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Aug 6, 2011 | 1:34 AM EDT

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Don't judge anything based upon what you see or read, rather look up the facts.



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A nice message, in the end.

Unfortunately, I can't see this doing very well here on Newgrounds. We're used to flashy animation and such. Most of us will be incapable of sitting through this, as, frankly, it's quite boring. It's just a slideshow, with a bit of music set on repeat.

Sadly, those of us who will sit through the entire thing are not the ones your message is directed at-as we are already patient and tolerant enough to know better than to judge others based on hearsay. (Or to subscribe to stereotypes at all, really.)

Perhaps next time you could try making it a bit snazzier? It's an important message, one that I support you getting out there, it's just the medium of expression is probably too dull in this case to have much of an impact.

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It's just pics and random music with words we've all heard 100 times over. Nothing likable to see or hear and I can't rate it on facts because they aren't facts, they are your beliefs

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So if all things have a creator, who created god? And if everything around us has been placed for our benefit (as you imply) then how do you explain disease, natural disasters or the fact that 97% of the earth's water supply is salt water? If there is an all powerful all knowing creator, why would he need to give us a test? How is the evidence for Islam stronger than that of any other religion? And why is it that Islamic counties across the world fall into the *lowest* socio-economic demographic? I agree life is too short.. to short for Islam >

Oh and yeah, the flash was pretty lousy too - Why would you place a picture of white scientist next to robot made by Honda :/?