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rated 4.03 / 5 stars
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Action - Shooter - Multidirectional

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Aug 12, 2011 | 2:23 PM EDT

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Bombardier 5 Points Throw your first bomb
Enlightened 5 Points Watch the credits until the end
First Blood 5 Points Kill your first enemy
Private 5 Points Complete Chapter 1 on Normal difficulty
Airforce Specialist 10 Points Complete Chapter 2 on Hard difficulty
Airman 10 Points Complete Chapter 1 on Hard difficulty
Conscientious Objector 10 Points Complete Chapter 2 without shooting
Corporal 10 Points Complete Chapter 2 on Insane difficulty
Ensign 10 Points Complete Chapter 3 on Insane difficulty
Kitty 10 Points Acquire 9 lives
Master Sergeant 10 Points Complete Chapter 3 on Hard difficulty
Millionaire 10 Points Earn 1 million points
Officer 10 Points Complete Chapter 2 on Normal difficulty
Pacifist 10 Points Complete Chapter 1 without shooting
Senior Airman 10 Points Complete Chapter 1 on Insane difficulty
Sergeant 10 Points Complete Chapter 3 on Normal difficulty
Story Nerd 10 Points Watch all 6 cutscenes without skipping
Air Force General 25 Points Beat the game on Normal difficulty
Brigadier General 25 Points Complete Chapter 5 on Insane difficulty
Captain 25 Points Complete Chapter 4 on Insane difficulty
Colonel 25 Points Complete Chapter 5 on Hard difficulty
Commander 25 Points Complete Chapter 4 on Hard difficulty
Lieutenant 25 Points Complete Chapter 4 on Normal difficulty
Major 25 Points Complete Chapter 5 on Normal difficulty
Passive Resister 25 Points Complete Chapter 3 without shooting
Space Admiral 50 Points Beat the game on Hard difficulty
Intergalactic Admiral 100 Points Beat the game on Insane difficulty

Author Comments

Finally, after more than a year of development I am proud to present this Nanobeast to fellow newgroundians.

The game is a challenging retro shooter with an interesting upgrade system that involves collecting power-ups. However, when you collect a power-up (P) that does not mean you have upgraded immediately. You get to choose how to use those power-ups to upgrade your general stats:
- speed of your ship (you need 1 power-up)
- power of your weapon (you need 2 power-ups)
- fire rate of your weapon (you need 3 power-ups)
- bombs (you need 4 power-ups)
- lives (you need 5 power-ups)

There are 2 additional weapons to be collected as you play: missiles and side gun.

There are 27 medals to be achieved, go get them!!!


Use the arrow keys to move
Press 'A' to shoot left
Press 'D' to shoot right
Press 'S' to activate your current power-up level
Press 'W' to release a bomb

The game is generally very challenging. There are three difficulty settings: normal, hard and insane. There is no easy.

The highscore system multiplies your score depending on which difficulty setting you play and how many medals you have collected.

The game features original 8-bit music written especially for 'Nanobeast' by Christian Erenskjold a.k.a Coffee-Break, a very talented NG musician. Other musicians who also contributed are listed in the credits.

I have been developing and beta testing this game heavily for a long time. Any feedback and ideas will be greatly appreciated.


Daily 1st, Weekly 2nd in games, Weekly 8th overall and more than 350K plays? Thank you Newgrounds! You guys are absolutely outstanding!!! Every single one of you.

Hope you enjoy and see you soon with another game!

- Hristo Atanasov (RatherRandom)



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Loving the unique upgrade style but not much else about it...strangely addictive though.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Challenging? Ha.

Sorry but by the end of level 1 I was an unstoppable monster.
And then, level 2 gave me missiles.
Generally kind of generic and not that unique, but still kinda fun and with nice music and sounds.
It's not great, but it's good.

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

A fine game but explain the upgrade system.

A throwback to a type of game I haven't seen in ages. The gameplay is solid, though the reaction speed required from the player can change radically from on moment to the next in certain levels (to be expected when you don't have that many chapters, I suppose but still).

The upgrade system is is both the game's best asset as well as (currently) it's biggest flaw. By making you capable of upgrading while in mid combat you instantly feel the reward of playing and collecting power-ups since the upgrades are noticeable immediately, though I think you crammed too many power-ups in the first few levels compared to the significantly smaller amount you find in later levels.

The real flaw is that you haven't explained how the power-up system works. A few questions that flew through my mind were: "What, do the upgrades stop after the xth level?" "Do I get a bonus for gathering 6 upgrades?", "Huh, is there a limit to the amount with which I can upgrade something (yet I can still waste points by spending them in the same place)?" and "When I died just now, did I just lose an upgrade or two?".

By answering those few question's ahead of time you warn people that they should be more careful with their upgrades and spend them more strategically, rather then thinking that things would be just fine even if they didn't spend it wisely at first.

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RatherRandomReality responds:

All those questions have their answers and you probably know them already. The way you find them out is through learning. The other option is to explain and answer all those before you have started playing. This will result in a boring tutorial and who wants that? I believe there is just enough info on the upgrades to get you going and you figure out the rest yourself, just like you did. Thanks for playing, Jehryn.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


The upgrade system was kind of cool, but...
The fact that any upgrades you have are decreased by one at every level-up is kind of terrible. As well, the fact that you can't shoot in both directions at once increases the difficulty far too much if you're introducing swarms of enemies from both ends. As long as you're on a Touch Of Death type system, this style is too much.
The game is, in conclusion, very very difficult. If you like it that way, go for it. If not...

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RatherRandomReality responds:

"The fact that any upgrades you have are decreased by one at every level-up is kind of terrible." - I do not know what you mean by that, it does not make much sense. The only way anything gets decreased is if you die and when that happens only 1 stat (randomly 'speed', 'power' or 'firerate') gets decreased by 1. On 'normal' difficulty that is.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Bit too hard

This was really nice game, I liked the upgrade system, pixel art, enemies were quite diverse.
But difficulty curve is bizzare - I passed the first level without any trouble, then level two was pain in the ass - few foes that nearly cannot be destroyed and almost no upgrades. Sure, it can be passed, but it there's no fun in it.

I would love, if you made it a bit RPG style; I mean that even if you lose a level, you keep some of the upgrades, so you have more chance next time.

Also continue option would be nice.

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