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Apr 16, 2011 | 12:04 PM EDT
  • Daily Feature April 17, 2011
  • Weekly 5th Place April 19, 2011

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How 'bout 2 days? 10 Points Beat the game with only a few hours wasted.
Saw that coming 25 Points Beat the game without wasting a single hour.

Author Comments

A call to all our fans! Our latest game has been announced!

Our newest game is called Rogue Legacy, a procedurally-generated Castlevania with an in-depth heritage system. super proud of it, but right now we need your help to get it on Steam.

If enjoyed the games made in the past, it would mean the world to us if you could visit the page below, and give us a vote on Greenlight. /sharedfiles/filedetails/


UPDATE: Many thanks to DiMono for pointing out a bug in achieving one of the medals. A new version has been uploaded that hopefully fixes this issue.

From the makers of 'Don't Shit Your Pants' comes a new point-and-click adventure game. You have 1 day to solve the mystery of your current situation, and save the kingdom from utter frog-struction. Distinct time mechanics and multiple endings extends playability and gives this game a unique twist.


- Point and click with your mouse to interact.
- To use items in your inventory, click on the item and click on what you would like to use it on.
- To fast forward time, click on the clock.
- To revert to previous hours, open the logbook and click the log header.
- Make sure to read your logbook to keep track of your current goals, and for hints on your performance.
- This game autosaves your progress.



Rated 5 / 5 stars

Best Ending Walkthrough

Time - 0:00

1. pick up the mop and dunk it in the pot
2. click on loose brick and use mop to remove it
3. dampen the dirt with wet mop and dig your way out

Time - 1:00

1. Pick up scarecrow, take off its clothes and wear your new clothes
2. get back in your cell, place scarecrow on the bed and leave through hole
3. pick up onion and exit the prison
4. Travel to town

Time - 3:00

*Prison Guard leaves*
1. use mop on fountain
2. do either work (they both take 1 hour)

Time - 4:00

1. *Job done, earn gold*
2. Traveled back to jail

Time - 6:00

1. Use maindoor and Pick up your stuff (clothes, 50G and Arrowhead)
2. Retrieve Scarecrow from bed
3. Traveled to Magic Shop

Time - 7:00

*shop opens*
1. Talk to wizard and get canteen
2. Give Wizard mop(WATER), Arrow head (BLOOD) and 100 Gold
3. Go to swamp

Time - 9:00

1. Solve riddle by clicking on yellow wizard
2. Solve puzzle by choosing:
You and Red > Go to island
You > Return to mainland
Yellow and Blue > Go to island
Red > Return to Mainland
You and Red > Go to mainland

Time - 12:00

1. Use scarecrow on dead body
2. use canteen or mop to get dragon pee and use it on self/ wear your scarecrow clothes and use it on yourself
3. use onion on dragon and get dragon tears
4. Travel to Magic shop

Time - 14:00

*cure partially complete*
1. Give Dragon tears to wizard
2. Travel to town

Time - 16:00

1. Press mute button
2. do more work to earn gold

Time - 17:00

1. *job done, earn gold*
2. Travel to Magic shop

Time - 19:00
*cure 100% complete*
1. Get magic wand (cure)
2. buy haste scroll for 100G
3. Travel to Inner gate

Time - 20:00

1. sped clock using haste scroll
2. traveled to castle

Time - 21:00

1. use wand on black wizard
2. use wand on prince
3. ???


Special thanks to: BoyangHuang - for 2nd best ending guide

Giving the game 10/10 and 5/5

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

good job

this kinda reminds me of monkey island


Rated 5 / 5 stars


I like this game a lot. There are many different angles to the game, and things you have to think about before doing as they have consequences later... well done.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

A walkthrough for the 2nd best ending


1. grab mop, dip it in the chamber pot
2. click the loose brick, use the mop as a lever
3. use damp mop on dirt, climb through hole
4. grab scarecrow and onion
5. go back into jail cell via the hole, and put the scarecrow in the bed
6. wait 2 hours (here's the iffy part. I can't figure out how to get out of the prison faster.
7. guard will be like pshhhh and leave
8. grab your bag, put on your clothes, and go back into the cell to grab your scarecrow
9. go to town hall, do one of the jobs, and dip your mop in the water
10. go to wizard place and talk to the wizard. proceed to give him the arrowhead, water from the mop, and money,
11. go to dragon's den. the answer to the first riddle is the yellow guy, and the second riddle is as follows: first take your guy and red. your guy returns. then take yellow and blue, and red returns. then have you and red go. that will, it will only take 3 hours.
12. in the dragon's den, use your scarecrow on the dead body, and then use your onion on the dragon.
13. use your canteen on the litter box and then use the dragon pee on yourself.
14. exit the cave and return to the wizard. give him the ingredients.
15. go to the town square and complete the other job. the lady will ask you to mute the town crier: just click the mute button.
16. go back to wizard. buy one of the speed scrolls and get the wand.
17. go to the outer wall and cast the speed spell on the clock. then talk to the guard and enter.
18. after the cutscene, use the wand on the wizard twice.
Hope this helps!

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

Huzzah for the King!

An excellent game, with so many options for retrial and evaluation. I have to say, the correct path has to be the most ingenious idea I've ever seen. I had no idea how to get the items required and of course it was because I had made a fatal error previously. Such a clever game!

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