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Sonic: PHX Episode 6

rated 1.51 / 5 stars
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Mar 30, 2011 | 6:22 AM EDT

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Author Comments

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Ok, so... Here`s episode 6 of Power Hunters X, with many thrilling moments, and just as much action.
And i have a request. In order to follow the story, you MUST see the previous episodes.
Or if not, because i want to get as many views as possible.
So, i will be most grateful if you do respect this request.
And also, enjoy, rate, review and thanks for everything!
Oh, right... And also:
DO NOT, i say DO NOT judge me just because i used a Sonic robot similar to Mecha Sonic (It`s not just recoloured) from SMBZ. I couldn`t find another Hedgehog Robot sprite like these, and i had no other choice!



Rated 5 / 5 stars

omg sonic looks cool o=i that new dark form coool


Rated 3 / 5 stars


Not my favorite of your series, but let me explain. The fight was okay, but it was mostly consisted of either A) beam charging or B) super fast colliding. Considering the sheer power on display, you had a huge chance to make it really crazy, like blow up parts of the background, or throw some of them through some walls. Ya know, I'm kinda a minimalist, so I don't like it when everyone has 15 glowing auras and 27 spark effects. It just looks kinda messy. Now, the Ultima beatdown was much better, it was nice and fast with only a few charging/beam effects.

Right, plot. Better writing this time! Sonic goes a little angsty, but hey, can ya blame him? I personally don't think Sonic would choose to just look the other way and let Kai (and friends) have to deal with it, but who knows? Maybe Apocalypse Form (I like the sound of that) has some negative side effects. Oh, and you killed Shadow! Now I feel better about Tails. Never liked Shadow. Totally had it coming. The jerk.

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Exorz responds:

Yea, i did wanted to make them collide often. And i preferred the first fight, the second was laggy and the hit effects were shitty.
Dark Evil or Apocalypse, yes. That has nothing to do with that. Sonic himself felt sore and sad because of his friends` loss. How did YOU feel when Tails died??? Same with Sonic. Also, yea, i did wanted to kill Shadow... You know those are the two characters (besides Sonic) that are adored here on NG. And i did want to make shocking parts.

So, yea, thanks for commenting.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

well done as usual

loved the episode. not bored for a single second lol

Exorz responds:

Cool. Thanks dude!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

the last episode

the last episode aww i was really good

Exorz responds:

Thanks dude.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

If this was real

Dark Sonic and Kai would have won easily.

Exorz responds:

Heh, not quite. I`ll explain why.
Take the Normal Sonic and Normal Shadow for instance. They are kinda evenly matched... But always Shadow has had the upper hand of because how much WE paid attention to his personality...
Now let`s compare it here.
The normal Kai has just as much power as Knuckles, however, when he got the Thunder Orb, he transformed into Volt Kai thus making him as strong as Super Sonic.
Now, Sonic transformed Dark, and then he transformed Dark Evil (Or Apocalypse Sonic) due to his anger about seeing the death of his best friend. I mean it wasnt enough going dark... Tails was his strongest bond to be honest.
And he is just as strong as Chaos Shadow (or Hexius) or even weaker since Shadow has had the upper hand... and transforming him Chaos is just as much as Apocalypse transformation of Sonic`s...
Then, Robotnix (Or Roblox) the hedgehog, which Dr. Eggman had transformed into him. He has had just as much power as both Sonic and Shadow`s...
So, they were lucky to survive against them...
So here is what you do need. You really, REALLY need to pay attention not to only the heroes but to the enemies as well. We cant underestimate them just because Sonic went Dark and Apocalypse.
Thanks for reviewing and im glad if you do understand the situation now.