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Mar 13, 2011 | 10:47 PM EDT

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18+ Adults Only!

Hail to thee, Sexy Adventurer! Aching Dreams 2nd Session is a Hentai Fantasy based Dating Sim.
All of the art is completely original, with loads of hard work invested in the story and characters.

Travel to Ancient Serenia, date the women, train your stats at the guild hall, and buy new weapons at the shop. Immerse yourself in a five hour plot heavy game!

The success of Aching Dreams 1 has prompted us to make a pay for sequel. AD2 is NOT a free flash game, but there's a lot of free stuff to enjoy! Jeanne's story is free. You can buy the rest of the game for 10$.

EDIT: AD3 is in production. Check it out at



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

I did not expect to to find a web browser based game that could hook me for as many hours as this game has. It has a pretty well thought out story, provides good laughs, and good H scenes.

While the character sprites may be two dimensional, the characters themselves show more depth than that at times, making you care about them, getting the player more invested in the scenes; including the H scenes. (H scenes are better when they involve characters you know)

The RPG elements work fairly well, offering a challenge, and forcing you to think about your choices. However, this is also the games drawback. The outcomes of your choices can be frustrating; outcomes of choices are not always logical, being affected by your BASICS stats in ways that are left for the player to guess, as well as being affected by the roll of the die. Sometimes, selecting the same exact choices with the same exact BASICS stats can have two different outcomes. Lastly, when it comes to completing or failing to complete a quest, often the only difference between the two is the message at the end, leaving the player confused as to why they failed, when the same things happen when you successfully complete the quest. Other times, there are only minor differences in events.

Still, in my humble opinion, this game is worth the $10 to unlock the full version. I would recommend playing it on the Hentaicook website. The version there seems to be a little newer. When you right click and press "rewind" to go back to the beginning, the game doesn't re-download all the files, it just restarts, and the spacebar works to skip past text, like in Aching Dreams 1. While you can play the full version on NewGrounds, I was only able to access the unlock options on the Hentaicook website. (Just don't rewind during a mission, it broke my saves)

On a final note, it would be a time saver to have instructions on how to purchase the game, either in the game itself, or in the game's description.

Here's a copy of the instructions for purchasing the full version, just so they are easier to find:

To buy, register at, buy the required coins for the game (1100), login in the actual game, and use those coins to unlock the game permanently. If you have problems with these steps, contact

hentaicook responds:

Thanks for the review.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Great art, Great Writing, almost perfect.

hentaicook responds:

Thanks Hal.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

"You click no but your body says yes. You lack the willpower to deny the shower scene." That alone was worth the effort of playing this game. I'm probably going to have to spend the money and get the rest of it.

I played through the demo several times now, and I think I've found most of the stuff available in it, even the hint from Candice after you pass the ridiculously high charm skill check. "You never recognized me because I have my hair out of my face now." Another classic. :) It's writing like this that makes these games so enjoyable for me to play through, not the art or plot.

The game really needs a save option, however. Many (most?) players are never going to see the effort you put into writing the script for different scenarios simply because they won't risk wasting a game day's play on a long shot since it takes so much clicking to get to where they are. The ten extra days you get in easy mode are a start, but even that only gives you time to test out a few options for each play through. What I really wanted to do was level up a bit by training and then SAVE my game before assigning my B.A.S.I.C.S. points so I could try different configurations on different missions. There's something to be said for having to play a game through in one shot, but it comes at the cost of discouraging players from exploring options. If you want to try and strike a balance, you might consider only allowing game saves in easy mode and then endings and achievements only unlocked in normal mode.

Other complaints I had were minor to that one glaring omission. Getting money and equipment was annoying since the only way to get money was the rock, paper, scissors style "training," where you have to buy the rocks, paper, and scissors. This was mostly aggravated by the multiple play-throughs necessitated by the lack of save, however.

Keep up the good work, you have a real talent for this.

hentaicook responds:

Thank you for the review Sloppy.

You raise a fair point that it would be very convenient to have a save option in the middle of the game so that you could just save up your basics points and try out different basics points configurations, however this tactic would not work on the normal difficulty, as going on missions need to be spread out evenly in order to actually even win. (as opposed to easy, where you have the leeway to spam dates at the end of the month)

I admit that the days/combat system is a way to "pad" the playtime, but what commercial video game isn't guilty of trying to lengthen their playtime? It's my hope that the days/combat has you better immersed, and more realistically represents a short term relationship.

The third game will have a save option, but we will see a return of the days and combat system. Except combat will be more fun, most days will actually have an event, and you will be making even more playthroughs than AD2.

AD2's gameplay benefits from its obscurity... many of its secrets are held tightly behind multiple skill checks.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


If you're still dreaming of Serenia, with newer and different girls to explore to fit your aching, this is a game worth playing!

There are many choices when it comes to missions, and the player's character changes according to which girl he's with, and what his motive is. He could be a total idiot with one, or a gentleman with another. Or he could just be a dweeb.

The game is not very easy to play in some areas (battle system), so you'll need to spend some time at it. There could have been more development on some of the minor characters, for the more promiscuous adventurers of Serenia.

The game definitely has serious potential, so keep it up HC!

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Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Wish you didnt have to pay for other endings but i gave you a 9 cuz of the overenthusiastic voice acting

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