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Necronomicon BoDN

rated 4.47 / 5 stars
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Feb 20, 2011 | 7:43 PM EST
  • Daily 5th Place February 21, 2011

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Author Comments

1.4 - minor bug fixes, and typos.

It's been a long time coming, but here it is.
The sequel to the original Necronomicon Flash Card game.

Play creatures, characters, ancient tomes, and other cards directly onto the playfield. Attack your opponent while trying to avoid losing all your sanity and becoming 'suicidal'.

Try to survive as the 'stars align' and 1 of 3 different Great Old Ones comes in to play to instill chaos into the game.

Complete rounds, and go for the 'S' rank in all 30 rounds. Try to get all 18 achievements.



Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Well thought-out game structure.

A lot of time effort and ingenuity went into this game.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Very interesting!

I'm not a fan of card games, and even now I still don't fully know how to play even this game. What I have to give you credit for is creating such an interesting game to work with. There are so many aspects of this game, you find a new one every time you play! I really like the character designs. It reminds me of "Yu-Gi-Oh!", simply because it's the most popular game in this genre I have heard of. It's great how the effects just seem to jump at you on the screen.

It's also nice to see how the designs are quite different. It's amazing how each card manages to have a specific design, as well as function. While I'm not a fan of card games like this, I have admired all the effort put into their designs. It's cool how it takes place on some strange astral plane. I'm not even sure what "astral" means, but have heard it used before.


Rated 0.5 / 5 stars

have no idea as yet but HUGE fan of the original

Doesn't get past the halway loading bar, possibly a glitch with the Harry Potters advert? as that freezes as well, looking forward to playing, pls fix soonly!


Rated 5 / 5 stars

Pokemon Meets Lovecraft!!!

Took a bit of time to get used to the pace and sequences but what a game!!!

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Rated 4 / 5 stars

Excellent sequel falling just short of perfect

I'm a card gamer at heart (play MtG at professional level) so seeing a sequel to one of my favourite games on NG was a nice surprise. Been playing it about 2 hours, getting all the achievements in the process. It's a good game but whether it's better than the original? I'm unsure so far.

The game has become a lot more creature based. Now you can attack each turn with your dorks rather than use them as counter-attack threats, which is more proactive and makes for more interesting games; however, the card set hasn't changed accordingly to match this and you'll sometimes get garbage cards that don't stop you losing to your opponent's Shoggoth. Bookworms doesn't help you against your opponent's clock + your own taint & even defending seems to be horrendously bad in terms of value.

The new zones do add a bit more to the gameplay & it's quite sweet that tomes etc. are now permanent effects that can be knocked away. One of my new favourite cards is Raid, which can be a 1-for-1 or a 3-for-1 if you're patient enough to wait. Molotov is excellent too, letting you inflict damage plus a bonus in destroying their location card. Bookworms and Assassin are unexciting though and I hate drawing them, even against Wilbur Whateley (who seems to be the best of the two(?) character cards). Actually, just realised that; you need more than 2 characters or Assassinate is actually one of the worst cards you can draw.

I think overall the game design has improved but I dislike the decrease in how interactive it is. Having been playing it since the first version, I remember when Dawn of A New Day was the biggest blow-out card ever, trading the 6 turns your opponent spent summoning and powering himself up for the one turn you just wipe it all away, so you couldn't just spam arcane power-ups in case you got Dawn'd or, worse, Dispelled. This version seems to have less interference going on in that front: you can kill their elder spawn to make them lose defence or destroy their tome, but there's no way to turn off an Arcane score that's been built up through Mi-Go Brainbox, Dark Woods, etc. Powder of Ibn-Ghazi used to do this, but now it's back to being am almost strictly worse Sacrificial Lamb, which makes me kind of sad.

I agree with a number of other reviews that say pacing with the card set would have been good. Not only does it keep the game interesting, but cards like The Dunhelm Horror are ridiculous when you start with less than 40 life (i.e. the first few stages of the game), though there is the side-effect of burning your sanity really quickly. On that note, the new sanity system isn't something I like but it makes a lot more sense; it's not an endless resource in reality so you should run out eventually and the new card Night Terrors (plus Ry'leh v2 and others) make it more important than before. The Suicidal thing hasn't been relevant in any of the games I've played so far: it's difficult to get to -5 sanity unless you have Chthulu in play & if he's there, the game ends in the blink of an eye anyway, but it's much better for the game to make insanity a BAD THING rather than the potential benefits that the older sanity system could get you if you got lucky with the dice roll.

Love the Great Old Ones & how you have to basically force them to come out, but can counter it with a white star card if you're too far behind to survive one.

Lastly, some questions/opinions:

1) How exactly does blocking work when multiple creatures are involved? Sometimes I lose my big guy, other times my smaller guy, sometimes neither.

2) I Raid'd my opponent's Elder Sign then tried to finish him with Hound of Tindalos, but the invulnerability effect (from the now-gone Elder Sign) saved him. That's not supposed to happen, right?

3) Mob Hideout is the most useless card in the game. Surely it can do something better? Bring back Stake-out, maybe? Loved that card.

4) I almost never get full value from Shoggoth because it only gets 40% of creatures. Maybe 3 power or less?

Ran out of characters but I could talk all day about this game. Love it and will play more.

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