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Apr 18, 2011 | 2:11 AM EDT

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  • NG Game Jam 4
    NG Game Jam 4 Teams had a weekend to make games based on constraints.


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A Fowl End 5 Points Once you go green...
Skydiving 5 Points Who needs a parachute?
Blast Off! 10 Points An ending that's out of this world!
True End 10 Points That's what really happened?

Author Comments

**Note: Yes there is a lot of words. This is an INTERACTIVE VISUAL NOVEL. So reviews that say there is a lot of words, that shouldn't be a bad point, Take this for what it is, not what you expect it to be. Thanks.**

Created for Newgrounds Game Jam 4.

Team Mohawk Dairy!

Our handicap was that all graphics had to be created OUTSIDE of flash.
We went with a hand drawn and scanned, classic retro feel.

Everything was created in 72 hours.
The story was written in 72 hours.
The art was done in 72 hours.
the code was written in 72 hours.

Hope you enjoy.

Can you get All 4 endings?
True ending is the best.

(Click with mouse to continue in the game.)

EDIT: Oh my gosh! Front page? Wow. Thanks for your support everyone. We really appreciate it!

EDIT 2: PooPooTheGorilla syas to PM him if you can find the secret message in the Alien room, you may even get a prize!

EDIT 3: Wow! 10,000 views. Thanks for playing.



Rated 3 / 5 stars January 22, 2014

So were those people left trapped underground?


Rated 5 / 5 stars December 30, 2013

i found a plothole i geuss. How can the norm character still be alive after i shot him?


Rated 5 / 5 stars November 17, 2013

radioactive chicken murder...LOFMAO!!! -on with the story- the cat nammed mittins #imagens fluffy white cat#...AWWWWWWWWW!!! -on with the storry- house wipping its hair #hears sisters abnoctius singing#... WTF -on with the story- "walk down the walkway" instead try 'up the path'; 'treack to the house'; traveled twordes the house' these are some suggestions to help keep your writting from being confusing, repetitive, or just plane boring :):) -on with the story- really fat guy...#santa clause#...ROTFL -on with the story- very deep and dangeruse... GERONIMO!!!!!!!!!!!!! -on with the story- 2 seconds later. . . HOLY CR*P I GET A CHOSE!!!!!!!! :> . . . .!!!!!MEDAL GET!!!!! H*LL YEA!!!!!!!! -trying again- cant use a weapon. . . maby not legaly but i CAN and WILL physicaly :>:>:> -on with the story- arresten for murder. . . ROTFL wouldent be the first time!!! -on with the story- demonic ritual. . . HOLY CR*P I SHOLD CALL ALEX AND ASK IF IT WAS HIM!!!!! -on with the story- smells better. . .LOFMAO -on with the story- lifts statue. . .glowing chicken HOLY CRAP I WAS JUST WONDERING IF YOU MADE SOMETHIN ON THEM~WAIT WHY ARE YOU PEACKING ME NO NO OH GOD NO!!!!!!!!!!#dead# -trying again- Geriatric Skeletor... ???????? eh whatever - on with the story- mittens will never beleive me...WTF does this guy have no friends!!! any way on more ending and ill finnish the review:) -trying again(LAST TIME)- mitterns will never love me again...NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHY MITTENS!WHYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! TT^TT -on with the story- christmas past... demonds!!. . .VIKINGS...EVIL SMURFS!!!!!!!!!!!!!NOOOOO T^T my child hood -onwards- new papa smurf. . .CRAZY SMURF LORD!!!!! HOLY MOTHER F*CKING CR*P!!!!!!!!!!!!!! THE END OF THE WORLD!!!!!!!!!! -onward- #dead#....

that was mind blowing. . .the way you write is amazing you do what few people even relize: you wrote it in a way that quite litteraly shows the human thought prosess. which is: random images memorys thoughts emotion all wering about a million miles a secont. when things are written this way people get convused because they assume that there own thoughts are orderally and that every one elseas thoughts are; in all acualety its the opeset which is also shown in my above writting, i wrotte what i thought as i thought it. this is difficalt because most of our thoughta arent in the words that we use to comunicat so i did my best.

keep writing like this thoughs who understand it are on your level of intelledgents and are worth talking to; if they dont get it dont wast your time explaning it to them. IF they put the effort into figuring it out THEN there worth your time effort and stress,if they dont its there life.

to SomeGuy1294 shut the f*ck up you clearly dont understand even the most basic of human nature and therefor cant understand your OWN MIND let alone anothers!! so when you can PERFECTLY DESCRIBE AND UNDERSTAND humans thought prosses, emotions, and induvidualety THEN you can tell others they dont get it!!!


Rated 5 / 5 stars April 17, 2012

I was absorbed the entire time. An absolutely great game!


Rated 4 / 5 stars March 31, 2012

I thought this was a very witty and entertaining game. Some of the dialogue was so darkly humorous it made me break out in fits of geeky laughter, and I thought your style of writing created a strong mood for the game. The way the narrative was told in short, choppy sentences that were only seen one at a time said a lot about Marsh's terse, childish nature (at least that's how he came across to me).
If there is one comlaint to be had with the actual writing, then it would be the inconsistency in tense. It would start out in present tense, and then suddenly, sometimes even in the middle of a sentence, it'd switch to past tense and then back to present again, which for me severely hindered the impact of the story. I know that this was made in 72 hours and you were probably so busy with all the different storylines and drawings and progams that you didn't have time to check for errors in the writing, but the narrative is the main component of this game and I feel that accuracy in grammar and style should have been near the top of your list.
I think it was a nice idea to make this interactive and have multiple endings. I liked all of the funny-not-serious-in-any-way endings (the radioactive chciken still brings tears to my eyes), but my favorite was the true ending. Not only did it have some of the funniest lines in the whole game (I swear every time I'm goign to think of a Smurf for the next week I'm going to burst out laughing), it also left a lot of interesting and very,very...odd questions. Was everything up to the people chained to the wall a halucination? If another version of him was running around, how'd it get there? Where'd it come from? Another Universe? Did it really escape his mind? How could Marsh be that crazy in the head to have some evil demon crawl out of his ears without him noticing? Or was that guy just a crazy freako who thought he was Marsh's doppelganger but really wasn't? Was anyting accomplished by Marsh's imprmptu sucicie? Although the ending was really funny and witty, I feel like there were just too many questions left hanging to be a satisfying "true" ending. It tried half-heartedly to be serious but just ended up being too comical to be taken seriously. Maybe next time you make a game you can try for a more consistent mood at the end and something that still satifys at least some of the player's questions.
All-in-all, this is a really great game for something made in 72 hours. The story was funny, clever, interesting, and well-developed. The writing conveyed a strong tone and mood. The dialague was funny as heck and the endings were witty as well. It was a cute and darkly witty way to pass the time. Keep on making and improving :)

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