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Jul 1, 2011 | 11:17 AM EDT
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Author Comments

~~~~~~~~Version 1.1~~~~~~~~
-Replaced the 'coming soon' text at the end with a link to part 2
-Added a cool new blood mist effect on blood splatters.
-Some minor tweaks to animation.

Hey everyone. It's been a while, huh? :)

Due to a lack of memory I had to cut the movie into 2 parts. Don't worry, I won't take another 2 years to finish part 2 since it's practically done already. I'm actually planning on uploading it next month. (EDIT: Okay so apparently it's gonna take a tad bit longer than that. It's getting there though. Sorry for all the delays)

But, for now. Here's Bunnykill 5 part 1 in all of it's glory. I hope you like it.

EDIT: Thanks for the frontpage :D

Also, I need to mention something. Some people seem to be confused about the storyline. So here's the deal. The story in the Bunnykill movies is not connected in any way whatsoever. Even though the characters(or their appearance, to be more precise) is the same, the story is always different. Kinda like in the Legend Of Zelda. I hope that clears the confusion as to why some dead characters are back and whatnot.

EDIT2: Rajunen released the soundtrack for download. He had some problems uploading the songs to Audio portal, so here's a Megaupload link instead: /?d=I6I8U5KS



Rated 5 / 5 stars July 2, 2011

I've missed you!

I've watched this series from start to finish. Finally the new one is out! I'm noticing this one is more chill and relaxed compared to the others, but the ending is drawing me even closer to the series. Hope part 2 does its part well and keeps up with the bunny slaying! Btw, their eyes when they finally die/are unconscious are sooo cute! X3 Too bad their dead though.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars July 2, 2011

Snowball D:>

That was unexpected, really nice animation.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars July 2, 2011

stickzone does have a point there...

After killing Dust in Bunnykill 2, then teaming up with Smoke in three, the alliance switch here does seem a bit confusing. I myself was expecting him to be going after Smoke till the moment the scene appeared on my screen and Dust was chained to the wall instead.
Storyline aside, great animation as usual, fluid and nice to look at. Kudos to Rajunen for another ear pleasing tune, that manages to be great all on its own (im listening to it while writing this infact) while not distracting you from the video
Hope to see 5-2 soon!

Mottis responds:

The whole deal about the character's switching roles was intentional. You notice that Sb's boss doesn't specifically mention who exactly is Snowballs friend and who's the enemy. I WANTED the viewer to think that Smoke is the one he's rescuing, untill the twist happens.

Now, how is that possible, story wise? Read the movie's full description to find out, thanks :)


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars July 2, 2011

Amazing as always Mottis,

The animation was smooth, the graphics were nice, although I really wish you didn't do the storylines this way, (That and it confuses alot of people who are too big of idiots to read the description before reviewing,)
And for people who want to know the names of the Main Bunnies:
Snowball: The main bunny throughout the entire Bunnykill Series, (Duh)
Flint: The bunny who makes a Silhouette appearance in the beginning, (Also the main boss of Bunnykill 4)
Dust(The brown one with the mohawk): Apparently now (In 5,) Snowball's lost partner, (In Bunnykill 2 he was the main boss)
Smoke(The Black one with Shades): Mainly Snowball's Rival throughout the Entire series, he has made appearances in Bunnykill 1 (as the main boss,) and 3 (As a surprise companion to Snowball)
Prof. Sludge(The Scientist): Main boss of bunnykill 3, and had a short screentime on this one.

Oh, and due to your use of nearly all the characters in this one...

Keep up the good work Mottis~

Mottis responds:

Thanks. You're right, this movie has more characters than any of the previous parts. I have to say though, that Ruby will not be making an appearance in Part 2. There is always Bunnykill 6 though, so who knows..


Rated 5 / 5 stars July 2, 2011


This is once again a great animation. the way i see it, this can be compared to the madness series in terms of how it's done. From what im noticing, what the madness series lacks, you have here in this animation and vice versa. You show various styles of movement and executions, from decapitation to complete mutilation, and the face-paced movements are flawless. I don't question the storyline to this because I feel like there doesn't need to be one, but I do think it would've been better if you tied the whole series together in some way. You have your own unique style of animating and your perspective on how things should be done are above average. The blood and gore was a little less than desired for an animation like this, but who am I to complain. Keep up the great work, and I look foward to seeing the ending to this.

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