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Pirate vs Ninjas

rated 2.73 / 5 stars
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Mar 29, 2011 | 4:41 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Move using the number pad (with numlock on), you can use all the 9 number keys, this means you can go diagonal to, or hit 5 and sit where you are. You can also use the arrow keys if you wish.
Spacebar teleports you out of a bad situation (but be careful, it may put you in another bad situation), you have a limited amount so use them wisely.

To kill the ninjas make them crash into eachother which will kill them both and create a "Dead Square", other ninjas who hit a dead square also die.

Once all ninjas are dead, you go to the next level.
If the ninjas get you, you go to the previous level.

My second game, although my first was a small project almost a decade ago.
It's based on a game I used to play years ago called Robots, which is a simple game for DOS/Windows from the 90s.

Your basic objective is to kill all the ninjas, unfortunately their to quick for your cutlass! I guess you'll just have to be a bit smarter than them.



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I got a soft spot for this kind of game

I have to admit, this might not be to complex or anything, it might look like ass, and yes I have no god damn idea why a pirate knows how to teleport and ninjas are dumb enough to run into each other and kill each other or even how a blood spot is instantly lethal to large groups of the bastards but I do know that I have spent the last half hour playing this game and that has to say something that probably only took a half hour to make.

y3llow responds:

Why thankyou sir. I've got to say basically everything in there I just threw in because something had to be there. All I really worried about was getting the addictive, logical gameplay that I always loved. I'm glad you found it entertaining.


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars


Nice game, I like it!

Though it took me some mindless spacebar mashing to figure out how they actually died, lol.

Might want to say that somewhere :)

y3llow responds:

Haha thanks.

During testing alot of people were confused about how to play.
Initially I thought it was part of the fun to figure out how to kill them, and fairly easy to pick up the logic of it. It seems I had overestimated how simple the game was (I've been playing Robots for nearly 10 years).
In the controls menu at the start I added the part about dead squares did you see that? If so then it must not be enough lol.

EDIT: Whoa I just realised for some reason the controls pop up has reverted back to an old one, this may be the wrong version, uhoh.


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


It's a bit like an inferior version of Popcap's Seven Seas, except you have absolutely no "fire" option. This leads to a lot of impossible situations in which you're caught with little options and run out of teleports.

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y3llow responds:

I haven't played Seven Seas, but it doesn't surprise me that this game has been done before.
A "fire" option and any other things that could be added (I've thought of alot) weren't included in this because it was one of my first projects, so my design was for the gameplay to be a very close clone of Robots.
I have alot of ideas that I will put into a second version in the future.
I'll also check out Seven Seas, if that's close to what I'm aiming for a second version may not be needed.

After playing the game a bit and becoming good at it I found it very easy to finish 99% of levels with plenty of teleports remaining. If you find yourself in an impossible situation it means you've run out of teleports to soon, which means you either didn't play as efficiently as possible or you got really unlucky with where the teleports dropped you.

Thanks for the review man!