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Symphonic Tower Defense

rated 4.44 / 5 stars
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Strategy - Tower Defense

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Aug 9, 2011 | 10:26 AM EDT
  • Daily Feature August 10, 2011
  • Weekly 3rd Place August 9, 2011

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By A Thread 10 Points Win with one life left
Facebook Fanatic 10 Points Visit our facebook page through the in-game button
Fall Back! 10 Points Place a repeat
Freeze! 10 Points Use a rest
Getting Started 10 Points Beat Daylight Train on any difficulty.
Huge Fan! 10 Points Visit a musician's website
Learning The Ropes 10 Points Go through the tutorial
Must Have! 10 Points Download one of the songs in-game
Pyro 10 Points Place an SFZ bomb
Slow Motion 10 Points Place decrescendo
You're Special 10 Points Use a special
Professional Conductor 25 Points Beat a yellow or red song without losing a life
Unleash The Fury 25 Points Activate all 5 specials in one game
Come At Me, Bro 50 Points Beat a yellow or red song on hard mode
Like A Boss 100 Points Beat I Choose You on Hard.
Master Conductor 100 Points You beat I Choose You (You Win)
Cheapskate Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Author Comments

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You are the Conductor of an Electronic Symphony. Build defensive towers to keep the music from getting out of control. Each tower responds to a particular piece of the song, and the enemies spawn to the beat! You better think quick - this is a very fast-paced Tower Defense game!

Yellow goes with the Melody
Green kicks with the Bass
Red zaps along with Strings and Synth
Pink likes Claps and Snares
Blue plays a shocking Piano/Chime/etc

Also don't forget about the music attacks! Fermata, Szforzando Bomb, Decrescendo, and more!

There are additional contests and prizes planned for this game so become a fan of us on facebook to stay in the loop! ( )

Big thanks to all the musicians involved. I want this game to be big so they can get their names out there as well!



Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

doesnt work

1.There are no songs to choose
2. Unable to download anything
3.Unable to quit tutorial

FrozenFire responds:

lern 2 plai


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Wow, this is plain awesome.

The songs were great. The game mechanics are great as well. The only thing that could be changed is the spammability of the bombs.

Also, Touhou <333

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FrozenFire responds:

Touhou indeed.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


I can't believe this only made 3rd place! It's awesome!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Original and Challenging (Somewhat)

Most recent Tower Defense (TD) games have merely been replicates of classic TD games. They always have certain towers and several different maps and upgrades. It's all the same.

Not this game

I beg you future players to WATCH THE TUTORIAL. This is NOT a simple TD game where you can jump in and do the same thing as any other TD game and expect to win. If you do not understand how this game works, it would be extremely difficult to win, first of all, but more importantly it would be impossible to truly appreciate the creativity and work that was placed in this.

As a gamer who has played countless amounts of TD games and also study music, this makes an interesting game. The clever incorporation of Rests, Decrescendos, Fermatas, Sforzando and even Repeats make this game really shine. I hope you are considering making a sequel because I am really anxious to see what else you can incorporate and other ways you can expand this. All i can say is that the game is challenging to the point that it is fun, and may take a couple tries to get a song, but it isn't quite as challenging as i would wish, but then again if some people apparently couldn't beat Native Faith..... ;p. Rests should have some sort of cool down in my opinion though, too easy to be abused. Also hot keys for each of the towers, not just the specials and sforzando would make the game flow better imho.

Some tips for you kids ;P
-Some songs its better to get at least one of each tower up, in order to start generating some specials, but not always.
-Just because a song has a high amount of bass, doesn't necessarily mean you should start mass producing greens, and in the same sense, just because a song does not have any blue, doesn't mean you should not build any blues.
-The Red Pink and Blue specials are by far the strongest.
-For Red specials, check the top of the screen for when fast notes are coming, and prepare to use it then.
-Pink specials just save your lives
-And Blue specials do an intense amount of damage, but mostly to the top two lines. In order to counteract this, I like to build my upgrades on the bottom line first, because if the top gets overwhelmed a blue special will basically wipe off the whole top line.
-As the old TD philosophy of Upgrading is better than building more, is usually correct, in some maps with fast notes it is sometimes better to somewhat spread out damage.
-Most maps it is to your interest to place two decrescendos on each line, and three Fermatas, they are cheap anyways and can give you more time to react with Szforzando Bombs or Pink specials.
-Your strongest towers are, of course Blue fully upgraded, but it is difficult to get that up early in a game, so normally Red is extremely strong, but only if you upgrade it to the max, because then it will attack all enemies in range, and if placed in the middle of two decrescendos.
-Szforzando bombs, although extremely strong early game, begin to do a pitiful amount (as a percentage of note health) late game, it is a bad idea to use Szforzando bombs unless you are certain you can kill, doing damage but not killing is practically throwing your money away. In late game instead, Rests are much stronger, and can be abused
- For example in the last song, if you are having trouble with it, what worked for me was getting full 6 decrescendos, a couple greens at start so I have time to upgrade two reds to max (they are pitifully weak before full upgrade), then getting one of each tower out for specials, start upgrading one of each blue to max, get repeats on each line, then start saving up money. Once the big burst at the end comes, watch your repeat line, once it sends a note back and you think another note will get through immediately use a Rest.

I swear i had more tips in mind but can't remember them right now. Good luck! Hope i helped somewhat

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

I Like It!

I'm very impatient when it comes to tutorial's though...especially today...dunno why, but anyway, i really love the idea of the game, even though i died on the first song on normal :P When i'm having a better day, i'll definately come back and try again...and actually read the instructions this time. XD (and of course when i say read i mean watch). But anyway, very good game. I like tower defense games and i also like music games, so it's perfect and original. Also, i love the whole idea of unlocking songs. I think that's cool. :)
So yah, i'll stop blabbing on and get to it already:
You Guys really deserve it!! ;D

*Note: I will come back and I will conquer this game!!!!! X3 You Better Believe It!!