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May 18, 2011 | 3:02 AM EDT
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  • Daily Feature May 19, 2011

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THIS IS A SATIRE. Captain Ig'nant represents the unfortunate hold of negative stereotypes placed upon the black community. I am black, most of the voices are black, and if you pass this off as "racist" and do attempt to understand the message, you are not doing any favor for the issues. This is meant to make people laugh yes but also point out the flaws in the current image of black America.

This is my animation for my junior thesis at the University of the Arts. And yes I got an 'A', haha, thank you Elliot Cowan.

Whenever a black person even THINKS about acting rationally, or dares to rise above stereotypes, your friendly hood-ass Captain Ignant is there to save the day! From African Americans getting shot for ridiculous reasons, to suburbanite black kids trying to be hood, Captain Ignant is there to keep black people the way they were "supposed" to be: IG'NANT!

Animated in Toon Boom Animate 2
Composited/Special Effects in Adobe After Effects CS5
Most voices recorded with Blue Yeti Microphone



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Top-notch ghetto parody!

What makes this even funnier is that the man who made this happens to be black. Chakra-X, it's been years since NG has had a ghetto parody, and a fucking hilarious one at that! What's next, a satire of Al Sharpton?

In terms of visuals, you did a great job at drawing and animating this; especially considering that the art style is much harder to animate than lets say, Woody Woodpecker. And the character expressions are excellent! It shows that you've come a long way since Darfur Satire Shorts (which I have in my favorite flash), and your Sonic the Hedgehog flash (that I haven't seen). When it comes to the music, clever use of Audio Portal rap/hip hop music, which almost always gets ignored aside from Shadowfox2. In addition, the voicework is excellent in every degree, but it could have used subtitles. Last, but not least, the content. As I said before, It's been years since there has been a ghetto flash, and this was comedy gold. The pacing and direction helped make every single stereotype joke, from racial slurs to teen pregnancy, into the laugh riot that it is.

What's Good:
-Really funny
-Great art and animation
-Fresh and original
-Excellent voice acting
-Magnificent music selection

What's bad:
-Could have used subtitles

Overall: Here's a ten from me, and maybe you ought to consider teaming up with JazLyte sometime.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

awesome amazing perfect

the animation is amazing,the topic as well,very good voice acting,5/5 10/10

as a comment to sacros below,it's good for you that you're fair enough to give it the rating it deserves,but you failed to get the point.the purpose of this flash is to fight against the black people stereotypes and all the people and situations that enforce's absolutely not racist and the dude that made it is propably black himself.check out his account and time be more carefull

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Rated 5 / 5 stars


HILARIOUS! I like your artwork, and I think the content was just down right funny. I think it could have been offensive to some people, but really, I think we all should just laugh about it. I give you a 10 for the courage to do it, and 5 for the good work. :)

And I agree with Master-Samus about the voice acting. It is a little difficult to understand what they're saying, but for the most part, I understood it. I think it was just the microphone clarity.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

university huh?

thats some fucked up racist shit for university, if your teach didnt told you to start from sratch im guessing your university is either crap or too republican

you should be ashamed of this crap, its like shouting out load you are a piece of shit of a person

not that i really care, you get a 10 cuz the animation rocks, luckily for you, i came here to watch your toon, im really really sorry for the ppl around you who must put up with you everyday though

no that ive took how much a fucking asshole undeserving of life you are then ill be fair with your animation and say it was awesomely done

Chakra-X responds:

lol satire can be like that


Rated 4 / 5 stars

That Was Great

Congratulations on your work. It was a great piece indeed.

I like how you portray things in their perspective, almost in a sarcastic mirror effect. That's a very clever and neat way of raising public awareness. + For that.

The sounds were nice, very well timed and toned. It could use a little improvement on voice sound. If you could amplify the low sounding voices a bit to match the other ones. I recommend a free editing software Audacity. The music was excellent and well themed in my opinion.

The art was good. The characters were well designed and portrayed but they kind of seemed compressed, making their outlines a bit sketchy or blurry. I believe this is because the characters were drawn much larger to add detail.

I enjoyed this episode enough to watch a series. So that means you're on the right path with this. Great job. Score 8/10

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