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Aug 6, 2011 | 1:34 AM EDT

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Don't judge anything based upon what you see or read, rather look up the facts.



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I respect your opinions and beliefs, however you tell me to look at the facts. The facts are that nothing is ever created (nor is anything ever destroyed), but rather simply rearranged into another form. Just because I put something together doesn't necessarily mean I made it. For example, the pictures you use in the beginning. Did you take the pictures? Did you put the camera used to take them together? Did you create colors? Did you create light? No. All you did was take pre-existing things and put them together in a form that would be interpreted differently by us (1's and 0's that form a file become 1's and 0's sent over the internet that become pixels on a monitor for us to see). Same thing with anything else in the world. Nothing is created. Nothing is destroyed. But everything is changed.

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I enjoyed it

It was uplifting and to the point. I think it made very good points. I am not Muslim yet I do like how to points out that complexity by necessity warrants a creator. And before some people get mad, freedom of speech is just that. IMO there is absolutely NOTHING offensive about this video. In fact, I found it rather refreshing as this isn't a place you'd typically see this kind of upbeat positive content. It promotes a faith without being xenophobic, narrow minded or kitsch. It's not a bad video and I have to say i'm impressed it was as tactful as it was while still being somewhat entertaining.


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I'm glad you have faith

... and as long as you truly are peaceful - which is not always a given in any religion - I won't take up the religious debate with you. However, judging this as a flash I'm afraid I can't really give it a very high score. It felt more like a slideshow; there wasn't even any animation. A 3 out of 10 because your grammar was pretty good overall, which is always good to see.

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Dude no offence but...

What is the connection between this movie and Islam?
That can be said for any religion,right?

Nevertheless , good work...
It could be useful for atheists i guess


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A nice message, in the end.

Unfortunately, I can't see this doing very well here on Newgrounds. We're used to flashy animation and such. Most of us will be incapable of sitting through this, as, frankly, it's quite boring. It's just a slideshow, with a bit of music set on repeat.

Sadly, those of us who will sit through the entire thing are not the ones your message is directed at-as we are already patient and tolerant enough to know better than to judge others based on hearsay. (Or to subscribe to stereotypes at all, really.)

Perhaps next time you could try making it a bit snazzier? It's an important message, one that I support you getting out there, it's just the medium of expression is probably too dull in this case to have much of an impact.

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