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Aug 2, 2011 | 3:43 PM EDT
  • Daily 4th Place August 3, 2011

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Coal Miner 5 Points Mine 20 Pieces of Coal
Digging Deep 5 Points Reach a Depth of 300 Meters
Iron Miner 5 Points Mine 20 Pieces of Iron
Silver Miner 5 Points Mine 20 Pieces of Silver
Emerald Miner 10 Points Mine 20 Emeralds
Explorer 10 Points Clear 5% of the Map
Gold Miner 10 Points Mine 20 Pieces of Gold
Saphire Miner 10 Points Mine 20 Saphires
Under Pressure 10 Points Reach a Depth of 600 Meters
Diamond Miner 25 Points Mine 20 Diamonds
Rock Bottom 25 Points Reach a Depth of 1000 Meters
Ruby Miner 25 Points Mine 20 Rubies
Black Box 50 Points Find the Source of the Signal
Giant Gems 50 Points Find 10 Giant Gems
Lost King 50 Points Find the Ancient Remains
Prospector 50 Points Clear 10% of the Map
Treasure! 50 Points Find all the Treasure
Excavator 100 Points Clear 25% of the Map

Author Comments

Enjoy! :).



Rated 1 / 5 stars

I'm sorry

.... I just can't fully understand why this game got front paged.

Sorry for being a critic, but here are some key issues to think about for the next game you will design.

1. While the huge map gives you a TON of exploration potential, you may want to ask yourself: Is all this space needed? I only got so far to see silver veins, but the way I played this game: Half the entire map will be easily gone to waste.

2. And all of that leads to the second issue I had: The frame rate. Hell, I could probably COUNT the FPS with my own head, and it's at around 10 frames per second. The game lacks the fluidity that other games have. A FPS of 10 would be okay for a game with a slow pace, but I seriously hope the memory-hogging size of the map isn't slowing down my gameplay. I don't think there's anything else that can explain how my CPU works very hard to run this game.

3. Your sprites are not done right. I'll be honest: I don't have anything against 2D graphics. In fact, I LIKE raster graphics. The sprites could have been better by changing one of two things:

First, is to make it look more professional if you don't want to shrink anything. I see how you use a limited number of colors. However, sprites of this size goes well with gradients, not a small palette of limited colors.

Second, is to go with a much more authentic retro feel. If you want to keep using a small palette (with a limited number of colors), then the other way is to make it smaller, like a retro game that would have smaller sprites. Then, you would want to scale the sprites by a factor of two so the size of pixels are much bigger, adding a more authentic retro feel.

It also does not go well with the animations that feel... slow. Not fluid.

4. As for the gameplay, I've found it a little boring... personally.

First issue: Before teleporters become a sound investment, what I end up doing is go through the same passages that I've dug.. over and over and over again. I could dig somewhere else, but that would bean digging up coal that is not even worth my time when I could be drilling for silver veins instead. This adds a ton of redundancy that makes this game less pleasant.

Second issue: This may overlap with my second point, but drilling takes a long time. It's a little painful to have to drill into worthless dirt without seeing any veins.

Third issue: This might not be an issue for some, but the gameplay (at least in the beginning) is mindless. It's like a game of connect-the-dots. I obviously want to take the shortest path to whatever valuables I can find. There isn't much more to that.

5. So how could this game with potential be improved? I noticed how others mentioned motherload, so I checked that out to see what motherload did right. The animations were fluid, there were not just hard rock to get in the way but also many pockets of air to make it more interesting to plan the path you want to take to mine the most minerals. It can also reset the field do drastically reduce redundancy.

The game could have used some more variety. That would have done wonders.

Sorry for giving a much lower score than others, but I personally don't feel this game was executed all that well.

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Rated 1 / 5 stars


This is just like motherlode, except with bad scaling, fewer upgrades, fewer options, and more tedious gameplay. Even the largest holds are too small, and there's no way to dump cheap minerals to make room for good ones, so I'm coming back to the surface after only a few seconds of actual mining just to unload for a paltry haul. You shouldn't have to spend 90% of your playtime either on the way down or on the way back up from the two locations where you're actually interested, town and the effective mining zone. Zero story elements, no rewarding feeling at all for completion.. If you're going to rehash another game, try to improve on it, not just make a pale imitation of it.


Rated 1 / 5 stars

Bullshit copy

Everyone should ignore this game and go back to playing Motherload. This sorry excuse for a game is not only 100% unabashedly copying Motherload, but it does so while being less than half as good.


Rated 1 / 5 stars


It's a knock-off of Motherload. The game barely even tried to be original, with minerals and upgrades basically the same thing as in the other game. Not much new here, nothing really better or more interesting than Motherload.


Rated 1 / 5 stars

Game doesn't want you too play it.

I'll be abrupt about this, not only is this a copy, but its also a game to where the team at work on it didn't know how to work the concept into a feeling, I felt nothing playing this, and the game's mechanics make it impossible to play with the original idea.

I'll start off with anything good.
The sprites were clean, and the interface was smooth..... Well, thats about it.

Now for all the bad things.
No music, seriously, NONE I heard about a five second clip and thats all.

Main gameplay mechanic CLASHES with other smaller ones. Alright, the main game is to dig and collect gems to sell to get upgrades to finally get the rarest gems and then live out your life in luxury. Well, the Fuel mechanic is broken, your gas guzzler takes fuel even when going down pre made tunnels, I can understand the drill using fuel, but, no, this made little sense, making it utterly impossible to mine for more then a minute, even then, you better have a good 200 or 300 to pay for the fuel neccessary to continue. This is a HUGE issue, because even after buying the first upgrade, it didn't change the amount of time, as I was already guzzling fuel before I got to the gem which I needed to collect to sell to get the gas to make up for going down there. See how bad that is? Too make it worse, you will probably NEVER get an upgrade because of the fuel costs, if it only costs fuel to dig, then it would be fair, but no, it costs fuel TO MOVE!

Game is not made for you to have fun, its made to be a time sync. Now, I think Egoraptor said it best in his video called Sequalities, but the gameplay mechanics in this are not made for you to experience, but made for you to waste your time. Would you rather have to dig with fuel consumption while mining to avoid monsters that want you dead to get to a lower point in the map and get a secret gem to sell to a merchant to gets a lot of money to get a upgrade that makes you more powerful, or would you rather dig for about a minute, sell your goods, probably about half of your full load, and probably gems that will only BARELY cover your gas bill, then go back down for another minute, gain about 30$ IN TOTAL to then spend on gas, you see how much money in revenue your getting is about 10 - 40$ this makes it almost IMPOSSIBLE to buy a upgrade without also going scott broke. Basically, the answer is 13 hours.

Movement is on a grid, this is basically a bad thing, since its on a grid, its hard to NOT waste fuel, because your CONFINED to the grid to get to gem to gem, now without a grid, I could have easily saved 9,000$ in fueling up my driller.

Now to complete the sandwich, how to fix it all.
1. Remove fuel consumption while moving.
2. When out of fuel, make the drill un-usable, but still allow for movement.
3. Make each gem slightly worth more if 1 and 2 are not done.
4. Add music to the game and make it fit the tune of digging, make it almost a rail way song.
5. Make upgrades cheaper or be attained by doing those missions, makes a lot more sense instead of having to go around and buy everything.

Now for my last statement, overall, a rather bland, broken, clashing, dumbed down, not worth your time game, it could have been lower, but it wasn't SO broken it was unplayable, just broken enough to make me wish I was playing way better games.

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