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Jun 1, 2011 | 8:25 PM EDT

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Mario's new and improved starman theme.

mario luigi super starman star funny comedy lordofthejimmy lord of the jimmy cool original My Balls Song
FYI: Did for fun so I didn't put as much effort as I did in other flashes because I have been working on another flash.
Update: Im glad all of you like this flash thanks
Update: 6/15/2011 wow over 5,000 views!!! Thanks to all that are watching this video I really appreciate it
Update:6/16/2011 ITS OVER 9000!!!!!! Views lol Thanks to all who support this video. I can't believe it got front page wow.

Update: 12/7/2012, I've decided to add my new account as a contributor to this flash I made on my old account.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Haters gonna hate

Man, all these fucking nerds are tripping over a flash, i mean, i personally like this, good job man, fuck these haters


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

The voice...

Thats the main new element i hear, and I don't like it. Its not a voice for this type of song. and i couldn't watch the whole thing I'll be serious. Lastly, it's MARIO, he does NOT need a remix with voices of ANY kind. You could've made a tech mix, but still, I see why you added the voice, you were trying to be funny weren't you? (Hence the
comedy genre). Well, it didn't come out so well buddy, so 7 for you :D

PS: WHY did you decide to 8-bit the family guy theme?


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Not bad

I would like to quickly clear some things up, one, this is not his, if any of you took the time to actually read you would know that this was by a guy named lordofthejimmy on youtube who he is helping, and after some research, i found that he was doing a video series of super mario rpg, but acting as peter griffin from family guy *hence the beginning.e * so stop complaining about the family guy beginning and the way mario sounded. sry for the rant

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Rated 3 / 5 stars

This is stupid.

I didn't like this at all. This was a waste of time. I'm not trying to troll but all he was saying I'm invisible, you can't touch me and suck my balls and go to hell. This was really repetitive and annoying. Your singing was not that good, and I'm giving you a 6 for effort and putting work into this. But, who am I to talk? I could not do better than this. Good Job.


Rated 3 / 5 stars

So.... Wrong?

I won't take any of your credit I mean it was a funny, good flash but there were so many things that pissed me off... and I dont get pissed off easily... anyways I'm going to point out what I thought you did terribly wrong and what I liked about it:

1.-U MADE AN INSTALLMENT OF A REALLY STUPID SONG SUCH AS THE OPENING SONG FOR FAMILY GUY on the epic monophonic tune used for videogames at the time... very bad choice and it wasn't even related!
2.- U DIDN'T GIVE ANY CREDIT TO ~~~KOJI KONDO~~~ the TRUE maker of the whole mario OST and ORCHESTRA. only to your friend there who did a pretty good job but in the end only made a comedic version of the song and destroyed its original glory....
3.- YOU didn't even use the character's voices so there was nothing resemblant of mario or luigi on it! it seemed like you didn't care for the character you could have easily made a new mario-esque character of your own with that voice and ur flash would've been better but yet, you destroyed mario's iconic voice by: "Charles Martinet"
4.- You took the old game, the one of NES "Super Mario Bros" and even though you chose to go with the family guy disgrace at the beggining you took the OST from super mario 64! which totally didn't match the setting!, EVEN AT THE END! the ending SFX for the Super Mario Bros game is amazing and iconic but you went with the bad one too!?

Now, I may have been a little bit harsh but to me it seemed like you disrepected the industry, now the flash wasn't badly made at all, maybe the mouths could've been worked on a bit more... but the sprites were used pretty nicely! so good job on the animating pretty poor performance on the music choice, SFX choice, credits and akwardness! (I JUST CANT GET OVER THE FAMILY GUY THING!)

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captaindrbob responds:

Maybe you can help me make a better flash in a collab