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Aug 6, 2011 | 1:34 AM EDT

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Don't judge anything based upon what you see or read, rather look up the facts.



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I don't see where you're going

I am sure that your intentions are good, but I don't even understand what you're trying to say. What does any of this have to do with specifically Islam? It seems a lot more like a video that's just saying about how God exists. You should have made it about religion and not Islam. I suggest that next time, you put up statistical information about your religion (if it is your religion). I would like to see you address the common criticisms of Islam.

Another idea would be to go after the common criticisms of religion in general. Everything is still presented in a pretty clear cut manner. You seem to have resources to do something nice, you just didn't execute it well. I am glad that you are trying to spread good messages, but this is not the best way to do it. Hopefully, you can improve.

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i watched the video. zero effort was put.

good luck next time

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This has nothing to do with islam and is spam also it uses pictures from google what is against the rules


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You didn't convince me

and you probably won't convince anyone else with this argument. You can find hundreds like this on youtube. It's a well known and overused argument that the Christians have been using for decades.

I gave you a low score because this is a very basic unoriginal slide show that I've seen time and time again. There's not even any animation, just pictures. Also, the message at the end doesn't fit the subject of the rest of the slide show. If you wanted to convince people Islam is a religion of peace then this should have been about the peaceful things Muslims do, not complexity requiring a creator.

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Gave it a vote of 2

I'm not afraid of discussions of religion or spirituality, philosophy, any of that. Nor do I think that such discussions are inherently anathema to the purpose of Newgrounds, you can make a video that shares your beliefs. The reason that I gave this a vote of 2 and a rating of 5 is because there just isn't much meat here. I'm not trying to turn that into a Ramadan joke; seriously, whatever the point that you wanted to make, the content simply doesn't back it up.

Fine, it's a slideshow. I don't immediately hate on slideshows. But it's the creativity of that slideshow that's important and I don't see that in this piece. You have a premise, that everything has a creator. That's fine. One or two pictures would make that point. Instead you show too many to where a viewer can legitimately ask that you stop wasting their time with Image Search and just make a point. The old saying goes that a picture is worth a thousand words, but there's also the fact of life that sometimes it's better to tell than to show.

Aside from the pictures, which harp on the same point, the text itself is quite repetitive. And given that the vast majority of people in the world are not professed atheists, what may have started as an attempt to find common ground on a spiritual "fact of life" (that there is a supreme creation force that made this universe) you spend far too much time reiterating something that the audience likely already believes. In that sense, you're not really speaking about Islam specifically, just about every religion believes in the basic tenet that there is a creator who made everything. Who are you trying to convince by repeating that information over and over, with slides of too many pictures interspliced to try to strengthen an argument that so far very few of your viewers will be debating?

Only in the title, and your last slide, do you actually make any mention of Islam. I watched this twice just to confirm. Then you link to videos that were probably not made by you. If you don't believe that you can adequately express your thoughts, then what was the point of making this flash? With what you were trying to do, you must have absolute confidence that 1) you have a point that's worth making; 2) you have the eloquence to make that point on your own; 3) that the presentation you make to argue that point is artistic enough to support, rather than draw attention away from what you intend to say.

You chose a weighty topic and you didn't give it enough weight. If you wanted to mention Islam as a religion of peace, you could talk about the peaceful things that it's done. You could mention the historical collaborations and olive branches to other religions. Instead, your argument, according to your slides, is "Islam is about peace, because there is a divine creator." That's not really a proper logic statement. There's no connection there, it's a leap of logic, a leap of faith, whatever you want to call it, but in trying to make an intelligent, logical point, the argument carries no water because there is no basic structure to get from point A to point B. Maybe that's covered in those off-site videos that you linked to, but I'm not going to chase down a Youtube video and have to do my own research on Islam in order to review your flash about what Islam is and whether you've represented it well. Insofar as it was your job as the creator of this flash to sell me on an idea, you have not done that.

The background music is alright, doesn't clip or crack in the sound quality although it's probably a low-quality cut to begin with. There are instances in the flash where the incorrect English word is used, but that doesn't hinder delivery of the overall message.

I'd consider this to be more of a mid-production draft than the final work. Use the forum you have to really hit hard. Confront misconceptions, provide historical evidence, really address the "peace" part of it. Otherwise your flash is very basic, sharing the same religion/philosophy theory that anybody could get on day one of their schooling.

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