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Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight

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Aug 3, 2011 | 9:44 AM EDT
  • Turd of the Week August 9, 2011

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Author Comments

Kill those zombies! Much succes!!! :D
Kill those zombies! Much succes!!! :D
Kill those zombies! Much succes!!! :D
Kill those zombies! Much succes!!! :D

Yes over level 3 it is hard, but possible.



Rated 0 / 5 stars

~~~~4 reasons why this is the "best game ever"~~~~
1. The bullets shoot at random directions unless u move forward while shooting
2. L4 is rigged so that u can never win because 1 zombie cannot die no matter how many times i shoot it.
3. "Loser!" is written in big bold letters and you called us a noob.
4. i found a glitch that makes me run through the zombies when i run into them
(5. nice spelling skills....)

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really disappointing. Lives up to its title.

To be honest, the introductory animation for gamesfactory or whatever was better than that in the game. The reason you don't ragequit from a game is because although it may be difficult, it is rewarding. This game however, is extremely simplistic, and there's almost nothing to it other than spamming spacebar. If you expect people to complete the harder portions of your game, at least give them a reason to.

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Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

Are you even trying?

It looks like you could have made this in a day. I would appreciate it if you even made a background or at least make your own animations for zombies, and don't act like you actually made the zombies, because if you did, the rest of it wouldn't look like crap. Basically, you made a game that prides itself on getting bad reviews. Hence, that little text below the game description that says "Turd of the Week." Please, at least try to make something good. And if this was your first submission, don't continue this type of work. It would make EVERYBODY very happy. Or at the very least, content with your future games/animations.

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i highly doubt it's possible to beat L3

the bullets go different directions at random and the zombies ram u too fast AND u only have 3 life. i had TWO hearts left on l3 and it said i lost!! basicly, this game be the worst game on newgrounds!!!! even minecraft TWO 2 was better than this peice of crap!!!!!!!!


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I'm really sorry

Im' sorry to say this, but it's just really bad. Now, you can probably try to improve your game a bit. Add more motion to your Character and zombies, but more your CHARACTER. Next, make it more challenging, but not impossibly stupid like Lv 4. Add more of a train of though. If you can't draw well, then get some help from someone to be your Illustrator.

I really can't give great advice, since i am a beginner myself to animation. But even i know you can add more than this.

Also, if you're gonna keep making games, Don't put "You loose you noob" Cause some people take it serious and that seriously fuck you up, even with the horrid game. >.<

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