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Jun 6, 2011 | 10:31 AM EDT

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This week, lets get Meditational!

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sorry but this one wasn't that new...

Unlike most times, when you give new information, or ways of interpreting information that I already know, most of which I mostly agree with at least at some level, this time, there was nothing new, in fact, I'm afraid to say that I generally assume the information about self you gave to be common knowledge, things that other people not only would, but have found out for themselves through reflection, with one exception, we are not just the sum of our lives, there is either one more layer, or a layer mislabeled, think about it, if you forgot everything, would you be a different person? Of course not, although events may effect us, it is not only, or even primarily though there memory, it is though there effect, you could say they literally shape us
'I am therefore I am not' also does not work, even if we were to completely empty the other two layers of consensus, they would still exist, you are always partially aware, because the each layer of consiunce incopsuses the other, and at least one of them is (for all intents and purposes at least) indestructible. It should be "I am still, therefore I am aware".

JordanD responds:

Ahh, but you are consciousness, so as consciousness, you are in a constant state of experience. Even if you forgot everything, it would still have been an experience you went through, it is who you are. Beyond the physical body, for many many lifetimes and life before that.


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Good but...

When I saw that it was on meditation, I was all excited, but I thought it would be more in depth. It was still really good though. I like it when you use technical texts instead of just informative.

JordanD responds:

Yeah, i wanted to make sure that everyone had a solid understanding of meditation before i talked about it more, because there are many people who don't even know the basics of that, and i want this show to appeal to everyone :)