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Mar 31, 2011 | 8:47 AM EDT
  • Daily 2nd Place April 1, 2011

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This game was a labor of love. When I was a kid I used to play all of these text adventures and I really enjoyed them. So I wanted to make one myself, and I did. I also filled it full of colorful art to help keep it interesting. I know not everyone is going to like this, and I don't care. I made it for fun and if just a few people enjoy it then it was all worth it. Thanks guys, stay cool.

Notes ----------
The game autosaves any time you enter a new room, so don't worry about saving
Melee combat is automatic, just like in the old days of text games and muds. Spells however must be manually cast by the player.
If you find a relic, you can equip/dequip them under 'Equipment'
There are five Relics in the game.



Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Pretty good. Even though it's still and RPG/adventure, it feels different. A bit repetitive at times.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

I love it!

Wish the game was a bit longer and that there is a list of monster and their information backgrounds.

Also I kick the last boss ass but the rare monster call Dust Dragon kick my ass entirely since I barely manage to hit it even with 32 dex. The hell >.>


Rated 5 / 5 stars

i liked it

yeah it was kinda linear, but hey still very entertaining, like many people said, the art was really great, quite creative monster design!
To all the whining about the stats: I started leveling with an emphasis on luck, dexterity and strength,i never had any prolems to defeat a foe, when I realized that some fiends still kill me i gathered some money, bought some gear and became invicible. I must admit i missed some riddles or puzzles too but not too much.
Only thing that was worth changin imo was the relic that gives you a bonus to gold, when defeating monsters might have been placed a bit earlier in the game so that oe could buy more gear, i just wanted to see if there was an end to weapons and armor.
One last note: I neither bought nor used ONE potion in the game maybe it was the character, i dont know but I personally think you could hav left them out completely.
Thanks for the fun and the entertainment.

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

very nice and great time spender

Immediately got taken by the story and really felt a part of it. It's a nice easy game if you've got some hours to spend, and well spend they are. btw: great artwork.

Just be careful NOT to click 'continuo' to fast after beating a creature for you will receive XP!


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Not feeling it

The art goes a long way in making this game look nice, and at the beginning I was expecting quite a bit. Unfortunately I'm compelled to finish this more out of spite than enjoyment.

There is pretty much no way for me to level fast enough to make this game worthwhile, as the end of the game demands rather high stats, but no reliable way to level faster than a slow crawl. It wouldn't be so bad: but you only get 3 skill points no matter what level you've reached, and no matter who you are Dexterity is the all consuming stat.

In order to simply hit anything ever in the second half of the game you'll need to put every single level you get into Dexterity, stunting your growth as far as damage output to only what you can glean through the shop. That shop which is identical in each location: you can't even be selective about. In order to go anywhere equipment wise you have to literally buy out every single piece one by one, and each isn't necessarily an upgrade from the last, sometimes forcing you to take a hit to your equipment and waste money just to increase future prospects which you will then be also forced to buy if you wish for anything better. You can kind of skirt this by shoehorning in some luck and using the whetting stone, but it's still slow go. The advice tooltip upon death tells me not to put too much in one stat: and yet even at 25 dexterity, my highest stat, I cannot hit a Dust Dragon even once. I don't know how many levels you expected people to have grinded through to this point: but without giving more than 3 levels, you just drain it all into dexterity if you want even a slight chance. Intelligence is also only useful for the basic heal ability: after that you're wasting your potential health which you'll need since you still don't have enough skill points to put into vitality by the time you reach the Cultists.

Oh, and I also didn't enjoy how the encounters always happened at a certain square each and every time through an area. It really takes away from the game when I die: respawn, and walk though the path again knowing exactly when and where I'll be stopped by an exact amount of monsters on my way.

It was a nice try, it really was. The art and the engine structure for the game work great. But the game itself needed some major tweaks in order for me to call this genuinely fun rather than tasking.

PS: You probably want to at least bump up this rating to Mature if you're going to have topless Pixies as an enemy.

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