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Feb 10, 2011 | 8:16 PM EST

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EDIT: :) I was just about to go to bed when I noticed my game chillin there on the front page. That makes me really happy. I apologize for the glitches, I promise I'll fix them tomorrow. Peace B)

You can either type A Brother of St. Francis, or write your own. They goal of the game is to type the essay for as long as possible without the text filling the screen. In the event of text overload, you freaking die. Good luck sonny.



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How did you get me to laugh and cheer so hard at a typing game? Well done!

Excellent choices of music, too. Very, very well done.


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Here is my Essay

The Death of Gay Justin Bieber
One day in 1994 a GAY little baby named Justin Bieber was born. At first he was normal but he he was transforming into a gay boy singing retarded music that he most likely lip syncs. Nobody in the whole entire world liked him so the president of the united stated of america Barrack Obama invited everyone in California to kill Justin Bieber. So Barrack Obama hired FBI agents disguised as terrorists to kill Justin Bieber. When he was killed The world instantly came to peace no more war, no world hunger, no more racism, you know everything you could possibly imagine, it was the good life. There was also no more horrid music and retarded movies that are in unnecessarily in 3-D. This all happened in my dream. Also if Justin Bieber gets killed by terrorists in the next 58 hours, 37 minutes, and 16 seconds do not blame me. =D

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Grammar nazi that I am... First line, the "i" should have been a capital.
Fun, really tests my insane typing skills.


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I'm blown.

I just found out I can't type really fast :(

Anyways, good job sir!


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heres how to do it just type like one sentence and the timer keeps going and you never lose