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Jun 14, 2011 | 4:27 PM EDT
  • Daily 2nd Place June 15, 2011

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Killer 10 Points Defeat 4000 enemies in a single game cycle
Maximum Overdrive 10 Points Use Overdrive 3 times in one battle.
Weapons Collector 10 Points Collect one of every weapon in the game.
Excessive Force 25 Points Obtain a level 61 weapon.
Grinder 25 Points Reach level 100
Modderiffic 25 Points Purchased 200 mods
Moolianaire 25 Points Possess 3,000,000 unspent moola.
Chosen One 50 Points Beat Starwish without dying.
Social Club 50 Points Viewed all endings
The End 50 Points Beat the game!
Time Paradox Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Author Comments

The most epic story for a Flash shooter!

RPG Shooter: Starwish is a unique blend of a shooter, rpg, visual novel and dating sim. Earn multiple endings, and listen to a wonderful custom soundtrack. Can you earn the special ending?

Play on hard mode for extra goodies!

Try out the music composer's game, Snailiad!: /portal/view/573352



Rated 5 / 5 stars

so is it vandread with different peope?

mecahnics were geat had a finalfantasy feel to it including one of the most overlooked parts the fact that its a visual novel, great job man


Rated 5 / 5 stars

We Made it

You have created one of the most incredible, most intense flash games I have made. Few video games I have played have brought me to tears, and this flash, with some of the intense moments you included in this flash, has made me cry. The emotion and feeling I made with the game is so incredible. I'm not the one to criticize gameplay, controls, or anything, for I just favor the storyline, and this...this right here has to be the only flash to has made such a devastating impact of how i see RPG's. Almost my entire philosophy in life changed, my pessimistic output has changed drastically. I'm incredible heart felt by the flash. Your widespread mind to create such a... extravagant story such as this baffles me to even wonder why you aren't a movie writer or book writer. I spent almost the entire day to just finish this. I have gone through every single plot twist with aching eyes, sore eyes, wet/dry eyes. I'm sorry if I sound over dramatic, but I'm at a loss of words cause I just finished the game and I'm so teary-eyed. Thank you, so, so, so much for making this.
Btw, I chose no wish :) Love to all.

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Quite the accesable epic

The schmup portion was pretty standard and the upgrade system did breath new life into the game. What i think really drove me further was the fact that this game had an interesting enough of a plot to keep things moving along, even if the gameplay hadn't changed much between each world. I liked though the rpg elements of the game, even if progress could occur at a snails pace. My only real complaint is the amount of text which was kind of drab and dull. I understand you were trying to go for an anime-like setting but the characters seemed to rely a little too much on such conventions. Writing good interesting dialouge is pretty tricky though, so It didn't really break the game though.

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Rated 3 / 5 stars

Fun, but...

Go easy on the dialog next time. Seriously. It shouldn't take me 15 minutes of READING just to get to actual gameplay. I know you're going for a story here, but to be honest, I got so fed up with the dialog that I just skipped everything. Not that it matters. The story is entirely disconnected from the game, which raises further criticism, but I won't go into that.

Dialog should be succinct. Get to the point. It doesn't take 5 paragraphs for the reader to catch on to a character's quirky personality. You don't have to develop a character in one conversation. Space it out. Let us get to know the character over time. Don't slap us in the face with his/her life story all at once.

#1 rule for movies: Show, don't tell.
#1 rule for video games: Play, don't show.

You may have a story buried here, but you suffocated my interest in it long before I was able to find it. This is not good story telling, it's FORCED story telling. That does not mean the story is bad, it's just presented poorly. Please try harder next time. I am a very big fan of video game narrative and have done extensive research on the subject, so needless to say I was very disappointed, especially after seeing the description, which reads "The most epic story for a Flash shooter!"

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

good a few flaws

really good and solid story line but altho fun the fighting is unoriginal and theres a tad too much text but every thing else is great nice game