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Bunnykill 5 Part 1

rated 4.44 / 5 stars
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Jul 1, 2011 | 11:17 AM EDT
  • Frontpaged July 1, 2011
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Author Comments

~~~~~~~~Version 1.1~~~~~~~~
-Replaced the 'coming soon' text at the end with a link to part 2
-Added a cool new blood mist effect on blood splatters.
-Some minor tweaks to animation.

Hey everyone. It's been a while, huh? :)

Due to a lack of memory I had to cut the movie into 2 parts. Don't worry, I won't take another 2 years to finish part 2 since it's practically done already. I'm actually planning on uploading it next month. (EDIT: Okay so apparently it's gonna take a tad bit longer than that. It's getting there though. Sorry for all the delays)

But, for now. Here's Bunnykill 5 part 1 in all of it's glory. I hope you like it.

EDIT: Thanks for the frontpage :D

Also, I need to mention something. Some people seem to be confused about the storyline. So here's the deal. The story in the Bunnykill movies is not connected in any way whatsoever. Even though the characters(or their appearance, to be more precise) is the same, the story is always different. Kinda like in the Legend Of Zelda. I hope that clears the confusion as to why some dead characters are back and whatnot.

EDIT2: Rajunen released the soundtrack for download. He had some problems uploading the songs to Audio portal, so here's a Megaupload link instead: /?d=I6I8U5KS



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Pretty good

Action is non-stop and plenty of gore/wtf moments.

I only have a few gripes. During the rooftop scenes, whenever a bunny fell off the roof none of the other bunnies seemed to notice or look down as there would have had to be a splat eventually. There were plenty of epic moments that were missed like snowball hiding next to a door and when it opened shoot/stab the bunny before it even enters the room. I really don't understand the stealth scene. Why bother having a stealth suit if your sword makes a loud buzzing sound when activated and glows? Then as if it couldn't get worse the other stealth guy takes off his stealth for the fight willingly. another gripe was the drug wearing off IMMEDIATELY after killing his friend. If the drug had worn off and he was holding both blades through snowball for that wtf did I just do moment it wouldn't have been so bad an ending. Last of all was the infinite bullets for the gunblade.

Best death had to be the stun baton flying in the air and landing on the bunny standing in the door's head. Lol.

Mottis responds:

The reason they had cloak was so that they can stay still, unnoticed. If they had come through a door completely visible, Snowball would have been alerted in their presence as soon as they were in the room, but thanks to the cloak, they managed to get close before him even knowing they were there.

And why they took the cloak off? Simple. Their equipment doesn't allow the ninjas to cloak and teleport at the same time. So they had to choose one or the other. And during combat, it should be obvious that teleporting is a far more useful skill.

See? it all makes perfect sense :)


Rated 3 / 5 stars


Seems like these videos are all 1 trick ponies. Story line : Kill kill kill kill kill kill...transition...kill kill kill kill. Yeah its good animation but still...they are jut simple objects like circles and ovals. Oh well....I guess if people like it as much to see more you must be doing it better than all the other kill kill kill videos. Grats on exploiting peoples need to see blood and gore.

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Mottis responds:

thanks!! :D


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Mixted Review

The Pros:

The fighting scene were excellent
Great imagination for weapons (especially for the giant magnum or shotgun sword)
Some scene with snowball fighting with the grunt in melee and shield were amazing

Now, for the cons:

The fourth scene "Double Trouble" is almost the same scene in the Very first Bunnykill when snowball fight 2 assassins to get to Smoke, but the only difference was that when one of the assassins accidently stab his partner, in this movie the dying assassins give his weapon to his partner when in the first bunnykill Snowball catch the sword. Hell... even the way the last assassin die in this movie is the exact same in the first bunnykill.
Killing Snowball... Seriously? I respect an artist choose to kill an caracter or not, but killing the central caracter of the series is crazy, hopefully the movies are not even related together.

I would have given an higher score if one of the scene wasn't the same in the first bunnykill movie... that show a complete lack of creativity and lazyness. No offence intended

Mottis responds:

I could've easily left those Bunnykill 1 throwbacks out, but I decided to leave them in, as little references for the people who have watched the entire series. The chance with 2 ninjas vs Snowball was just too good to miss.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

What I saw...

It was smoothly animated and choreographed excellently but I had some issues watching it.

The first half seemed too much like a videogame. It seemed more like the director was thinking: How would this happen if it were in Metal Gear and/or Oddworld, rather than : How could the complex practically respond to Snowball.

My second concern was a lack of concern. Snowball was just plain invincible. Even up until he died, it didn't seem like anything posed a real threat to him. The people who probably trained with the weapons in the complex still weren't as good as the hero was with them. He only died because he didn't, not couldn't, flee from Dust. Between that and Dust 'just happening' to have all those bullets for that unique gun, the ending seem like deus ex machina.

Also, I have to say that the re-use of sprites free of past context seems more lazy than creative, and rabbits don't have ear bones.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

nothing new or exciting!

All you have done is take madness and added bunny ears. These videos do well despite being boring and unoriginal. Obviously its well animated but the drawing is weak and bland. Why people see this as the best vid on newgrounds is beyond me.
Madness have done this for longer and they're at least not about rabbits.
However im not a wanker who puts zero stars because this deserves at least 6.

Mottis responds:

Hey It's cool I respect every opinion. Thanks. :)