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Mar 30, 2011 | 3:06 PM EDT
  • Daily 2nd Place March 31, 2011
  • Weekly 3rd Place April 6, 2011

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Previously a top ten action app on the android marketplace (got suspended) with over 100k downloads! 4.8/5 rating with over 2,000 ratings!

When a pack of wild Rattata attack Professor Oak's lab, it is up to you to stop them. Set out on your own Pokemon journey, to catch and train all pokemon and try to solve the mystery behind these attacks. Featuring the original 151 pokemon!

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Capture the enemy Pokemon and add them to your team.
Level up your team and bring them into battle.
Classic Tower defense gameplay.
A wild and crazy story that takes you all around the kanto region.
Pokemon will learn moves and EVOLVE just like the real game!
Level all the way to 100!

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

fun while it lasted I guess

I don't actually recall how I normally write reviews, but I'm gonna make this quick: this is a decent game; the concept is a bit of a stretch, but its adequate (for the moment).

Now to get in depth (I think). The format is old, overused, and ridiculously tedious for some. This game's addictiveness is due to nostalgia, as most people who would play this would be old enough to know the generation of pokemon you're using (the first one). It's pretty fun, until you run out of things to do and realize that its just another boring tower defense game with pokemon wallpaper wrapped all around it.

uh....normally I would go over pros and cons, but the pros are obvious: it's fucking pokemon. the cons: It's a fucking tower defense and its story is fucking INCOMPLETE. I guess I could mention that the story is quite amusing, although I wish that my character would show up on screen and not be a ghost; I'm not entirely sure whether or not people are alone or if my character is around them.....maybe you should make a joke about that. that would be funny.

I would list the pros and cons here again, but I'm lazy right now

barely a 7/10 for decent game (with a twist). would be a 6/10 but it has fucking pokemon. that deserves a bonus point.

personal note: I am incredibly disappointed that some pokemon did not evolve at level 20; I leveld all my pokemon to around ther e(except butterfree and beedrill; they were 17-18). although I did like Raticate.

Get a nickname button. that would be nice......I'm going now....

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

IM realli good at this

i use Squirtle Pikachu Pidgey Butterfree Beedrill and rattata


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Awesome Game!

This game is pure genius, kudos! Oh, and Route 3 doesn't give you money because it's a "free roam" level. It's basically just for leveling up and catching Pokemon.

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

lvl 6 no money

you dont get money on the new lvl other than that good job on the new level


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I like it enough, but the pacing is pretty bad.

The game itself is a very fun take on the genre, there's no doubt, but the pacing feels pretty terrible to me. Viridian Forest, mostly due to the high base HP and incredibly fast pikachu at the end, along with the massive numbers of high defense bug types at a time you don't have many special attacks, is massively more difficult than the missions before it.

Even further, despite the huge difficulty jump there, the next mission with catchable pokemon has them ranging from levels 4 to 7 at the point your pokemon are likely level 12+ at minimum; while I'm not saying I expect to catch stronger pokemon, the fact that my first "use this mission to level up and catch stuff" mission involves pokemon who are too weak to reasonably put into my party or help my current pokemon levelup.

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