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Apr 20, 2011 | 9:39 PM EDT

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With so many people being stoked about medical marijuana as their cop-out to get high on formerly illegal drugs, it just comes to show how irresponsible people are about others' health, as well as their own as it is an ironic paradox of the smoking ban that has been coming into effect.

Just say NO To drugs, thats what I would say.

This video has been celebratory to 4/20/2011 because of people being stoked over that day.

Music: "House Party" by Laurent Lombard (courtesy of APM Music).



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mik3ymike - "Not a flash to start Also a lie. Nobody is trying to get to smoke. You dont have any friends to make the offer in the first place. Id say crippling loneliness and permanent virginity is your REAL anti drug."

I have nothing to say...this guy said it all


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dude you should try medical marijuana


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Smoke Weed Everyday

Of course I won't make you smoke weed, that would be a waste.

SamuraiClinton responds:

it would be a waste!


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Rating for your opinion

I do not agree with your opinion though, marihuana is not what many people think it is. Because many people grow up in places where blowers are frowned upon, they too start to frown upon these people. From my own experience i can tell you, that it is not what you think it is.

Marihuana is a soft drug, alcohol is a hard drug. I do not know if you drink, but if you do. It is quite hypocrite to say every drugs except the accepted ones are bad.

Each drug has its upsides, it's whether the user is informed or not about what he is taking that makes all the difference.

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