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Jun 1, 2011 | 2:31 PM EDT

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Blastral is a danmaku "bullet hell" inspired shoot 'em up spanning over 4 levels with unique enemies and bosses.

Once again, thanks to all the people in the Newgrounds Audio portal for having such a wonderful collection of 8-bit gems.

The sound effects were made by HardPCM, http://hardpcmtechnologie and were downloaded from

Hope you enjoy the game!



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars June 1, 2011

GREAT! Save for one glaring problem...

There aren't any upgrades! There are no extra weapons, no bombs, no shooting at an angle or anything! Forgetting about something like that seriously detracts from gameplay.

That said, the graphics were pleasant, the menus were simple and intuitive, the music choice was fitting, and the sound was the same, but it'd be nicer for the control instructions to be more easily seeable, instead of having to squint to find and read it. All in all, everything but game itself was very agreeable.

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Rated 0 / 5 stars June 1, 2011


I sincerely doubt these designers have any clue about what made 8-Bit shooter games fun, because I sure as hell do. Two words: Learning Curve.

In "Blastral", which features sound effects ripped off from Metroid and an endless pit of chiptune music, you fly forth and try to shoot things that NEVER DIE, and then you get hit once AND DIE, and then you square off with a boss that DOES NOT DIE! And along the way, you collect green power-ups that do not have any visible effect on your survival, while dodging endless patterns of bullets while CONSTANTLY DYING!

It would have been a lot cooler if your weapons were actually effective. Battles against creatures take forever and there are no provisions of any kind worth mentioning. If your first try through the Easy setting got you killed multiple times over, the first thought is that your complaints toward the developers would get brushed aside, as if you just botched the controls (no option for left-handed maneuvering, which pissed me straight off) or weren't paying attention well enough. You would feel as though your intelligence just got insulted. Big time.

Such is the sentiment with all these Bullet Hell games. Few exceptions exist where you can sit back, relax, and only feel threatened during crucial moments, not ALL THE TIME, like this evil little departure. No. This is not a retro game. The games designed back then were designed to have some chance of selling, knowing that trade and consumer magazines would influence sales. If one of their reviews suggested that their game was frustrating to untold lengths from the very first level with no remorse or compensation, then the game WOULD NOT SELL! It would eventually garner a reputation as a Quarter Pit, and people would either pass by the game or pass by the venue. A similar effect occurs with console games today. That corresponds to another issue: if this was an actual coin-op, I would stop spitting quarters into the machine after the first game credit.

Having said that, do not think that this game is truly retro. It has retro window dressing, but the Bullet Hell concept is a modern variation of the top-down shooter. It entails creatures that are impossible to kill, that keep shooting in strange patterns where you have to concentrate solely on avoidance above offense. The only place where this sort of skill has any real application is along a South Cal freeway during rush hour, as the great Waleed Hawatky has said requires "weaving in and out of traffic like my name is Magic."

Which I will close, saying: any game that reminds me of rush hour traffic will be considered a chore, and chores are for preoccupying kids from anything they might consider actually fun. Don't give these creeps the chance to rob you of precious time.