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SS - Thoughts

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Apr 11, 2011 | 2:03 PM EDT
  • Daily 5th Place April 12, 2011

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-Please help me share this video-

In Lesson 1, Patchman begins your journey into the unknown with the basics. Thoughts, Emotions, and the power that they bestow upon you when you understand how to use them.

I'm planning on making this into a weekly series (I did this in 1 week), but for the next 2 or 3 weeks or so I'm going to be a bit tied up, so lesson 2 and onwards should hit the web around the end of the month.

I also want to focus my time on this and exploring this topic, so I'm interested in finding a sponsor or something like that to help spread and share the videos further.



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I wish the voice wasn't annoying, but good job! I love how you introduced conciousness into your animation. You actually really helped me out when I was younger, thank you so much for making this. You helped me steer my growth the right way. THanks mr jordan B


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I saw a video in this series show up on the front page of newgrounds a while ago. I thought to myself, "this sounds incredibly stupid" and I passed it by. I just came across the series again and decided to give it a try, I'm sad to say that I feel my fears have been confirmed. There are so many instances in this video where an event that could be explained very simply and logically is explained with very fantastical ideas. (knowing what a person will say before they say it is being "psychic" rather than you just knowing how the person thinks and seeing where their line of thought is progressing).

One of the big ideas of the video is that your thoughts are able to change the world around but the way that that's explained is nonsensical. Having a bright attitude in the morning doesn't make your day better and having a gloomy attitude doesn't make your day worse, what your attitude does is change how you perceive your day. An event such as, "getting splashed with water" will seem awful if you're miserable and "slightly bad" If you're happy when a friend gives you some of his fries it will feel like a pleasant surprise but if you're sad then you may be thinking about how those fries are unhealthy rather than about how you're receiving a gift. There are all of these simple explanations that don't contradict science in any way but they're ignored in favor of more fantastical sounding explanations.

I think that it is a shame that the word "science" is attached to the title of this video. The thing about science is you can't just pick one of several explanations for why something happens and just go with it. You perform tests and, most importantly, when you perform these tests you do it with the intent to "find the truth" not to "prove your theory."

The thing that really makes me sad is the one time that a reference was made to any outside source in the video it was something I was able to find evidence to the contrary of in minutes. Masaru Emoto is not a scientist, his experiments are open to so many outside influences, the photographers choosing which photos they want to present is just one example. He also knows which sample of water is distilled and which isn't which means that his bias can easily influence how he looks at the test results. I could go on but if you just google the name Masaru Emoto and look for a few minutes you can easily find a number of sources that debunk his ideas.

But the kicker? He makes a killing off of selling his "structured water." You don't even have to spend time pondering what his motivation might be, quick easy money is the incentive for spreading these lies.

Something I've noticed about pretty much all examples of "New Age" science is that they always seem to be so darn positive. All of the supposed truths that are revealed are things that make you happy about yourself. There never seem to be any unpleasant or startling truths, things that you wish weren't true but are, because the people who are talking about them are just saying what people want to hear.

Real science often tells us things that we don't want to hear and in order to make us believe them it can't rely on our emotions, it has to use cold hard evidence to convince us of its validity. I can agree with the emotions behind this video, the positive message it gives of having a positive attitude in life and believing in oneself but I don't like the logic or lack-thereof in it.

You don't need made up science like this to see that the world is an amazing place. This video doesn't make me angry so much as disappointed, disappointed that there are people out there who feel the need to make up a more interesting reality than what actually is. The universe is such a fascinating and beautiful place in truth, you don't need to tell yourself lies about how it works, the truth is just as amazing if not moreso.

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I don't believe in this, but I prefer this to other religions, as long as you don't have a hidden version of Xenu.

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You sound like Stan and Kyle from South Park.

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Don't be judgemental

Says I Huh? :P

Well anyhow. I recently watched this video again and I noticed the part where you mentioned the kind of intuition that tells you what people have to say before they actually say it, and the whole shared connection with loved one. There's a word for that it's called empathy.

Empathy is something most people take for granted actually. It is the ability to "sense" other peoples thoughts through the mostly non-verbal communication from person to person and is actually something that comes from our brains rather than our spirits.

Sadly though, not all people have this ability and are often misunderstood because of it. Most people see empathy and sympathy as pretty much the same thing, but in reality one does not necessarily follow the other. If you take it to an extreme degree one person could have an abundance of sympathy, being kind and well meaning to the whole world, but have no empathy whatsoever, making it impossible for him to actually respond to anyone, because he can't "read" the signals coming from other people. Another could have no sympathy at all, making him incapable of feeling anything for anyone, but at the same time have a high degree of empathy, making him able to use this against his fellow man as a weapon seeing as he has no sympathy and therefore no real morals.
Only when sympathy and empathy are both found will one be able to actually do good.

Also what has that poor man in that photo done to you? You'd look evil too if you were caught from that angle.

So to answer your questions. No, I have never felt a shared connection with a loved one and no I've never known what someone was going to say before they did it, and no peoples actions determine whether I percieve them as good or bad.

And about the whole thing about our thoughts being part of some big "pool" of thoughts. I don't really buy it, to some of us it might seem that way sometimes because communication is so complex. I don't quite understand communication myself, but it does work. Most of it just happens on a very subconcious level for most of us, and it involves an awful lot of body language. Some time ago I heard a presentation from an expert in body language and you wouldn't believe how much we tell each other with our bodies, of course mostly facial expressions. In neuro typical people 80 percent of communication go through other means than speech. Amazing isn't it?

And that doesn't mean that people who can't TAP INTO the thought pool have no soul or something. At least to me that sounds prepostorous. I understand that for the sake of the simplistic argument, one can't include every detail, but it bothers me that those less fortunate were left out.

Imagine how much better the world would be if people stopped using all these confusing kinds of communication and just talked.

With that said, I suppose it makes sense that you have your own ideas, but for the love of god don't loose sight of the people. People are more important than ideas and thoughts and you should always accept and love them, even if they don't abide by the rules of your own thoughts. God knows I wouldn't have a friend in the world if they all had to agree with my crazy thoughts :o)

It's kinda sad when you think about it actually. I hope that doesn't mean none of us have any friends at all and we're all alone in a putrid universe where everything only accepts the cheap facades you put on and not the real you not ever :o(