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Aug 17, 2011 | 3:59 PM EDT
  • Daily 3rd Place August 18, 2011

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Made with two months Flash experience over the course of four days.
*Front Paged from 8/19/11 - 8/31/11. Thanks for the ego.



Rated 4 / 5 stars August 28, 2011

It's good but...

I think you really missed a creative opportunity by not showing what the little brother looked like...or for not showing how the older brother's leg would be replaced. I felt cheated without seeing those two things. Anyway it was funny and nostalgic.

P.S. People like to support nice people. Your author comments seem quite rude and aren't helping you at all. People will troll you just because they know you will react poorly. Newgrounds is truly a family and kindness will get you a long way.

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BoobMarley responds:

This is the internet. I don't care whose "support" I acquire by bending over and taking it from useless, inflammatory comments.
Get me a "long way"? Really? To what end? Internet stardom and ultimate power? Maybe in your 14 year-old day dreams.
I have a real life, with a real career and friends and family. This is just a little pet project.

Go outside.


Rated 5 / 5 stars August 28, 2011

i liked it

it wasnt really a ha ha lol it was more like a oh yeah lol
and btw im gunna favorite the author JUST because of the comment to raze985 if i could give you i high five i would do it until my hands turned into stumps


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars August 28, 2011


I almost wrote a shit review to see what your responce would be but that would be a dick move and such soo i'll just say i think that this animation was amusing and you did a decent job on it


Rated 4 / 5 stars August 28, 2011

Oh God.

I actually though it was pretty lame until you began the introductory talk.
Oh god I laughed so hard. good job!


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars August 28, 2011

Its ok

Its ok in animation standards but It was pretty boring in terms of plot and overall did not see what you're trying to do

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BoobMarley responds:

You couldn't see what it was I was trying (and succeeding, btw) to do?
Alright, let me break it down for you:

There is a popular manga and anime series called "Fullmetal Alchemist". The series follows the story of two boys who are highly adept at alchemy - that is to say, they have the ability to transmute matter into different forms and uses. Well, much like there are laws that place limits on human experimentation and stem-cell research, there are a few rules that govern the practice of alchemy in the series' world. The main rule being to never use alchemy to create human life/return it from the dead.

Welp, wouldn't you know it, the two boys tragically lose their mother to pestilence at a young age. Even though they know it's taboo to attempt to raise her from the dead with alchemy, they do it nonetheless. The results are disastrous. Not only do they fail to bring their mother back to life, one loses his left leg and the other loses his entire body in the transmutation process.

In the world of mathematics there are all kinds of laws that govern what can and cannot be done. These laws are in place due to years of trial and error, and empirical processes that have established a working knowledge of values (represented by numbers). One such law that has been established is that it is impossible to divide by zero. Think of it like this; how many times can nothing go into something? Some mathematicians are of the opinion that dividing by zero is the same as multiplying by infinity - it is simply illogical and is not a calculable process.

The word "arithmetic" is an antiquated word for what we now simply call "math". Remember this because it will be important in about four paragraphs.

In looking at the series "Fullmetal Alchemist" and then considering for a moment the so-called "taboos" in other fields of academia (alchemy being now defunct and out-moded by chemistry) one can begin to imagine a story wherein the two aforementioned brothers break those laws respectively.

The whole "divide by zero" concept has not only manifested itself in recent times through the occasional internet meme, but has been the basis for a few animations here on Newgrounds as of late due to it being the focus of a certain contest.

If at this point in time you're still having trouble seeing what it is I'm trying to do, start back at the top.

When we examine the "Fullmetal Alchemist" series in an alternate way with a different field of study, and then take into our consideration the widely known "divide by zero" taboo, the meshing of the two becomes a thing of nature. The two brothers dividing by zero and then having poor results makes good sense through both perspectives. The name "Fullmetal Arithmetist" then not only satisfies a connotation that there is a math theme here, but is a pleasing approximation of the word "alchemist", a word that appears in the title of the original material.

I hope that this has been helpful, and that you can find the time to watch "Fullmetal Arithmetist" again. Perhaps this time with a bit more understanding, and dare I say, appreciation, for the concept.


I'm just kidding, you're a fucking moron.