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rated 4.46 / 5 stars
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Strategy - Real-time (RTS)

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Jun 30, 2011 | 11:47 AM EDT

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Solarmax is a fast-paced, streamlined RTS where quick thinking and aggressive moves are rewarded. Your objective in each mission is to destroy the enemy fleet. Click on a planet to select the fleet orbiting it, then click on another planet to move, attack, or colonize. Hold down your mouse over multiple planets to combine fleets.

Shortcut Keys:
Mouse - All Fleet Actions
Q / R / P - Pause Game
Spacebar - Deselect Planets

While Paused:
Q - Back to Main Menu
R - Restart Mission
P / Spacebar - Resume Game



Rated 4 / 5 stars


i would give it a ten but i wish there were more levels AND a new mode or modes like defend or custom but other than that its a great game wish i could fine more games like this keep up the not good BUT GREAT WORK!!!!!!


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Interesting and addictive.

I've spent two hours on this game, and I'm still busy with it. I really like it!

Animation/Graphics: Simple and smooth. While I'd like to see more in the battles (Ships would destroy each other from other sides of the planet) it still got the job done. The game just looked good, although I wish there was a way to zoom in so my eyes wouldn't hurt after playing.

Sound: Nothing really special here. More variety in music would be nice. The sound is one part of the game that needs a bit of work. Don't touch the explosion sound for ships; that is good.

Gameplay: This one requires lots of quick planning and reactions. I like how it played, but the enemies seemed dull at times, even on normal.

The gameplay kept me very busy, but it leaves me wanting more once I finish the game. Only 18 levels? It needs more. Perhaps a level editor would be nice. I'd also like to see more depth in the gameplay. More missions, more options. Perhaps when an enemy is backed up against a wall, you can offer a peace treaty? Or maybe you can simulate interplanetary shipping. There's a lot of ideas that could be put into use in this game.

The game itself is simple but fun. Every time I play it, I can't play just one mission.

Keep up the good work!
8/10 and 4/5

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

very cool

The gameplay is smooth and the tutorials are perfect to understand the controls. Graphics are wonderful and the animation is fluent. It is fun to play the game and I continued playing all the evening although I had to finish my homework. (I got a bad mark now but this game was worth it:))
Music fits perfectly. There are really few Improvements possible besides, TheFinalFan below me lists them all and I agree.
Very cool game make more please!

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Just A Step Further...

This game is a very beautiful game. Fluid animations and controls, and a perfect learning curve. Plus, it has a bit of a story if you pay attention.
My only complaint is the lack of additional levels. I would love to continue playing, and a custom map maker would've completed the deal.
If additional content is in the works, I will change this rating to a perfect 10!

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Very impressive

When I started to play this game, when i saw the graphics i was like: "HOLY SHIT THIS EPIC!!". XDDDD

this game is simply great: is has excellent graphics, very well balanced between the system mode and the AI, awesome music, and the design of the gameplay is very atractive it, its so great. :D

It remembers me like the Rise of Nations saga, and you made a new flash version of it, but with a spacewars plot.

in conclusion, an Outstanding game, it has all the features a spectacular and hitting game needs, CONGRATLATIONS 2 THUMBS UP!!

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