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Aug 3, 2011 | 12:47 PM EDT
  • Daily Feature August 4, 2011
  • Weekly 4th Place August 9, 2011

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What is Best in Life? 5 Points Earn your first gold medal on a stage.
What is Good in Life? 5 Points Earn your first bronze medal on a stage.
Everything for Everyone 10 Points Unlock the secret Newgrounds treasure.
Prequel to the Sequel 25 Points Unlock the last stage of the game.
One Thousand Goblins Later... 50 Points Get all gold medals and all gold skills.
Finish the Story Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Author Comments

A call to all our fans! Our latest game has been announced!

Our newest game is called Rogue Legacy, a procedurally-generated Castlevania with an in-depth heritage system. super proud of it, but right now we need your help to get it on Steam.

If enjoyed the games made in the past, it would mean the world to us if you could visit the page below, and give us a vote on Greenlight. /sharedfiles/filedetails/


From the makers of "I Have 1 Day" and "Don't Shit Your Pants" comes a new take on Tower Defense. This is a Tower Conquest. Be the villian instead of the hero, siege instead of defend, and take over the world, one kingdom at a time.

Rather than building towers and defending against hordes of monsters, you are given the reins of an evil mage that builds his army from the ground up to dominate the lands. You must unlock new units, learn new spells, and think up unique summoning strategies to overcome the defenses of your foes.

Developed by Cellar Door Games
Art by Gilbert de Vera (grifter101)



Rated 5 / 5 stars


After around three hours of playing, I can do nothing but look back at how much I utterly enjoyed this game. I completed the entire game and collected all the medals. I now feel an overwhelming obligation to congratulate you on your work.

Unlike a lot of recent flash games, this stands out to me for more than one reason. But the point that appealed to me the most was that it is obvious you put a huge amount of effort and planning into the design of the game mechanics. The upgrade system was immaculate and all of the minions complimented eachother perfectly. More specifically; deciding on which upgrades to invest in and experimenting with different wave combinations became a huge and thrilling part of the gameplay. Also, the controls were simple and yet very well implemented.

The gameplay was simply stellar and you did a really great job polishing the work into what it is now. The tutorial was well designed and not at all obtrusive. The artwork is simple, but very fitting and consistent. The music tracks were very well chosen and all complimented eachother (and the game) nicely.

There is almost nothing that I can fault in this game. I felt as though the upgrades were actually a little too powerful towards the end of the game (when you had purchased almost everything). Aside from that, everything else is trivial.

The game was immensely fun, addictive and satisfying, all the way throughout. Not only was it original, but it was implemented to a degree you would expect from larger game developers. I really wish I could rate this game higher. Great work!

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Really addictive and challenging

Though this isn't the first time I've seen it, turning the tables around on tower defense is a really fun concept, and it's explored very well here. The visuals are crisp and attractive, the tutorial is great, and the branching upgrades are really fun to flesh out over the many levels. The best thing about the gameplay is that it doesn't make failure an annoyance. Replaying levels is a major aspect of the game, and whether you have success in sacking a village or not, you're always gaining infamy, and pushing your progress forward. It's a fantastic solution to the frustration of a close defeat.

All in all, great job here. I'll be playing it to completion, no doubt. Any flash game that can demand that kind of attention is a great one in my book.

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Rated 3 / 5 stars

error alert

this game has many sublevel bugs that mess up your connection itself. occasionally exiting out of the game, kinda annoying


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

not very fun

I don't mind a little strategy but this game is ridiculous. tank,golem,priest(not a monster by the way)gob,gob,bog warlock,gob,gob, golem tank. Anything else and you practically die by the third wave. upgrades are expensive and make you feel cheated for buying them. 1k gold for "1" extra point of healing? wtf. Then the more you use a spell the more it costs meaning eventually if someone does make a winning combo it will eventually have to end because the cost will go past the mana limit. I feel very unfulfilled playing this.

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Rated 3 / 5 stars

Tower attack?

I saw some potential here, and the game is alright (for example, i love the castle upgrade system) but the game just has flaws. It does get very boring very quickly, but the main problem is the sieging itself.

The whole point of the game is to make you the Villain, in case you're bored being the heroes or defending places you get to be the Villainous attacker, hence the name. But I don't feel like i'm attacking, I don't feel like i'm destroying the place. Every time I play I have to send out my aura unit's and defend the raider, so in a way, it's actually a defense game....ironic?

Point is, when i send out my little organised line, ignore the towers and just get my goblin to the town at which point he makes some points appear doesn't feel like i'm actually attacking. I'm going through all the trouble of organising my raid (7 people) only for the lowest pay-off ever.

Now, I don't like comparing games because i support creativity and I don't want to come off as saying "MAKE YOUR GAMES MORE LIKE THIS" but if i were to pick out...Mastermind World Conqueror, and play a bit of that, it would actually feel like i was doing something, like I was an actual Villain. The whole villainous destruction has been taken apart since all i can do is watch my tiny patrol project bubbles so i can reach the town where i will then teleport to the start after not leaving so much as a dent in the visuals.

TL;DR: Not very immersive, boring and repetitive.

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