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Mar 17, 2011 | 1:11 AM EDT

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the game starts alil slow but after the third weapon you'll get the groove.

A quick mini game, which was inspired by a RobotDay audio submission of the same name that was lost in the cracks for the past year.
Frosted took some time out to finish it up and get it out. yay!
[<-----Download the full song, you're only hearing short loops in the game, the songs pretty awesome]


Aim=Up,Down arrows
A= Special attack
Combos build up your special meter

You can block missiles ,but not machine-gun fire,and even though machine-gun fire is weak it does widdle at your energy. So at low health you have to decide whether to keep a smaller enemy on screen to set up for a high scoring combo, or to wipe them out on the spot to keep functioning.

A very Kind review by Snipahar! /03/17/heavy-terror-machi ne-kongregate-helpers-off icial-review/



Rated 3 / 5 stars

It's nice, but...

The health bonus give far too little life compared to what one loses during the game. Another issue is that the upgrades really felt like they made little to no difference, and upgrades is something I'm very into. On the other hand, I had no issue with lots of enemies popping up, just that it felt like the mech wasn't made from a very durable allow ;)
I did enjoy the artwork, as well the combos, but I felt like there should be a few more sfx going around, I like listening guns firing AND hitting the target :)

Overall an enjoyable game, though some refinement could be done.

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Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


not such a good game, need some more stuff and more killer upgrades and the guns on the robot sucks! i mean the the game is slow, the robot is slow.
when i played the game i didnt know if i actually was firing something at them foes.
i got 3 guns by defeating some kind of fyling military shit and it didnt feel like it changed much. nway if you think this game does not sucks, well it must be pretty average.


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


Wasn't special or anything, but it's decent enough. Got bored by the third weapon upgrade, but kept going until the plane boss, just to give it a chance. Great concept, and a wonderful try, but it's just too simple and linear for my tastes.


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars


Cool Art , but i dunno , I didnt like it


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Decent start:

Graphics are good :)
Sound is good :)
Mechanics are good :)

..gameplay...not so much.

You can't control your speed or movement in any way...just your aim. There's no penalty for holding the button to shoot so there's no reason to ever NOT be shooting. There are no accuracy bonuses, no charging up of your weapons, no reloading, overheating, nothing whatsoever...which is, in itself fine.....except that combined with everything else that also wasn't present in this game, it's kind of pointless.

I kind of get what you were going for by only having the shield block missiles....the idea of ch..oosing between your combos and your health..but really, the special attack really didn't seem all that useful to me at any point. I looked call and all, but that's about it.

No concept of upgrades, really... you get more weapons but they're given to you arbitrarily, not chosen or earned and since the enemies get more difficult as you go along...the weapons just offset the harder enemies so...not much has really changed.

All of the makings for a decent game are here, they really are. So far as playability though, it's just extremely limited with no choices of any kind and no sense of accomplishment whatsoever.

Keep at it though...I look forward to seeing Heavy Terror Machine 2: The NIGHTMARE ;) (or something)

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