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Shinobi Noir- Prologue

rated 3.54 / 5 stars
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Mar 26, 2011 | 9:24 PM EDT

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Author Comments

Ugh....i don't know what to say. I was bored. I was depressed. I made something boring and depressing. This is just like a concept video....or maybe not. Think of it like the Prologue to a story. I wanted to keep this really short and sweet and mysterious and all that jazz.

Synopsis- WAAY wayy back in Japan before it became a radioactive hell-hole there was a ninja/shinobi/kunoichi named Amari- She was in service to a lord and went around killing folks in a teen angst melodrama way. The blood flowed...and years later maybe Quentin taratino would be pleased with her work



Rated 5 / 5 stars


Not boring at all. Thats great work. :D


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Can't wait to see more!

This is the first time I've seen a series that doesn't completely rely on the use of Flash. I think I'm going to invest some money in a better microphone, because only Kelz deserves the best!



Rated 4 / 5 stars

Pretty awesome!

It loops though. I have to agree with everything that everyone else has already said... The voice sync was bad, (like when she chops off his hand he screams, but his mouth isn't open). The voices are good, but there's no background music... its rather odd and too silent, so the people just talk and it doesn't sound normal.
The backgrounds were pretty cool, the drawings too, until ... but sometimes the motions (in drawings) just don't look life like, there are too many examples, but like when she draws the sword for the first time, you can see that the hand is odd at the bottom, or when the 1st man falls down, but the motion looks good, like when the man is shaking to draw his sword and such.
Anyway, good job. The story was good, and not badly presented. I liked the way you explained everything at the end. Good job.

Kel-chan responds:

thanks - i'm still not very good at animation- i've only started animating in december of 2010 so i'm trying to figure out how things work


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

good try

hey. it was a good attempt. consist some good animation. what really bothers me is the tempo. there's juz too much empty/silent moment that make the animation looks amateur instead of dramatic or 'depress' as u stated.

good try.


Rated 4 / 5 stars

Good movie.

This is a good movie, characters are very anime-like and story is... misterious. You need to improve some things like animation and lip-sync. Also that the drawning is... Kinda lame.

Overall, is good and of course I'll give it a great vote and rating. But hope next chapter has more work.

Kel-chan responds:

the whole thing was an experiment- can you elaborate on what you didnt like in the drawing so i can fix it

it stinks since i have to draw everything with the mouse since i dont have a tablet