ROBOTECH classic ep2

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Jul 9, 2002 | 9:51 PM EDT

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  • Robotech
    Robotech A fan-fiction take on the legendary series!

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Attention Macross / Robotech fans, this animations storyline is an alternative version of the original.

Yes yes, I know, Im rushing thigs a but, but I want to get to the good parts!!

This is my longest flash ever clocking in at 2 min 3 sec!!!! Yea! This one is basicly one of thouse get to know the cherictors things.

and yes, Jan (the girl pilot) is VERY moody.

Still confused? My website might have some answers for ya. the URL is
.com and if that dosent work but you still have a burning queshtion, E-mail me at !



Rated 3 / 5 stars


the ending of ur robotech classic ep2 make me want to watch ep3 straightaway man... sorry to rate this movie quite low as i have seen some of ur GOOD works before this... so i think it would be fair to them this way... :)


Rated 1 / 5 stars

If your gonna mess it up do it right please

Tryed to mix robotech with macross ,close but not close enough...
The space flight ( Macross)
Out of fuel( Robotech)
Also note they are two diffrent things

I read the FAQ it's flawed beyond belief..

Zentradi can reproduce,
Max(human) and Mira(Zentradi spy) and the other
also protoculture/ the flowers of life are not really used in reprodution..
more as an omnipotent source of food, and energy.
To humans, it's a powerful drug( hallenongen)

And if you know, New York was lost after the 2nd war and taken back after the 3rd war!

The SDF Wasn't the first defense force.. IT was a restoration , which made it into a city.
They didn/t know anything about the damned thing except for the space fold system and valkiyres..

And their are civilans in the Zentradi, the workers/drones of the masters.. they have no idea of what is going on...


Rated 2 / 5 stars


It would have been better if the flash had sound and well the graphics were good and that girl was hot

Nanashi responds:

If you remove the wax frome your ears you will here the sound.


Rated 5 / 5 stars


Good,should work on voices though.LOL it's easy to TELL GIRL PILOT IS VERY MOODY,MADE IT FUNNY


Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

Getting to the good stuff...

seems to take forever huh? Dont rush it Army Ranger, you'll get there. If you notice on the old robotech series, they NEVER rushed it. You could go like 4 or 5 episodes without so much as one battle. DBZ is the same way. Freizas last 2 minutes on the planet Namek ran like 15
Anyways, I told you on the robotech test ep. you did that people would give you a hard time about your spelling. Seriously, I know you could probably give a shit less, but you really should have a proof reader to look at it before you release it on NG. Just so nobody can have a negative attitude towards it. Also, the average attention time span for an NG fan is between 3 and 4 minutes, so as long as you stay in that range you are ok. Make the eps. right at the 3 min. length, and you will do good.

Nanashi responds:

lol, yea, the DBZ frisa thing took forever! BTW, If anyone who reads this gose to newgrounds, I GOT MY MASTERPEAC VERITECH TODAY! WHOO HOO

Yes, the next epsode is exiting but theres no battles. as of yet. but when you wach a movie, the shooting is not the only entertaning part is it? theres still the suspencfull puzzles, how th get the cure to the T virus befor the stars brain explodes, things like that. (no, there will be no T viruses in my film)
but thanx for your post, thats some good estimation on average attention time span. Ill take that into consideration. Thanx everyone for the support.