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May 6, 2011 | 8:01 PM EDT
  • Daily 3rd Place May 7, 2011

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This one took way too long.

Really getting into extended universe stuff here. So Trox, Xleek's boss, is angry because Xleek let two "ancient" humans on the Time Machine. (They're from the future, watch the first episode to get the whole story.) He hesitantly lets them stay, but Meredith comes in with two more primitive humans. THEY SHALL NOT STAY.



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But it needs to be longer. Making them so short makes you a tease for leaving us wanting more :(


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Sweethellimhorny- Devout religion does not necessarily dampen your growth of intelligence, but blindly following it without trying to find out why the religion has certain beliefs and practices is ignorance. Also, you must remember that in the time Meredith is from only nobles and priests were educated, and the people had to trust the priests to tell the Word of God infallibly.

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EVanimations responds:

still, i would like to think that her religion and the fact that she is uneducated is a direct double-whammy to her IQ.


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Love it!

Probably my favorite thing about this episode is that the relationship dynamics between the three follow closely that of a single-father family: Xleek is the exhausted father, Brian is the disrespectful teenager and Meredith is the ignorant and hyperactive four-year-old that never listens.

Also, the way Xleek and Brian talk about her makes her seem like a bother.

The reason I love this is because I've always believed that devout religion stunts the growth of inteligence, and Meredith just proves it, since she's, like, twenty-something and has about as much common sense as a toddler.

As for Brian, he gives off an air of confidence, arrogance and carelessness that makes it seem as if he believes none of this is actually real and is merely experiencing a very vivid dream and is doing outlandish things so he'll remember more of it when he wakes up.

Xleek more or less gives off an air that says "God only knows if I wasn't hopelessly desperate I would rather die than do this" but I think that in reality he is very excited about the possibilities he has, as he seems excited over the scientific prospects of having "two living fossils to study" and exhibits an educated vocabulary. Though he is generally displeased by his current surroundings, every now and then he's overwhelmed that the two stupid people he has to deal with are from over a million years in his own past. It would be like chatting up someone from Ancient Egypt times a million.

Trox, if I follow my previous metaphor, would be Xleek's landlord, constantly harassing him and demanding he do things he doesn't want to do or else he gets evicted.

The ape-people are, of course, strays that need to get the hell out of the house and for the lasst time I don't care how sad they look or how much they like you, Meredith, I don't actually own this place and the landlord says no animals of any kind!

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EVanimations responds:

you seem awesome.


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Love this series!

After watching the stylish and cool Beauty is Humanity, I found this amazing series! Geep up the good work, and I can't wait for more of this wildly funny crew!


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Hey Evan, Great Work.

It's an amusing perspective on the future, the primitive girl who doesn't understand science, a tech dude who just can't face facts and apparently is a real "dude" (Example of such: Haha, they look like little people but if little people were monkeys. OR the fact that he eats something he doesn't even know, but vaguely looks like a hotdog. Actually, I think it is one, a lab grown pig shaped as food. Nice.) Oh, and the "alien" who wanted them for company but is realizing they're a annoying handful. This is going to be funny.

And how would it be complete without a prejudiced boss? All humans look alike, so now he's ragging on the aliens. Seriously man, nice work, and take your time with the next. You said you make them because you like to, so take your time. That's what makes good animation.

But I probably shouldn't babble, just want to say you're doing a great job so far. I was attracted to this by the animation "Beauty Is Humanity", also good.

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