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Adventure - Other

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Jun 21, 2011 | 11:10 AM EDT

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Hidden Item 1 50 Points Find the hidden item in Felix's Hideout
Hidden Item 2 50 Points Find the hidden item in The Infected Waterway
Hidden Item 3 50 Points Find the hidden item in Mama's Nest

Author Comments

*Thanks to everyone who helped give Skinny a Daily First Place! :D
**Thank you Tom and the rest of the NG staff for the Front Page!

Once Coma was completed, I figured I would make another game just for kicks. It turned out this game took up more of my time than two semesters of college. Anyways, I hope everyone here at NG has fun playing :)


Also, what's always fun is discussing your thoughts on the meaning of the game. I sure know what it means, but what about you?

UPDATES/BUGS (upon update approval from NG staff):
1) Both ASWD and Arrow Keys will work.
2) No more getting stuck behind doors.
3) Easier game-play experience.
4) As for those of you experiencing sticky keys in Internet Explorer, a friendly user called bubblecue says
the simple solution is to go to the tools tab on internet explorer and click on internet options. Then you click on the security tab and uncheck enable protected mode and then click ok. turn back your protected mode when you are done playing. Hope that works!



Rated 5 / 5 stars


I thought you could do no better than Coma, I'm happy to say I was wrong. I loved every aspect of the game. From having wonderful graphics, fun platforming, and a beautiful soundtrack.

PS will you ever release the soundtrack? Maybe post some songs on NG?


Rated 5 / 5 stars


I remember playing your earlier game, Coma, and believing it was one of the most stunning games I had ever played, so I was simply delighted when I found out you had made another. I was not surprised when I saw that Skinny had such beautiful graphics and an intriguing plot line.

The only thing I can complain about are the frustrating colored gates. I keep getting stuck on Level 2 where you have to flip the red and yellow switches at the top to get to the blue switch. By the time I get there and try to flip the blue switch, the yellow color beam comes back on while I'm jumping up, leaving me stuck since I'm surrounded by the black ground with nothing but a blue switch, which has caused me to start over many times. This is probably because of my slowness (chuckles), but it puts a bummer on the game since I keep having to restart.

But other than that, everything else is quite amazing, if not, astounding. A trivial dilemma such as the one I mentioned above won't keep me from enjoying this experience and I look forward to unraveling the story level by level. Thank you for all your hard work and effort you put into making games like these so awesome!

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AtmosGames responds:

Lucky for you I took out that blue door :) It has been a problem for some, so I decided to take it out entirely. The game should update soon. thanks so much for the 10!


Rated 5 / 5 stars


Before diving into my review, I just want to take one sentence to say outright: this is awesome.

Story-wise, I loved every moment of it. Even the tutorial-esque intro level provided a great bit of insight to the story. It was enjoyable to explore the world while seeing how huge it really was. Learning about the surroundings (and the secret items) that allow the player to think about "what happened here?". I'm not sure how I felt about where it ended, well, without spoiling anything, I assume it was supposed to be open-ended.

The art, and especially the music, was great. The style really fit the mood and feel of your game. Not much to criticize here, so

moving on to gameplay. Skinny is longer, and as others have said, more challenging than Coma. I liked the length of it, and the saves were in convienient locations. It seemed like the right amont of challenge (for the most part) and as I already stated, I enjoyed getting to explore and wanted to continue playing. I did encounter the falling-through-things glitch, and the color-gates were aggravating on my playthrough. Alas, I refresh teh page and see you already fixed these now, lol. Good job.

Overall, this is a fantastic game, all around. Would definitely recommend.

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AtmosGames responds:

Wow. thanks Moggie0 for your review. It really feels great knowing what was rightly done in this game, and will use your thoughts for reference in creating games in the future. Mind messaging me the objects you fell through? Thanks, Thomas


Rated 5 / 5 stars

That was....

Depressing. It just ruined my happy day. But I have to say, it was an amazing game. I'm the type of person who gets emotional over un-real things, and I'm a sucker for sad stories, so don't mind me.

The controls were a bit inaccurate (The hand pulling up one needed some accuracy improvement, or maybe it's just my mouse), but it didn't affect the game(besides me becoming a bit frustrated).
Coma was easier, not to mention shorter, but I think that this one was better. It also has wonderful (Emo) art.

By the way-Have you ever played KOLM? It's on Newgrounds too, and it seems to have some sort of resemblance to yours, in the sad story/getting lied to plot.

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AtmosGames responds:

I haven't but I should check it out!

I hope you are not too depressed.... ;)


Rated 5 / 5 stars

I love this game

And I'm a pimp a hoe is a dime a dozen, but love is priceless, and this game is true love. is this game going to have a second because I really want there to be one so I can have a hard time contemplating which is better. Also did felix on purposely trick you into the system or did you replace momma or something trippy like that?

AtmosGames responds:

I'm glad you think it is love