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Feb 12, 2011 | 12:44 PM EST

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Author Comments

This was such a big project for me. I came up with the idea of making this movie back in 2010 during July, and I just couldnt wait any longer to direct and animate this hole thing. Four months passed by and lots of effort where put to bring this story to life. This time I coun't with the talented voices of Christopher Niosi, and Jessi Nowack both acting as Chase and April respectively. And I must say it was great working with them, the result is really impresive, and thats why I thank them so much for helping me.
My Idea was not to make the typical romantic movie. So dont expect that here :). There will be major twists in the story.

Anyway, I really hope you like this movie!.

If the animation lags, turn down quality using right click! :)

Thanks for watching!

EDIT: Laggy sequences fixed.
youtube link: tch?v=HJ3ZVWJqVhg

Thank you verry much for the Daily 3rd place and the frontpage! :D
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Rated 2 / 5 stars


the animation was... alright, nothing incredible but it had a sort of artistic flair beffitting the work.

apart from that I was utterly unimpressed. The dialogue was cheezy, the storytelling was predictable to say the least and, though I can overlook the lack of even a trace of french accents in the voices (though to be really professional, actual french VA's with English subtitles would have been preferred), April as a French name? really? The creator couldn't even think of something more conventional like Julie or Marie or Rose?

I'm not even going to bother commenting on 'chase'.

again, the artwork was at least decent, and the creator was at least resourceful enough to enlist the help of two great voice actors, something that shone through in the work despite the off-putting inaccuracies, so I give credit where credit is due. But let's simply say I was happy when he 'to be continued' came up, if for no other reason than because it meant that this thoroughly un-enjoyable flash was over with quickly.

holding out hope for improvement with the sequel, but this troper won't exactly be holding his breath in anticipation for the next work to come out.


Rated 2 / 5 stars

Not terrible, but not all that great either.

The animation wasn't terrible, but could have been smoother. The music seems to cut in and out at times, and sometimes overpowers the voices. The story was predictable even though the author comments said it wasn't. Lastly, some of the lines seemed unnatural.

Other than that, the voices were good, and it did seem like it was at least trying to be new. The drawing itself was very artistic. The music that didn't seem to cut in and out was fitting.

Sorry, but the good just doesn't really outweigh the bad in this case.

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Rated 2 / 5 stars


It seems you wanted to put most of the art effort into the backround. And it seems you'd rather make hair sway back and forth than put any effort into the actual mouth syncing and details on the face. I don't mind that, it just makes it seem very out of proportional when everything else is perfectly drawn. You seem to have an attention to detail, but only for certain aspects, and this would be fine, but you chose to wrong aspects to pay attention to.

Animation was very choppy too, it seemed that some parts were very artistically and well drawn, and others looked like I was looking at a skin colored stick figure.

I can't really feel sorry for any of the characters either, their personalities often fall flat to what the actual forshadowing of the story is showing. It's like watching stick figures die. You can't really feel sorry for stick figures because they lack any personality and character, traits that make someone human and have human feelings. Which you obviously forgot to put in. Were you too busy animating the swaying hair?


Rated 2 / 5 stars


The Nazis are so evil they bombed the SHIT out of those empty fields.


Rated 1.5 / 5 stars


It was sweet...until they started talking. It would have been better - and more effective - if you had just had the music playing in the background.

Also, the character's lines were overly forced and badly written.

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