defeat your enemy! Control over 50 units and turrets and build the best army!

** Please read **
This game is sort of a sequel to age of war. However, its 100% re-drawn and 100% re-coded.

Arrow keys to move the camera
Space to select your base



Rated 5 / 5 stars


i must say:


Rated 4 / 5 stars

good game, a few problems --

first i beat this on hard, then extreme, and it was fun, but not overly challenging once i had my strategy figured out.

Its very annoying that the camera always moves to the aliens base whenever they upgrade, especially when i'm trying to put down turrets. on the topic of turrets, they are almost impossible to click on to check their health/upgrade/sell when they are surrounded by my or enemy troops. also, you can place turrets down, wait until they're almost destroyed, sell them, then create new ones without losing any money, i'll admit i exploited this, but i do believe it's unfair.

the early special powers are too overpowered, particularly the arrow one, that attacks both air and land units. once i get to the future stage, i always spam the arrows because of how effective it is, and my units destroy the enemy base with ease.

some ideas for your next game in this series - No linear age up progressions! give us a choice to whether we want to, say, upgrade from the stone age to a medieval age that discovered magic, or a medieval age that developed technology, and then each age up branches out into its own unique ages with their own advantages and disadvantages, meaning there could be more then ten different future outcomes, each with different technologies.
oh, and make a multiplayer option so you can challenge people online ^^

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

pretty fun, not a bad sequel.

i did take away one point because i dont see why we lose all of our men and turrets when we evolve... that didnt happen in either of the age of war games.

its funny, usually im the one having a tough time with games on here, and everyone else goes on about how easy they are... now its the opposite, i see people talking about how hard this game was, even on easy... and people needed 50,000 gold or so to get the tier 2 units, really?

i struggled a little each time i evolved, cause i had to get my men out there pretty quickly, but once i got a few unit types built, i could build up my gold a bit, upgrade them... etc.

once i reached the future age, i got my units out there, and once i got a decent combination of tier 1 and tier 2 units, i was gaining experience FAST, so i could keep spamming the arrow barrage special and surprisingly, it wiped the aliens out very quickly, even just one arrow barrage did a ton of damage!

i toyed with the aliens at that point, getting a few more achievements, then i wiped them out.

so, this is fun, but the only real annoyance i have, other than it being so memory-heavy, causing it to lag HEAVILY for me when loading up a game, is the evolution, because losing my entire front line, the only thing standing between the enemy and my weak base... really sucks.

still, fun game louissi, i look forward to more of these types of games from you. :D

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

pretty good but...

the inability to increase the population count was irritating and i couldnt get my water collecting units to go to any other water holes than the first. other than that and the evolution erasing everything you have it was pretty good


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


Well the reason for the low rateing is after every time you evolve your stuff disappers plus using your EXP for your super weapon or attack whatever you want to call it kind of kill your chance to upgrade fast plus the aliens start out with 3 turrets at the very beginning I don't care how advanced they are. But in all honesty awesome game and I do look foward to a another one.