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Apr 11, 2011 | 2:03 PM EDT
  • Daily 5th Place April 12, 2011

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-Please help me share this video-

In Lesson 1, Patchman begins your journey into the unknown with the basics. Thoughts, Emotions, and the power that they bestow upon you when you understand how to use them.

I'm planning on making this into a weekly series (I did this in 1 week), but for the next 2 or 3 weeks or so I'm going to be a bit tied up, so lesson 2 and onwards should hit the web around the end of the month.

I also want to focus my time on this and exploring this topic, so I'm interested in finding a sponsor or something like that to help spread and share the videos further.



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This isn't true though.

Yes, I've had times in my life where I thought I knew what another person was going to say, and I ended up being right. But I've also had times where I thought I knew what another person was going to say and ended up being wrong. Sure, I've had bad days where I started off thinking they would be bad, but I've also had good days start off with me thinking they would be bad. On a personal level, I haven't experienced anything that sounds like what you're talking about.

On a physical level, you're speaking nonsense. You don't need to make up some weird and abstract thought world, because scientists have a reasonable idea of how thoughts work in the mind. Thoughts are electrical signals passing through the brain--that's what scientists are measuring with those machines. These signals have no impact on the outside world beyond a very slight electromagnetic field change. There is no plausible physical mechanism for how such a tiny change could do anything serious to the outside world. What you're describing is physically impossible.

Scientists know what causes disease; we know how viruses and bacteria interact with the human body by doing things like infecting and damaging tissue, or releasing toxins inside us. We even know the precise physical reasons why our immune systems sometimes fail to catch viruses and bacteria; no, it's not because we feel depressed, it's because the viruses use chemical signals to mask their presence, or because the antibodies are the wrong shape to mark them, or any number of other reasons.

To say that people who suffer sickness are to blame for their disease is simply NOT TRUE, no matter how heartening it may be to believe that thinking positive will keep you from catching a cold.


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whats with the flower of life on your podium?

deep i like this video thoughts are a complicated process

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Amazingly good AND truth!

I've been like the boy who got bullied for 9 years (not in a physical, but emotional way) when i changed school this year, i changed my attitude and started being optimistic, happy, etc etc. now im incredibly good, lots of friends blah blah. the concept of spirit anc mind-connecting is interesting, for i have read "The Secret" as well, will keep watching your videos!


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Excellently Done.

Great!. Where did you learn this stuff?


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So painful my mind attempted to shut itself off to avoid a mental breakdown. Seriously, a long rusted nail ran across the blackboard in my head!

I won't discuss the soul, mind, body, and all skepticism with the people I assume are crack pots. Hell, on certain vague concepts I agree. The problem is this "Law of Attraction." Certain aspects as in thinking an action perform the action is somewhat correct. However the rest is oversimplified. Belief, or thought, does not conclude all actions from said thought will be correct. Two people can have contradicting thoughts, and yet only one will be correct. If the person who failed at their own fault? No, it means said action was either incorrect, unlucky, or just a bad conclusion. Thoughts do lead to action, but it does not mean all actions are successful.

As stated, I won't argue what is a spirit. I some what believe in one. However the conclusion here is right the right path...People should take personal responsibility. It does not mean all thoughts are correct.

The graphics were decent, and understanding the main argument is easy. Shame I don't agree with a lick of it.