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Perfect Kirby 1.3

rated 4.11 / 5 stars
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Comedy - Parody

Credits & Info

Jul 13, 2002 | 12:42 AM EDT
  • Daily 3rd Place July 13, 2002

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  • Kirby
    Kirby People just love this little pink spud!

Author Comments

Episode 1.3

1.1, 1.2, & 1.3 are all the same story. Please, watch all 3 so it makes sence.


The final part of episode one. This one has the hilarious fight scene with so many twists and turns, you'll want to view it over and over again. Richie had a little bit too much fun animating the blood, it squirts and drips everywhere. So, if you're one of the 0.47% who hate animated blood and violence, watch yourself. Hope y'all enjoyed this episode as much as we enjoyed making it. Richie almost went insane trying to finish animating this series with me nagging him day and night. I know the first two episodes were not the greatest, but this movie is the best one and it makes up for a lot. It WILL get better. Ideas are welcome for the upcoming episodes, although we already have many of them planned out. I'd like to thank my buddy Andy for letting us use his voice at the last minute and I hope he likes this series, too. Work has begun on Episode 2. The pink puff ball will return.


This was kind of fun animating, and I had a good time with the blood, but some viewers might be a bit squimish. There's even one scene that I find a bit disgusting... But if you thought the last episodes were boring, well, um.... I hope this one ain't... I'm gonna make more episodes, and from what I've learned by animating this episode, the next one will be much better.
I was gonna make another game... Would any of you like to play pong? ...Kirby Style...? If enough of you respond, I'll make one.

John & Richie-

Episode 1.3.swf
Dim: 550x400 pixels
Fr Rate: 12.0 fr/sec
Size: 2811KB (2878504 B)
Duration: 7076fr (589.7s)
Preload: 703fr (58.6s)

We didn't equip 1.3 with a game, so in place of it, we made some buttons on the right and left of the preloader with pages to read whilst you wait.
Reviews would be helpful.




Rated 1 / 5 stars

err,, no...

heres a hint, next time just stick to what u have done, its good, ur fight scenes suck, im sry, but they were so stupid!


Rated 1 / 5 stars

Wow never laughed like that before...

Mainly because I didn't laugh at this at all! It sucked! All 3 Episodes sucked! I couldn't believe it. I never saw Kirby suck so much (no pun intended) it was horrible.


Rated 0 / 5 stars

What I think about 1.1 1.2 and 1.3

Why the hell do you guys like this shit so much?
You disapointed me. Since you had like a million good reviews I figured this might actually be cool, but it's not. It's boring and really predictable. You did a good job at drawing but other than that it sucked dong. Your sense of humor is really blantant. It's equivilant to that of Hana-Barbara's...
No! Actually I take that back. The Flinstones are more funny and more interesting that that piece o' turd. You had these long pauses and parts where just nothing interesting or important was happening. Like when Kirby gets a phone call... I was getting so fed up waiting for something to happen I wanted to hunt u down and kill you. The funniest part in the whole thing was the part with the Mario cameo but that didn't even put a smile on my face.
And you gave Kirby "ZERO" personality. He didn't show any sort of character through the whole thing and he barely even talked. You didn't even make up any origional characters of your own. Most everyone in the movies lacked any origional character.
Neil is the gayest and he must die. He walks like he's fucking dancing or something.
I never saw much relation between Kirby and perfect dark either. You used two elements from both of the two games. You used one of the guns from perfect dark and Kirby. You didn't use any perfect Dark characters or weapons and nothing else from any of the Kirby games. That might have helped you by some chance have turned this desperate cry for help into something I'd give a 1 instead of a 0.

You just aren't funny. You shouldn't ever make another flash movie again because you're an idiot with no sense of humor. You waisted my time really badly. For that, I hope you die.

!!WARNING!!: If you are about to load any of these, "DON'T!" You will regret it if you have any sort of comic intelligence. If you are 5 years old and think that a burp is funny go ahead and rot your brain over this.


Rated 0 / 5 stars


i just hate kirby plus i didn't like the animation much or the story line too


Rated 0 / 5 stars

Fucking timed out connection...

Christ, i have to write my fucking review AGAIN. As i wrote before, the daily five today SUCKS ASS. I blammed every single one, and you are no exception. Your graphics suck ass, you sound like you recorded your voice through a kazoo, and you have no sense of comic timing. It was just plain awful.